Lauren Boebert Recovers After Emergency Surgery For Health Scare

Lauren Boebert has been embroiled in numerous controversies since taking office in 2021 as a House Representative from Colorado. Her unbridled public arguments with fellow House member Marjorie Taylor Greeneare legendary, and her personal life — a divorce, young grandmotherhood, and an embarrassing display of PDA in a theater — has been more memorable than her lawmaking. Now Boebert is making news once again, this time for an unexpected medical crisis.

On April 2, Boebert's office released a surprising statement on her Facebook feed: "Yesterday afternoon, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was admitted to UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland after experiencing severe swelling in her upper left leg. After undergoing a CT Scan, doctors found an acute blood clot and diagnosed her with May-Thurner Syndrome, which is a rare condition that disrupts blood flow." The release went on to explain Boebert had undergone surgery that morning to remove the clot and insert a stent to improve her leg circulation. "After taking time to rest as recommended by doctors, she is expected to make a full recovery with no significant concerns for her long-term health and no hindrance to her ability to perform her duties as a Congresswoman," her campaign concluded.

Just the day before, Boebert had posted photos of herself celebrating Easter. She appeared healthy and fit, which suggests her symptoms came on quickly and alarmed her enough to seek medical help right away. The Congresswoman is currently seeking re-election in a different Colorado district, and has been dividing her time between Washington and her home state.

Lauren Boebert's condition occurs more often in young women

According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, May-Thurner syndrome involves two important sources of blood flow in the legs, which cross naturally in the pelvis: the right iliac artery and the left iliac vein. When the artery presses against the vein, it reduces blood flow to the left leg. Often, patients have no symptoms, but when the blood flow is too severely constricted, it can cause a blood clot, leading to leg pain, discoloration and swelling. This in turn can be life-threatening if the clot breaks free and travels to the lungs. The non-genetic condition is more likely to occur in women between 20 and 40 who have had more than one child, among other risk factors. Lauren Boebert's gender, age and motherhood status (she has four sons) may all have contributed to her health issue.

The procedure Boebert underwent — an angioplasty with stent — is a common operation done under local anesthesia. The stent is placed in the narrowed vein via a tube inserted into the groin. Patients either go home the same day or stay in the hospital overnight for observation. The Congresswoman offered no information on how long she was in the medical center, but she did post two pictures of herself cuddling her baby grandson. "The BEST little visitor came by before surgery and he helped me get through it!" she wrote. (The dad is Tyler Boebert, now facing felony charges for allegedly stealing and using credit cards.)

Lauren Boebert is back in action

Although angioplasty patients are advised to take it easy for a day or two after surgery, Lauren Boebert was eager to get back on her feet as soon as possible. On the afternoon of April 3, just a day after her own procedure, she announced on Facebook, "I said I'd be back on the campaign trail soon...See you tonight, Parker Conservatives! 6pm at Deep Space Lounge in Parker!" 

Naturally, Boebert's health news was met with mixed reactions on social media. On X (formerly Twitter), some followers wished her a speedy return to good health, while others told her to take her time going back to work. There were some cheap shots related to her embarrassing antics at a "Beetlejuice" musical performance, and a couple of conspiracy theorists worried her condition might have been caused by the COVID vaccine.  A number also pointed out some apparent hypocrisy on the Rep's part, such as this comment: "Lauren Boebert trusted science & medical professionals to treat a serious condition, using her government-funded top-tier health insurance funded by taxpayers. She will enjoy paid leave during recovery before renewing her efforts to prevent you & I from getting the same benefits."

Lauren Boebert and Donald Trump's relationship is one of mutual respect and shared MAGA values, and he endorsed her in her bid for re-election. Thus far, Trump hasn't posted any public well-wishes to Boebert, but he may have reached out privately — or perhaps he'll greet her personally on the campaign trail.