This Rumored Motivation Behind Kate Middleton's Cancer Announcement Is So Heartbreaking

After months of wild rumors and speculation about her health, what really happened to Catherine, Princess of Wales finally became clear when her video announcing her cancer diagnosis was released on March 22. But, after the PR disaster that preceded it and how rampant the rumors were, there was something about the video and when it was released that felt strange. What prompted Kate to make this announcement in this way and when she did? 

According to new reports, it seems that this was the only way Kate could break the news before someone else did. Per the Daily Mail, someone reportedly got in contact with Kensington Palace asking about Kate's cancer diagnosis, and they felt compelled to move forward with the official announcement as quickly as possible

Royal fans had their own theories, of course, with some suggesting that it was an attempt to break the news before Easter celebrations sans the princess prompted a new slew of "Where's Kate?" questions. Kate was, in fact, missing from the royal family's Easter service the week after making her announcement. 

Kate reportedly felt that it was her responsibility to announce her diagnosis

Considering the plethora of rumors about her health crisis that were drawing increasing suspicion before the Princess of Wales' announcement, unconfirmed gossip about a cancer diagnosis may have just been another drop in the bucket of claims being made about her personal life. Yet Kate reportedly knew that it was time to take complete control of the narrative, which is why she decided to make the statement. Her friend told The Sunday Times: "She felt she had to do it because of who she is. It was more that she knows she is a public figure and has a wider leadership responsibility."

While it's uncertain where the reported leak came from, Kate's statement has put some minds at ease concerning her prolonged absence from the public eye in recent months. "We hope that you'll understand that as a family we now need some time, space, and privacy while I complete my treatment," she said in her statement (via Time). 

Public support may be a comfort to Kate during this difficult time

Sadly, even a formal announcement that Kate Middleton may have felt rushed to make didn't put an end to all of the speculation, with some people insisting that the video was created with AI. Despite a persisting mistrust in the monarchy and concern that the public doesn't have the whole truth, though, Kate's statement did manage to quiet a lot of the noise. From the palace's perspective, then, this announcement is likely considered a job well done. 

On March 27, royal expert Rebecca English took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a comment from Queen Camilla. While greeting royal fans at a farmer's market, two girls handed Camilla posters, including one with "Send our love to Kate" written on it. Camilla told them, "I know that Catherine is thrilled by all the kind wishes and support." While the media firestorm and possible leak of Kate's cancer diagnosis have surely been difficult for the Princess of Wales, she can rest assured that the public is concerned for her well-being and wishing her well.