Lara Trump's Easter Dress Is Her Worst-Dressed Look Yet

Lara Trump took to Instagram on March 31, posting an Easter picture of her and husband Eric Trump posing with their two kids. "The egg hunters let mom and dad pose with them for one picture. Update: no golden egg but way too much candy," she wrote. Thousands of followers wished the family a happy holiday as one wrote, "Happy Easter, Trump Family!!." However, one person pointed something out that has the internet rattled, writing, "That dress though...cringe."

The fan was responding to Lara's white dress, which had what appeared to be either a large white hat or material made to resemble a flattened rose planted squarely on the front. Another follower criticized Lara, saying, "You are gorgeous, Laura [sic], but that dress is a NO! Sorry!" But most of the responders shared glad tidings, and among the well-wishers were a few who liked her outfit, with one saying, "Beautiful dress!!!"

Trump's followers were much more scathing over on X, formerly Twitter, where she posted the same photo. A fan hilariously responded to it with, "People dress like a milk bottle for Easter?" Baffled X users tried to figure out what the protruding design was supposed to be. One follower hysterically responded that they thought it was an Easter bonnet, while another offered: "Advice, dress appropriately next year." Nevertheless, several responses were positive and shared "Happy Easter" wishes.

Her attire has been criticized across social media

Easter 2024 wasn't the first time Lara Trump was criticized for choosing controversial outfits. On January 1, 2024, she posted a picture of her and Eric Trump in their New Year's attire on Instagram from a bash held at Mar a Lago. While he wore a tuxedo, her dress was white and cut very wide with a split in the skirt, revealing a tight glittery bodysuit, causing one person to chide, "The dress is a no, not classy. We need amazing role models for young women, not another Taylor Swift."

One disappointed fan responded, "I always respect [the] Trump family [but] this dress is not for you." Another cautioned, "Please don't dress like this! Don't lower yourself to Hollywood standards." The general consensus was that her followers considered her classy, but the dress... not so much. Trump also posted her New Year's snap on X, and her dress continued to come under harsh scrutiny, but it wasn't just the slinky attire that got criticized.

One fan went beyond the dress, responding, "Reminds me of great Gatsby... Everything's perfection... Except the shoes. Acrylic heels adorned with Crystal would've looked amazing." Noting the skimpiness of her outfit, one follower sassed, "See you did your shopping at Frederick's. Lol," referring to the famous lingerie store, Frederick's of Hollywood.

Trump's dressmaker defended his design

Oscar Lopez, who designed Lara Trump's New Year's gown, spoke to TMZ to defend against the critics who deemed it "trashy" by claiming he regarded it as rather elegant and sensual. Regarding the public analysis of that dress, Lopez stated, "It's important to recognize that public figures often face differing opinions, especially if your last name is 'Trump,' and each individual responds to such situations in their own way. In Lara's case, this does not faze her in the least."

Despite Lopez's explanation, a follower on X wrote that Trump's New Year's dress could have been made by several sources, including "Hobby Lobby," "Someone fired from 'Holiday On Ice,'" and a "'Project Runway' contestant assigned to 'Sew a bridesmaid's dress using items from the Bed Bath & Beyond going-out-of-business sale,'" among others.

Despite thousands of people continuing to scratch their heads over what the heck is on the front of Lara Trump's Easter outfit and criticize her fashion choices, many fans agreed that the couple looked good together. Their insanely lavish lifestyle affords them the ability to wear whatever they want and let any criticism roll off their shoulders.