We're Stunned By Sasha Obama's Height Transformation

At seven years old, Sasha Obama became one of Barack Obama's "first daughters" after he was elected president. Being a public figure at such a young age means many milestones are there for the world to see. One in particular for Sasha is her height. As an adult, she's reportedly 5 feet 11 inches tall — much taller than she was way back in the day. 

Genetic makeup is a major part of what makes you short or tall. Usually, the height of your parents is a good indicator of how tall you will be. According to Healthline, you'll end up somewhere in the range of heights between your two biological parents. Other things can affect height too, but Sasha's height definitely resembles the height of her parents.

Her father clocks in at over 6 feet. Her mother Michelle Obama and sister Malia Obama are also reportedly 5 feet 11 inches.

Sasha seemed to catch up to her older sister's height

Photos from throughout Sasha Obama and Malia Obama's childhood and teenage years were shared by ABC News. Swiping through the photos, viewers can see how both of them grew up over time, both exceeding the average height for women (which is 5 feet 3 inches). Malia had her own stunning height transformation, and she was already rapidly approaching her parents' height at 12 and 13 years old. Over time, Sasha got closer and closer to her sister and mother Michelle Obama's heights, seeming very close to being the same height as them in 2016.

Also in 2016, Sasha and Malia attended a state dinner at the White House. At that event, the sisters got to meet actor Ryan Reynolds. The iconic photo of Sasha chatting with the "Free Guy" actor while Malia gives a double thumbs-up showed that Sasha — who might have been wearing high heels — was almost Reynolds' height at that point. Reynolds is reportedly 6 feet 2 inches.

As adults, Malia and Sasha seem to be the same height or close to it, which can be seen in a video shared by TMZ of the sisters at the airport.

Sasha doesn't seem to have insecurities about being tall and wearing heels

In Michelle Obama's second memoir "The Light We Carry," she mentioned how her height was an insecurity she'd struggled with since she was young. Sasha Obama and her sister Malia Obama rarely give interviews, so it's unknown what they think about being tall. However, Sasha hasn't shied away from wearing high heels despite being almost 6 feet. 

In 2019, Sasha wore black-and-white high heels with a black dress to prom. In since-deleted photos that were published by Us Weekly, she was seen posing with her date, her sister, and others. In 2023, Sasha graduated from USC. On graduation day, she looked stunning and once again rocked a pair of high heels.

Barack Obama has referenced his family's heights before. While speaking with Ladies' Home Journal, Barack said, "Being married to Michelle, and having these tall, beautiful, strong-willed girls in my house, never allows me to underestimate women" (via Yahoo!). Barack shared a snippet of that quote on X, formerly known as Twitter, alongside a family photo in October 2012 — back when Sasha was much shorter.