The Celebs Who Snarked On Those Prince William Affair Rumors Are So Predictable

When Catherine, Princess of Wales disappeared from the public eye earlier this year, countless rumors began to draw suspicion among fans. The topic took TikTok, talk shows, and even the news by storm. Most celebs didn't publicly comment on the many conspiracy theories surrounding Kate's absence, but we aren't surprised by the stars who did get in on the gossip.

One of the most pervasive rumors surrounding Kate's disappearance involved questions surrounding the truth about the relationship between William, Prince of Wales, and Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Talk that William had an affair with Hanbury has been around for years, but gossip reached new heights when the #whereiskate hashtag was at its peak. Many people believed that marital problems and even a forthcoming divorce between William and Kate that came as a result of the affair were at the root of Kate's break from the public eye. Andy Cohen and Stephen Colbert seemed to think that this theory was the most plausible, and they weren't afraid to speak openly about the gossip — even if it got them in a bit of trouble down the road. 

Andy Cohen joked about the rumored affair

If anyone knows a thing or two about gossip, it's Andy Cohen. After all, as the host of "Watch What Happens Live," he's basically a professional drama enthusiast. So, of course, he was interested in the Kate Middleton gossip. On an episode of his "Daddy Diaries Podcast" in late March, Cohen was open about his theories regarding the monarchy, even calling himself a "Kate conspiracist." As far as he was concerned, in his own words, "It all seems to come back to this lady Rose who he's had an affair — who he allegedly had an affair with." He seemed confident that the alleged affair was somehow responsible for Kate's disappearance and called William "his father's [son]," referencing King Charles III's own extramarital affair while married to Princess Diana.

Cohen never shies away from speaking his mind, and his fans love him for it. Yet, after Kate's video announcing her cancer diagnosis was released, the public, understandably, became a bit more reserved about making judgments about the situation. As a result, on the April 1 episode of SiriusXM's "Radio Andy" Cohen said, "I just want to say, I am heartbroken by the news about Princess Kate." In light of her diagnosis, he said: "I wish I had kept my mouth shut. We are all praying for Princess Kate and King Charles." Even so, his apology was ultimately considered too little, too late by many fans.

Stephen Colbert also made light of the rumors

Stephen Colbert is another outspoken celebrity who, to no one's surprise, didn't hold back on the snark in the wake of the rumors surrounding Prince William's alleged affair with Rose Hanbury. On the March 12 episode of "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," Colbert broached the topic of Kate Middleton's disappearance from the public eye and said, "Internet sleuths are guessing that Kate's absence may be related to her husband and the future king of England, William, having an affair." He went on to comment on earlier rumors of the affair, saying: "When Kate supposedly confronted him about it, he laughed it off, saying there was nothing to it. Always a good response when your wife accuses you of cheating."

Rose Hanbury's lawyers got involved as a result. In a statement to In Touch denying the affair, they said: "The rumor appears to have entered into the mainstream media recently as a result of another joke made about it on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. We have written on our client's behalf to CBS and various other reputable media organisations to confirm that the allegation is false." 

After Kate revealed her cancer diagnosis, Colbert made a statement on his show addressing his previous remarks. He said, "I try to hold myself to, and that is I do not make light of somebody else's tragedy," (via NBC News). Colbert stopped just shy of an apology, although he did offer up "well-wishes and heartfelt hope that her recovery is swift and thorough."