Sasha Obama's Signature Style In New Photo Proves She's Just Like Us

Sasha Obama might be the daughter of a former president, but fancy titles aside, she's not that much different from the rest of us — stylistically speaking, anyway. The youngest daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted at LAX in early April 2024 looking way more chill than her White House cred might suggest she'd be.

Clad in a crop top, baggy sweats, and a signature metallic statement necklace, Sasha returned to her home of Los Angeles looking like any other Gen Z-er hip to the latest fashion trends. She wore large, rectangular glasses, comfy black Crocs, and was rocking long lime-green nails. In typical Gen Z fashion, she also had a set of AirPods in and phone in hand.

Despite the lavish lifestyle Sasha and her older sister, Malia, have in sunny southern California, the Obama sisters have maintained a relatively low, laid-back profile as they find their own footing as young adults — and Sasha's no-fuss LAX look is a perfect example of that attitude.

Sasha Obama is clearly a thriving, confident, 20-something Angeleno

After their father and former President Barack Obama's presidential term ended in 2017, Sasha and Malia Obama took a much-needed break from the public eye to focus on their education. Eventually, both sisters started their new lives as roommates in Los Angeles. While Malia, the eldest sibling, has immersed herself in the film industry, Sasha has kept things casual since graduating from the University of Southern California in 2023 — even if it's at her mother's chagrin.

In June 2023, an anonymous source told OK Magazine that former First Lady Michelle Obama was eager for her youngest daughter to start focusing on her professional career. "She's telling Sasha she needs to get out of there and start interviewing for positions," the source said. However, the source also stated, "[Sasha] wants to take the summer off to figure it out. Michelle suspects what she wants to do is hang out with her friends and party, and she's not going to put up with that."

But even if Sasha is taking things slow when it comes to her career, we still appreciate the important work she's doing, inspiring all of us to make comfortable chic again. From Sasha's flawless makeup-free looks to ultra-relaxed-but-still-cute outfits, we'll take all the style inspo from her we can get.