The Reported Request From William And Kate That Meghan Markle Isn't Giving In To

The relationship between Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and William, Prince of Wales has become increasingly complicated and strained in the years since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex stepped back from royal duty. There could be a way for the brothers to make up. Reportedly, Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales want Harry and Meghan to come to the U.K. as a family, including their kids Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet to work things out. Reportedly, that's a no-go for Meghan, though. 

Tom Quinn, who has written several books about the royal family, told The Mirror about the purported invite from William and Kate as well as its rejection. "There is no way Meghan would bring the children to the U.K.," he said. Was the whole family invited because having the kids there would prevent the adults from getting into any big fights? Whatever the reason for the possible olive branch invite from the Wales family to the Sussexes, it may be that Harry and Meghan are holding out on a reconciliation with William and Kate until they get an apology.

It may also be that Meghan is hesitant to return to a place where she felt so much unhappiness and stress. It could take a lot for her to want to return to that level of scrutiny, and trying to deal with taking care of two young children at the same time could prove overwhelming.

Harry and Meghan might be worried about security for their young family

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex may also be concerned about security while in the U.K. with their young children. After a court ruling in February 2024, Harry no longer has the same level of guaranteed public protection while he's in his home country. In a statement from Harry about the security situation, he expressed his worries about the safety of his wife and children if they were to visit.

Harry and Meghan did bring both their children to the U.K. in 2022 for the Platinum Jubilee — it marked the first (and only) time that Lilibet met her namesake Queen Elizabeth. Archie has had more time in England, having been born there in England in 2019, but the whole family hasn't been back since the Jubilee visit.

The request for Harry and Meghan to bring their kids to visit William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales reportedly came in the wake of Kate's announcement that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, the news was reportedly something that Harry and Meghan found out along with the rest of the world. That's in contrast to how Harry found out about King Charles III's cancer. The king purportedly called Harry directly to tell him, showing a glimmer of hope for a reconciliation between father and son that we've yet to see between William and Harry.