Photo Agency's Warning On Kate Middleton Cancer Announcement Isn't What You Think

In a world where the use of artificial intelligence is on the rise, it can be hard to tell what content on the internet is real and what's fabricated. And after Catherine, Princess of Wales, confessed to editing her Mother's Day portrait, people became doubly suspicious of any photo and video updates from the royal family. An "Editor's Note" from Getty Images attached to Kate Middleton's announcement about her cancer treatment caused a bit of a stir due to that uncertainty.

According to E! News, the flagged message attached to Kate's video read, "This Handout clip was provided by a third-party organization and may not adhere to Getty Images' editorial policy." A curious fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a screenshot of that note and jumped to an incorrect conclusion: "Now they're saying the Kate Middleton cancer announcement video is AI. Getty Images put an Editor's Note on it. Why?"

People in the replies buzzed with possibilities of the video being altered somehow. However, the note is a typical one for any content that wasn't created by Getty and doesn't have to do with artificial intelligence.

A photographer confirmed that the note wasn't AI-related

In a statement to E! News, Getty Images said Catherine, Princess of Wales', announcement video "includes a standard editors note to handout content provided by third-party organizations." A photographer named Patrick Witty replied to the tweet pondering AI usage in Kate Middleton's video and explained the same, saying, "Getty does this when they distribute footage they didn't create themselves, it doesn't mean it's fake or AI generated." He then shared another example of a photo on Getty with the same message.

Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed some subtle nods in Kate's cancer announcement video, such as the daffodils visual in the background — for those with cancer, daffodils represent hope. However, wild theories and speculation surrounding the Princess of Wales should stop in the wake of Kate's health update. The rumored motivation for the timing of Kate's announcement is that an insider had already leaked the news. It's unfortunate, and she and her family deserve the privacy they asked for.