Donald Trump Made A Bold Claim About Mar-A-Lago Marriages (Including Daughter Tiffany's)

When it comes to wedding speeches, a bit of truth-stretching is generally to be expected — chalk it up to sentimentality. But when the claims made during these momentous occasions include information that can easily be discredited as objectively false, the speech can come across as more awkward than sappy. Such was the case for a toast made by Former President, and frequent truth-stretcher himself, Donald Trump at two friends' lavish Mar-a-Lago wedding. 

Page Six reported that Trump spoke at the rehearsal dinner for Jarod and Alexa Malnik, who married at his opulent Floridian estate on March 23, 2024. As Trump bragged, "This is a great couple. Nobody gets divorced ever when they get married at Mar-a-Lago. People, 20 years later, say it's the greatest marriage ever." Sure, his remarks were a gracious toast of good wishes for the happy couple but they were also markedly untrue (even concerning his own family).

The evidence supporting and disproving Trump's bold claims about Mar-a-Lago weddings

Former President Donald Trump's remarks at the Malnik rehearsal dinner were kind enough, but the fact that his eldest son could easily disprove the bold claim did take away a bit of the speech's sparkle. Donald Trump Jr. married his first wife, Vanessa Haydon, at Mar-a-Lago in November 2005. By 2018, it was over. While Don Jr. is currently engaged to Kimberly Guilfoyle at the time of writing, it's unclear where — or when — they will choose to wed.

Of course, the outspoken politician's blessing of Mar-a-Lago weddings isn't total fiction. Donald's third eldest child, Ivanka Trump, was the second of the real estate mogul's kids to marry their partner at the Palm Beach estate, in 2009. Her older brother, Eric Trump, followed suit by marrying Lara Yunaska at Mar-a-Lago in 2014. The former president's second youngest child, Tiffany Trump, also wed Michael Boulos in a stunning Mar-a-Lago ceremony in 2022.

Even the former president himself has at least one Mar-a-Lago wedding under his belt. Donald married his current wife, Melania Trump, at the Bethesda-by-the-Sea church in Palm Beach in January 2005, followed by a reception at Mar-a-Lago. Who knows, maybe Donald took all the "greatest marriage ever" luck for 2005, and that's why Don Jr.'s first one doesn't count?

Donald Trump's track record of well-intentioned (but kind of awkward) wedding speeches

As embarrassing as it seems that Former President Donald Trump apparently forgot his eldest son divorced the woman he married at Mar-a-Lago, it's not the first time that Donald has made a toast that raised a skeptical eyebrow or two. According to Page Six, the outspoken politician opted to talk about money during his toast at his youngest daughter's Mar-a-Lago wedding. Romantic? Not really. On brand? Absolutely.

During his speech in honor of Tiffany Trump, and his new son-in-law, Michael Boulos, Donald described the frantic days leading up to the ceremony. With Hurricane Nicole forecast to hit the Florida shore the weekend of the event, its planners were scrambling to put together a contingency plan in case of inclement weather. "They were worried about rain," Donald informed the gathered attendees. "They said, 'Sir, we are going to build a big tent over the pool.'"

The proud father of the bride continued, "I don't want a tent because if you build a tent two things: Number one, it costs a lot of money. Who wants to spend the money? And two, it's just not the same. And I said, 'Let's take our chances, right, Tiff?'" It might not be the most sentimental way to express love for your daughter on her wedding day, but let's hope the happy couple appreciated Donald's blessings nonetheless.