Meet Diana Ross' 5 Kids

Fans of classic pop and R&B are bound to be familiar with Diana Ross' biggest hits like "I'm Coming Out" and "Endless Love." After breaking onto the scene in 1959 with her group The Supremes (along with notable members Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard) and later branching out with her solo career, Ross has had an incredible ride over the last five decades. However, what fewer people probably know about the singer is that Ross is a supportive and loving mother to her kids, many of whom are already known figures in the spotlight. You'd probably recognize a couple of them like Tracee Ellis Ross or Evan Ross.

These days, Ross is also a doting grandmother and spends a lot of time with her family. In April 2017, the singer revealed her parenting style to The New York Post in an email interview. "I'm a firm believer that you raise your children when they're young. My kids are adults now and they know what they want to do and I just support them in whatever that is. It's called unconditional love," she wrote. 

From her daughter who followed in her footsteps as a singer to her son who married Ashlee Simpson, let's meet the five kids of Diana Ross.

Rhonda Ross Kendrick is a singer like her mom

Rhonda Ross Kendrick is the eldest child of Diana Ross, a 13-time Grammy-nominated singer, and Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown, the record label that first signed her mother. The couple had an on-again off-again relationship when they had their first daughter in 1971. With such musically successful parents, it's no wonder that Rhonda followed in her mother's footsteps as a singer and also married a fellow musician, Rodney Kendrick.

Rhonda released her debut album "In Case You Didn't Know" in 2016 and was asked by her mom the following year to join her on tour. "Usually she didn't have an opening act. But she thought that our music [choices] were compatible," Rhonda told the Florida Times-Union in June 2017. "They're different, but they're compatible because both are about reaching for joy, about living your life and feeling good. And it means that she has been watching for 20 years and likes what I'm building, and is proud of it. And that means everything to me," she explained.

Diana has definitely been a role model for her eldest daughter. When asked by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune that same month about how her mother has inspired her, Rhonda answered, "The way she performs, the connection she has with her audience, the love that she has for her audience. They can feel that and it's authentic and it's true and I've witnessed that for my entire life."

She is also an Emmy-nominated actor

Rhonda Ross Kendrick is more than just a talented singer, as the performer also has several acting credits to her name, spanning back to 1985's "The Last Dragon." She made appearances on shows like "Cosby," "The Temptations," and between 1997 and 1999, she became known for her portrayal of Toni Burrell and Dana Kramer on the soap opera "Another World." The role earned Ross Kendrick a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 1998, but she unfortunately lost out to Sarah Joy Brown from "General Hospital."

It would seem that Ross Kendrick's decision to pursue acting was a calculated choice, as she explained on "The Karen Hunter Show" in February 2020 that growing up and forging her own identity separate from her mother helped the singer and actor in several ways. "It made me realize I had to be someone on my own and in my own right, because the pressure to be known for and loved just because I was [Diana Ross'] daughter was so strong, and I knew that I couldn't live with that. ... I had to find my own in my art. I had to find my own in my career, and so it made me stronger for that reason," she said.

IN 2018, Ross Kendrick returned to film and television after nearly two decades off-camera with a cameo in the show "Girlfriends." Her project "Protector of the Gods" features her as a star but also a producer.

Tracee Ellis Ross is an actor known for Black-ish

In 1972, Tracee Ellis Ross was born to her famous mother and music business manager Robert Ellis Silberstein, who were married from 1971 to 1977. Like her older sister, she decided to pursue a career in acting and she managed to do incredibly well for herself. After her first credited role in 1996's "Far Harbor," Ross continued landing projects over the years until she secured her first long-term role on "Girlfriends" in 2000. She later became known for playing Dr. Rainbow "Bow" Johnson on ABC's "Black-ish" in 2014, scooping up six Emmy Award nominations in the process and reprising her role in the spin-off "Mixed-ish."

As she told People in September 2016 after her first Emmy nomination for "Black-ish," the nod didn't serve as needed proof that she'd finally made a name for herself separately from her mother. "I've never felt like I was in my mother's shadow. If anything, I felt like I was in her embrace. So it's never been a[n] effort to do that," Ross said.

Ross has continued her work in television and, after directing episodes of "Girlfriends" and "Black-ish," and executive producing several series, she has proven herself as a prominent Black woman in the industry. During a January 2024 interview with NPR, she explained, "Hollywood is limited in its thinking and particularly in its ability to see the elasticity and beauty of Black women and all that we can do."

She's also the owner of Pattern Beauty

There's no question that Tracee Ellis Ross knows her way around beauty products. From the time the actor founded Pattern Beauty in 2019, a Black-centered brand of hair care products, she has become a go-to for all things self-care. (It probably helps that her mom Diana Ross is known for her iconic hairstyles). It took 11 years from when Ross wrote her pitch for the brand to see it on shelves; it now houses more than 50 products, including styling tools, creams, shampoos, and more. Pattern Beauty has 10 retail partners including Sephora, Macy's, and Target.

During an episode of Sephora's "Why I Made This" series in August 2023, Ross broke down what inspired her to create her brand. "Growing up, there just were not products that suited my hair and supported my hair. I was cocktailing things, trying to figure my hair out and I discovered there were so many people that were also lacking in products. ... I wanted to make products that actually worked for our hair," she explained.

Now that the entrepreneur and beauty mogul has established herself as a go-to for self-care tips, fans were excited to see the actor reveal her skincare routine. In June 2022, during an interview with Vogue UK, Ross called her skincare process "insane" but insisted that it works. Perhaps Ross will branch out into other areas of beauty products as she continues her work as a busy actor and loving aunt to her siblings' kids.

Chudney Ross became a writer and bookstore owner

The youngest daughter of the "Upside Down" singer and Robert Ellis Silberstein was born in November 1975. Out of all her siblings, Chudney Ross has branched out probably the most, steering away from life in the entertainment industry after briefly serving as a talent coordinator, assistant production manager, and producer between 2002 and 2004. She also worked as a model and teacher before finding her passion as a bookstore owner and writer.

Ross opened Books and Cookies in Santa Monica in 2011 and realized she was filling a gap in the market. In speaking with Mestiza New York in August 2022, Ross explained, "What I learned quickly ... was that people with young children were looking for a space to build community. We created a welcome and joyful space to bring people together, make new friends, find love and support. Though I closed the doors to the physical space a while back ... we have continued to build community all over LA and virtually with our interactive musical story time gathering."

On top of starting Books and Cookies, which is now described as a "mobile literacy enrichment program," Ross wrote a kid's book called "Lone Bean." It was published in 2012 by Amistad, a publisher known for elevating Black voices. During her Mestiza New York interview, Ross remarked that, despite receiving sub-par reviews, "Kids seem to love it and for that, I am very proud!"

She has been inspired by her mom in motherhood

In September 2012, Chudney Ross had her first daughter with her then-boyfriend Joshua Faulkner. The couple then tied the knot in 2015 at a stunning ceremony in Hawaii surrounded by their friends and family. A few years later, Ross and Faulkner became a beautiful family of four when they welcomed Everlee Ernestine in October 2019.

In May 2020, Ross explained to Veronica Beard that her mom had a massive influence on her own parenting style. "My mom is the most amazing role model for what motherhood should look like. From her, I learned the importance of being present, loving, supportive, and giving of myself wholly," she said.

While Ross has fortunately benefited from familial support throughout her motherhood, she recognizes that not everyone has that sense of community. She has been outspoken about her partnership with Alliance of Moms, a community of philanthropists that supports young moms as well as pregnant girls in Los Angeles foster care, and shared an Instagram post in April 2023 outlining its importance. "They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in this current day and age, most of us, don't have a village behind us, but it's so important to find a community of moms to support you through the highs and lows of this parenting journey," the caption read.

Ross Arne Naess was named after his father

Diana Ross' first son with Arne Naess Jr. was born in 1987 and named after his father. While less is known about Ross Arne Naess in comparison to his siblings, he too has been briefly involved in the entertainment industry and worked as executive producer for 2014's "Acid Girls." However, he has shifted his focus to another industry, as Naess describes himself as an "artisan" on his Instagram account and lists himself as an owner of a Beverly Hills restaurant called The Hideaway and Warwick, a nightclub in Los Angeles.

Naess' father and namesake was a Norwegian shipping magnate but he was better known for his adventurous spirit. Tragically, it was one of his expeditions that was his downfall as the late Naess fell to his death at 66 years old while climbing the Groot Drakenstein mountains near Cape Town in 2004. His death doubtlessly had a huge impact on the business owner, as Naess was still just a teenager when he lost his father.

In March 2019, Arne Naess shared an Instagram post of a younger version of himself next to his father on a snowy mountain alongside a quote from the late Arne Naess. "The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared to the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness. I do not know why this is so," it read. Further down the actor wrote, "Miss going on adventures with you dad."

He got married in 2017

In addition to being a business owner, Ross Arne Naess is also a doting husband and father of two. He popped the question to Kimberly Ryan in May 2016 and the happy couple welcomed their first child Leif to the world the following month. In December 2017, Naess and Ryan had a stunning wedding in Santa Barbara and it was a full-on family affair. His sister Tracee Ellis Ross played the role of a bridesmaid, his brother Evan Ross performed a song for their first dance, and his famous mother officiated the ceremony. Ryan walked the aisle in a beautiful bohemian dress, pregnant with their second son Indigo, who would be born in August 2017.

Now, the happily married couple is a force to be reckoned with as they raise their children and focus on their business ventures. Ryan now co-owns Madre Wine with her friend Tami Farrell, which they started up during the pandemic. On top of his multiple business ventures to keep track of, Naess is also keeping busy with his hobbies, as he often shares snaps of his latest crafts like woodwork and pottery. He also posted on Instagram in May 2023 about how he and Ryan spent their 17-year anniversary volunteering for the non-profit Baby2Baby.

Evan Ross became an actor and producer

The acting bug definitely bit several of Diana Ross' children, as her youngest child has also become an actor. Born in 1988 to the "I'm Still Waiting" songstress and Arne Naess Jr., Ross was just 3 years old when he made his first on-screen appearance in his mom's music video for "When You Tell Me That You Love Me."

He went on to star in several shows, like "90210," "Wicked Cities," and "Star," as well as other music videos for artists like The Notorious B.I.G, Macy Gray, and Usher. Ultimately, Ross became known for his portrayal as Messalla in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay," which he spoke about in November 2015 with The Dallas Morning News. "We were in the trenches, like it was real, all day long. But it was incredible. All that stuff, I remember when we were shooting, we had to be so precise [to make sure] we were at a certain angle so that we weren't hitting anybody else. It was intense," he remarked.

With several projects under his belt and many currently in production, Ross clearly has a passion for acting. In addition to his on-screen roles, he has taken up a handful of production credits as well, including serving as an executive producer on his reality show "Ashlee+Evan" and "The Loneliest Boy in the World," in which he also starred.

He is married to Ashlee Simpson

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson made their first appearance as a couple in July 2013 after meeting at a mutual friend's birthday party. They got engaged after just a few months and tied the knot at Ross' mom's house in August 2014. The couple welcomed their daughter Jagger Snow in July 2015 and their son Ziggy Blue arrived in October 2020. Ross and Simpson have collaborated on several projects like their shared clothing line, their single "I Do," and a reality show. The Hollywood couple have managed to do all this while also raising their blended family, which includes the Simpson's son from a previous relationship, Bronx.

While speaking on "The Drew Barrymore Show" in March 2021, the couple revealed how they're able to keep their love alive after so many years together. When asked by a viewer of the show how they can try to not lose the spark in their relationship when dealing with young children, Simpson admitted it can be tough. "There's like [our] 5 [year old], 12 [year old], and a baby, and you're changing diapers all day," she said, but she credited Ross with recognizing when they do some have downtime to spend together. Ross added, "It doesn't have to be at night. ... Find the time [for one another]." The couple's advice seems worthwhile as they're celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in 2024.