Prince Harry Might Not Have Been Entirely Loyal To Chelsy Davy During Their Tumultuous Romance

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Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy dated on and off from 2004 to 2010 after meeting in South Africa, but their relationship had its share of issues. One of which appears to have been Harry's suspected unfaithfulness. Tales of Harry cheating on Davy were present throughout their relationship, making it more heartbreaking than many realized. In June 2023, as part of his ongoing phone hacking lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers Limited, Harry reflected on his relationship with Davy, admitting in a statement obtained by the New York Times, "I had been immature, I hadn't really thought about my action, and I had made a stupid decision — and my mistakes were being played out publicly,"  

In May 2006, Harry reported that he made out with Catherine Davies, with whom he shared mutual friends. The passionate kiss happened during a night out, where Davies was invited first to a bar before the group moved to one of their homes. In July 2006, she confessed to the Daily Mail that Harry never mentioned Davy during their steamy session, stating, "I don't feel bad about her. He kissed me, I didn't kiss him. I did nothing wrong. I certainly wasn't trying to seduce a 21-year-old." The following year, Davy reportedly dumped Harry after seemingly growing tired of such instances with other women. The pair would reconcile, though it doesn't appear that Harry's playboy ways stopped.

Prince Harry may have cheated on Chelsy Davy with up to four women

Aside from Catherine Davies, Prince Harry had been linked to at least four women. One of them was rumored to be a massage therapist, and another woman was supposedly featured in the British tabloid Page 3, which spotlighted models. There were also talks of Harry seeing an ex-lover, though it's unclear who this person was. Years later, an explosive biography, "Harry: Life, Loss and Love," by author Katie Nicholl, would highlight another infidelity incident that Chelsy Davy learned of.

The 2017 book highlighted Harry allegedly kissing a woman during a dare at a friend's home in 2011. "They ended up having a secret snog, Nicholl wrote, adding, "Chelsy found out about it, and she was really annoyed," she wrote. Whether Harry's shortcomings were due to his young age or their distance, with him having been deployed during his time in the British Army, Davy confessed that the disloyalty had gotten to her.

Davy allegedly opened up to people about Harry being unfaithful

By May 2009, Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry were on the rocks again. The Mirror claimed that during a dinner party, the Zimbabwean businesswoman blatantly accused Prince Harry of being unfaithful. When asked why they'd broken up, the outlet said Davy replied, "Because he cheated on me."

Ironically, Harry would blame the outlet for causing his breakup with Davy and not his alleged affairs. He has maintained that The Mirror's damaging phone hacking practices left their relationship permanently broken. By 2010, Davy had made the decision that the constant publicity surrounding their relationship was too much to handle, and the pair split for good. In his January 2023 memoir, "Spare," Harry wrote, "I completely understood her desire for freedom. If I had a choice, I wouldn't want this life either. I would miss her very much, but I understood she put her freedom first." Despite him not being entirely loyal to his former girlfriend and signs that they were never going to last, the two have remained on good terms, with Davy even attending Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle in May 2018.