Andy Cohen's Apology For Kate Middleton Jokes Branded Too Little, Too Late By Fans

Andy Cohen was one of a number of celebrities who chimed in on the conspiracy theories surrounding Catherine, Princess of Wales and her absence from the spotlight in recent months. And Cohen's now one of the latest celebs to respond with remorse over what he said, but royal fans aren't buying it. His apology came on the April 1 episode of "Andy Cohen Live" on SiriusXM, when Cohen said, "I just want to say I am heartbroken by the news about Princess Kate [...] I wish I had kept my mouth shut." He also said, "We are all praying for Princess Kate and King Charles."

Cohen's apology was over a week after Kate posted her social media video, in which she revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer. While Cohen did note in his show that it had been off the air so he hadn't yet had a chance for an on-air apology until now, that wasn't enough for some people. One person posted on X, formerly known as Twitter: "It's not sincere when it's done so late. In other words Mr. Cohen, keep your apology where the sun don't shine." Another said, "A little too late, that's why, think before you speak !!!!" It would be easy to imagine Cohen issuing an apology via social media sooner, and then emphasizing it again once his show came back on.

Andy Cohen was asked to apologize to Kate for days

Plenty of people thought that Andy Cohen really should have kept his mouth shut entirely when it came to Catherine, Princess of Wales and the rumors about her absence from the public eye. "Anyone worth their salt wouldn't have gone there in the first place," one person posted.

Another wanted Cohen to think about what it would be like to be in Kate's position, writing: "Andy apologized- fine. Sadly he pushed the conspiracy theory narrative repeatedly and then doubled down... not too savy [sic] for a man who could find himself ill as the dad of two kids. Hope his kids never have to hear conspiracies about their father." All in all, people aren't impressed by the timing or the genuineness of Cohen's mea culpa.

People posted on Cohen's Instagram posts, asking him to apologize for days before he did so. Leah McSweeney, who was on "The Real Housewives of New York" and who is currently suing Cohen, posted to her Instagram Stories after Kate's cancer diagnosis was made public, saying: "Andy Cohen gets a kick out of being cruel to women and Kate Middleton is no exception. I hope that after she was forced to publicly talk about her cancer diagnosis, he will muster up the decency to apologize to her," as reported by Us Weekly.

Andy Cohen joins a number of celebs with public regrets about Kate

As for what Andy Cohen had to feel bad about when it comes to Catherine, Princess of Wales, there seems to be a number of times he brought up conspiracy theories about her. On March 12, he talked about it on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," and guest John Oliver joked that Kate had died. Then after footage came out of Kate and William shopping together on March 18, Cohen was a vocal skeptic about Kate's appearance, and he posted on X, "That ain't Kate...." He also posted a poll about whether it was Kate on Instagram, per Newsweek, which seems to have since been taken down. A few days later on his podcast "Daddy Diaries," Cohen brought up Kate again, and he talked about the rumors that William, Prince of Wales had an affair as a part of the reason why Kate was keeping a low profile.

Cohen's apology comes after other celebs, including Blake Lively, co-hosts on "The View," Stephen Colbert, have also issued statements expressing regret over joking about or fueling conspiracy theories about Kate's absence before they found out that she had cancer. With the cancer diagnosis for the princess, Kate's return to the public eye is even more unclear, and we hope for a peaceful and quick recovery.