Harry And Meghan Want This One Thing From Kate And William Before A Reconciliation Can Happen

For years, many royal watchers have been hoping for a reconciliation between Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and the rest of the royal family. In particular, Harry and his brother, William, Prince of Wales have been locked in a bitter feud, resulting in plenty of mudslinging — particularly from the Sussexs. 

Harry and Meghan stepped down as working royals in 2020 and have made some serious allegations against the family since. Amongst them, Meghan accused unnamed royals of having racially insensitive conversations about the skin color of their son, Archie, before he was born (claims the late Queen Elizabeth II fought back against). Plus, there was that admission about a physical fight that went down between Harry and William, which Harry divulged in his tell-all book, "Spare."

Even after all that (and plenty more) drama, royal author Tom Quinn has claimed that Harry would still consider making up with his family. But only on the condition he gets an apology, specifically from his brother and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. "[Harry] wants to reconcile with his brother so that the children can have some kind of a relationship, but he and Meghan still think that a grovelling apology needs to come from William and Kate first," Quinn claimed while speaking to Mirror. "He has implied that if he gets an apology from his family then he is prepared to forgive."

Prince William may not even know why his brother wants an apology

Tom Quinn's not wrong. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, has certainly suggested he wants to see his family admit to anything they may have done wrong when it comes to himself and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Speaking to The Telegraph in 2023, Harry shared a candid message for the royals, making it clear he believes there's been some wrongdoing on their part. "I'm willing to forgive you for everything you've done, and I wish you'd actually sat down with me, properly, and instead of saying I'm delusional and paranoid, actually sit down and have a proper conversation about this, because what I'd really like is some accountability," Harry said. "And an apology to my wife."

However, royal historian Gareth Russell told GB News that same year he was not even sure that William knew what Harry wanted an apology for. "[Harry] makes quite cryptic comments like 'They know what they did' [in "Spare"]. Which, given that he's prepared to specify in detail everything else is strange. So I don't think anyone's 100% sure what it is. Even according to Prince Harry himself, Prince William doesn't know what it is," he said. 

Russell referred to a chapter in "Spare" in which Harry recalled that William had asked his younger brother what had happened between them. "And Prince Harry said to himself, 'How could he not know?' So I think maybe there's a lot of things that Prince Harry is carrying around," Russell said.

Prince Harry may never get his apology from Prince William and Kate Middleton

It sounds like those wishing to see Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex palling around again with William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales like in old times will be disappointed. That's because, according to Tom Quinn at least, that apology Harry wants to move forward probably won't be coming anytime soon. He told Mirror of the chances of William and Kate saying sorry, "That just isn't going to happen."

Other sources have also claimed William has no plans to apologize to Harry, nor does their dad, King Charles III. "What are the family meant to apologize for? As the late queen said, recollections may vary," one source told Daily Mail in 2023, referencing Queen Elizabeth II's response to Harry and Meghan's shocking tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2022. Another insider told the outlet at the time, "I hear that William has no intention whatsoever of apologizing and remains incandescent, especially around the way his wife, the Princess of Wales, has been treated." That seemingly referred to incidents such as when Meghan publicly spoke out about her and Kate's tension over a bridesmaid's dress for Princess Charlotte before her and Harry's wedding

And now, amid claims Kate didn't tell Harry or Meghan about her cancer diagnosis due to a lack of trust, it seems like a royal reconciliation won't be coming any time soon.