Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Daughter Is All Grown Up

Since the dawn of the new millennium, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been a household name. After appearing on "Survivor: Australia" in 2001, she went on to land a gig as one of the hosts of "The View" in 2003. As busy as she was on the career side of things, she still found time for her family life: In 2002, she tied the knot with her college sweetheart, NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, and the pair went on to have three children.

The TV personality announced she was pregnant with her firstborn, Grace Hasselbeck, on an episode of "The View" in 2004. "I'm nauseous, but I'm fine with that because it's all for a good cause," Elisabeth told Star Jones, Meredith Vieira, Joy Behar, and "The View" creator Barbara Walters (via Fox News). 

After her firstborn arrived, Elisabeth gushed to her co-hosts, "Grace is amazing. She likes to eat a lot and sleep a lot — just like her father" (via People). Grace has also gone on to inherit her mother's faith and her father's talent for sports. Here's a little more about Elisabeth Hasselbeck's eldest daughter, Grace.

Grace Hasselbeck was born in 2005 on her father's birthday

Grace Hasselbeck arrived on April 6, 2005 — which just so happens to be dad Tim Hasselbeck's birthday. As her mother, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, wrote on Instagram in 2022, "2 birthdays in our home today. 2 college kids who fell in love. 2 years + 9 months of waiting for the blessing of this sweet baby girl to make us a mommy and a daddy." In another Instagram post about her daughter and husband's birthday, Elisabeth noted that Grace and Tim have a lot in common. "They share a birthday, strength in the Lord, service to others, solid leadership, humility, love, tender hearts, drive, competitive nature, devotion to family and a love for ice cream!" she wrote.

Tim and Elisabeth met at Boston University in the '90s where they were both athletes, and after they tied the knot in 2002, they were ready to expand their family. However, the former "The View" co-host was one of many celebrities who have struggled with fertility. As she told Allergic Living, she didn't realize celiac disease was the root of the problem. "This was supposed to be on my timeline, I was supposed to be pregnant by now," she remembered thinking at the time. After she stopped eating foods that have gluten, Elisabeth got pregnant.

Grace Hasselbeck grew up doing art with her mother

Although Grace Hasselbeck eventually grew up with an affinity for sports, as a young child, she showed an interest in art. In fact, according to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the mother-daughter duo spent a lot of time doing creative projects together. Around the time when Grace was born, Elisabeth began to focus more on her work as a designer. As she told Good Housekeeping at the time, her plan was to eventually design and launch a line of children's clothing. However, as she was busy raising Grace, she ended up doing a lot of art with her young daughter, regularly creating masterpieces with sidewalk chalk. "Tim always says, 'Is the chalk for Grace or for you?'" she said.

In another interview with Woman's Day, Elisabeth shared that she and Grace had been busy working on giant paintings. "My 4-year-old daughter, Grace, and I painted the same scene side by side," she said. "Hers is much better than mine! I majored in industrial design/painting, but haven't had time to exercise that creativity." Clearly, Grace had a very artistic upbringing. In fact, it seems that art really does run in the family — her paternal grandfather, Don Hasselbeck, started up a career as an artist after being a professional football player.

Grace Hasselbeck became her mom's temporary co-host

From 2003 to 2013, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a fixture of ABC's "The View." However, when she about ready to give birth to her second child, Taylor Hasselbeck, she took a break from the show and spent her maternity leave in Arizona. Her husband, Tim Hasselbeck, had just been signed to the Arizona Cardinals, and the growing family decided it'd be best to stay in the Grand Canyon State for a stint. Shortly before Taylor arrived, Elisabeth told People that life in Arizona was definitely a lot slower than her life in New York. Plus, without her show, she found herself missing her morning chats with her co-hosts. Luckily, young Grace Hasselbeck was there to help.

"The show is a way of life," Elisabeth said. "I'll be sitting with Grace having 'Hot Topics' over cereal in the morning." Even though Grace was there to lend an ear, Elisabeth noted that she was eager to get back on "The View" as soon as possible. "I told Barbara, 'I have the number! You'll be hearing from me!'" she said. 

When Elisabeth became pregnant for a second time in 2007, she enlisted her mini co-host's help when it came time to inform her husband. "I actually had Grace tell [Tim]," she told People. "He came home and she said, 'I'm going to be a big sister!' He did a double take, but of course he was excited." Elisabeth returned to her role on "The View" in 2008.

Grace Hasselbeck embraced being a big sister

In November 2007, Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave birth to Taylor Hasselbeck. Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck were now parents of two under three, and Grace Hasselbeck was now a big sister. The new addition proved to take a little getting used to. "The transition will be tricky, for everyone," Elisabeth told People. "Mostly, my days are full with games with Grace, laundry, feeding Taylor, trying to sneak in a 30-minute workout when I can and if I am lucky, sneaking in a shower."

As a second-time mom, Elisabeth was concerned with how Taylor's arrival might affect her firstborn, noting that adding a new sibling to the mix can impact a family's dynamic. "You worry less about the little things with the second child," she said. "My main concern is making sure Grace still feels as loved." It seems pretty clear that Grace not only felt just as loved as ever, but also formed a strong bond with both Taylor and her youngest brother, Isaiah Hasselbeck, who was born in 2009. "She loves [Taylor]," Elisabeth told CNN in 2008. "[F]irst thing she wants to do in the morning is run to him. She will wake him up. I just got him to sleep."

Grace's bond with her siblings seems as strong as ever. In 2023, she posted an adorable photo on Instagram featuring her two brothers, writing, "My people."

Grace Hasselbeck missed her very first day of school

When Grace Hasselbeck's very first day of school arrived, Elisabeth Hasselbeck totally missed the big milestone. As the host recalled in her book "Point of View: A Fresh Look at Work, Faith and Freedom," she thought they still had one more day of summer vacation before the school year started. Evidently, there was a calendar mixup. "We celebrated the last day of summer with some friends in the park," she wrote. 

That end of summer celebration came to a screeching halt when Elisabeth got a call from the school. When they asked if Grace would still be coming, Elisabeth replied, "Of course! ... She has her lunch box all set out, and her bow, and we can't wait to meet everyone on the first day tomorrow." However, it turned out that the first day was that same day. 

Elisabeth refused to feel too guilty about the accident. "I'm pretty sure it doesn't only happen to me," she wrote. "All moms make mistakes sometimes, and being able to share them in a momversation makes the journey easier and makes us stronger."

In 2014, Grace Hasselbeck's mother underwent a major procedure

Everything changed for the Hasselbeck family in 2014 when doctors found a tumor in Elisabeth Hasselbeck's abdomen. Although the tumor was successfully removed, she had to take time off work and go through an intensive recovery process. Naturally, Tim Hasselbeck took over even more parental duties for Grace Hasselbeck and her siblings. "He's the leader at home," Elisabeth said to Us Weekly. "You know he was a quarterback on field, he's a quarterback at our house, and I like it that way. Our house works best because of his leadership, and I can be bold, but he's our general."

Plus, the parents had to decide how much to tell Grace at the time. As she was the oldest, they decided to give her more information than they gave her younger brothers. "I think each of your kids chew, or need or chew the amount they can chew and digest, so we give them the truth in the amount they can digest," she explained. 

She got to spend more time with her mom in 2015

It seems that Elisabeth Hasselbeck always had a strong relationship with her daughter, Grace Hasselbeck — however, that bond got a lot stronger in 2015 when she left behind her "Fox & Friends" hosting gig. 

Although Elisabeth was sad to part ways with the series, she chose family life over fame. "I am, as I said, taking a new position as CBO — chief breakfast officer — at our house with the kids and that does mean that in about a month I'll be leaving my Fox News family," said Elisabeth on air at the time (via Daily Mail). 

She went on to explain that although it was a hard decision, she was grateful to have the opportunity to spend more time with her kids thanks to her boss, Roger Ailes. "I pray that my kids and my daughter, as a working woman, as it comes her time, will have the honor of working for someone like him who understands a working mom's heart," she said. (Considering the sexual harassment allegations that were made against Ailes in 2016, this remark did not age well.)

She got her first phone when she was 9

As a Gen Z kid, Grace Hasselbeck grew up surrounded by technology — and like other young Gen Z-ers, she began expressing an interest in getting online from a pretty young age. 

On an episode of "The Rachael Ray Show," Elisabeth Hasselbeck admitted she caved and got Grace a phone when she was just 9 years old. "She's going to be double digits ... that's when they start asking for — like, all of a sudden there's, like, tech that comes in," she said. "And, you know, how much do they Instagram, not Instagram? I need your advice! Right now, we're pretty low tech." She added, "You just got to follow your good instinct ... when you give a phone, like anything else, you give rules."

Although Elisabeth let her daughter use tech, it's clear she kept a close eye on how her daughter used her phone. These days, the reins seemed to have loosened and Grace frequently posts pictures from her life to Instagram.  

Grace Hasselbeck's family moved to Tennessee in 2016

Grace Hasselbeck's life changed in 2016 when her parents decided to relocate from New York to Nashville, Tennessee. Elisabeth Hasslebeck had the idea to move after she was offered a position hosting the K-LOVE Christian Music Awards in Nashville. When she visited the city, she realized it was the right place for the Hasselbeck family. "Something needed to change," she said to The Tennessean. "[God] was so generous to give me Nashville as a destination. He turned my doubt into direction."

After putting down roots in Music City, Grace's family got to experience a new way of life. "Nashville is a city that has eyes that see other people, the space for kindness and the hands to lift someone up when they need it," explained Elisabeth. "It's a place that sees other people, knows they matter and does something about it."

It seems that Grace took to life in the Country Music Capital of the World. In fact, in 2020, she shared a snap on Instagram where she's holding an acoustic guitar and looking like a total Nashville girl.

Grace Hasselbeck visited Haiti in 2017 with her mom

In 2017, Grace Hasselbeck took a life-changing trip with her mother when the pair visited Haiti together. As Elisabeth Hasselbeck told The Tennessean, the trip was a community outreach excursion organized by the Nashville-based group Danita's Children. The nonprofit aims to assist children struggling with food insecurity in Haiti.

"Haiti you have always had a place in my heart ...  I am forever grateful for the most loving haven and home for so many awesome hearts at @danitaschildren. This was, by far, the most impactful trip of my life," wrote Elisabeth on Instagram

Based on Grace's Instagram feed, it's clear that she loved the opportunity to spend time in Haiti. In 2017, she shared an image of her and her mother standing in a circle with Haitian residents. "Dance party ... #dontwanttoleave," she wrote. Since the trip, Grace has posted multiple times about missing the people she met during her visit.

Grace Hasselbeck joined the USA Lacrosse team in 2021

Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck are both athletes, and it looks like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. Grace Hasselbeck proved that she shares her parents' sporty genes when, in 2021, she was chosen to play for Team USA, landing a spot on the under 16 girls' lacrosse team. She beat out around 1,600 hopefuls to win the spot. 

As Grace explained in a blog post for USA Lacrosse Magazine, she was inspired by two of her cousins, who are also successful lax players. "Annabelle is a sophomore who won a national championship last year, and Mallory is a total beast and now plays for [Boston College] as a freshman," wrote Grace, adding that her relatives helped her train in the lead-up to the tryouts for the USA team. 

For Grace, getting to be part of a national team was a major moment. "[When] I stepped onto the field in my USA jersey alongside the best of the best, and my passion for the game hit a whole new level," she wrote. "The unique opportunity to represent my country by wearing red, white and blue was a life-changing experience because we were playing for one another and our nation." 

Grace Hasselbeck went on to play lacrosse at Vanderbilt

It seems that Grace Hasselbeck's love for lacrosse did not fade away after she graduated from high school in 2023. As of 2024, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's daughter is a member of a college lacrosse team. In 2022, she shared on Instagram that she'd decided on Vanderbilt University, where she would continue to play lacrosse. Alongside a snap of her in her new Vanderbilt uniform, she wrote, "Hey, Nashville! Looks like I'll be sticking around." According to her IWLCA Recruits profile, she plays Attack, Draw Specialist, and Midfield.

Grace has posted about her lacrosse games on numerous occasions over the years on Instagram Stories. In 2024, she shared a series of photos that showed her playing lacrosse throughout her childhood. "Some things stay the same," she wrote in the caption. It's clear that for Grace, lacrosse is nothing short of a lifelong passion.

Her boyfriend is an athlete too

Football has always been a big part of Grace Hasselbeck's life: Her dad, Tim Hasselbeck, was a quarterback in the NFL, and her grandfather was a tight end for the New England Patriots. And according to her Instagram, it looks like she's in a relationship with Crews Law, a college football player. According to Law's Instagram profile, he's a linebacker at the University of North Carolina. 

The couple made their Instagram debut in September 2022 when they attended prom together. "Same time next week?" Grace quipped in the caption. In March 2023, Grace posted an Instagram photo of her and Law on the beach. "Spring break, you were too good," she wrote. In April 2023, Grace posted a photo with Law at a Luke Combs concert in Nashville. In June 2023, she posted a photo of her hugging Law after a game in North Carolina. In August 2023, she posted a photo of the pair relaxing on a boat. Then, in September, another photo showed them at a formal event. Later that year, she posted a photo of Law putting his football helmet on her head after a game. "Senior season with 11!" she wrote.

Grace Hasselbeck and her mom connect over their faith

Grace Hasselbeck may be all grown up now, but it seems that she and her mother, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, remain just as close as ever. In 2021, Grace posted a sweet photo of the pair on Wind River Ranch, a Christian family resort in Colorado. "Hey mom, what do you think about moving here?" wrote Grace in the caption. In 2023, Grace once again featured her mother on her Instagram grid, posting an image of the pair hugging and smiling. "A goooood weekend," she wrote.

Elisabeth has also given her daughter plenty of shoutouts over the years. In 2021, for instance, she took to Instagram on National Daughters Day to sing her eldest child's praises. "Grace you are more than a daughter to me," she wrote. "You a sister in Christ, who teaches me so much each day. I love you and am cheering you on wherever you are!"