How HGTV's Chelsea And Cole DeBoer Keep Their Relationship Strong

Talk about a meet-cute: HGTV stars Cole DeBoer and Chelsea DeBoer's meeting at a gas station in 2014 was just the beginning of their romance. That run-in eventually led to a proposal and the two of them growing their family. In a 2024 interview, they divulged the secret to keeping their relationship strong — and it's all about looking back.

"I honestly think the secret sauce for us is making time to reflect on that," Chelsea told TV Insider about their almost 10-year relationship. "There are multiple times we're in the car, or we're on a date night. I try to take in that moment and think about where we are and how far we've come. Being grateful is such an important piece to being successful."

Cole reiterated that reflection is important, adding, "We appreciate how amazing things have been for us." Amazing is right — both personally and professionally. In fact, the DeBoers landed their dream jobs renovating houses for HGTV thanks to a social media message.

Social media brought the DeBoers together and landed them a show

Chelsea DeBoer and Cole DeBoer's relationship started similarly to how their show on HGTV was born. While on a press tour for the second season of their HGTV show "Down Home Fab," the couple visited "The Jennifer Hudson Show" and told the story of first seeing each other at a gas station. Although they didn't have a conversation then, Cole recognized Chelsea because their town wasn't that big. "So he knew who I was, and he slid into my DMs," Chelsea said. Cole admitted, "Let's be honest, it wasn't anything crazy. It was just, I said, 'Hey.'"

Still, Chelsea was excited by even that simple message. A few years later, a DM is how they got their HGTV start. After doing their own renovation and starting a business renovating and designing other people's houses, Chelsea messaged HGTV on Instagram in March 2020. She wrote, "I feel like HGTV is missing out on some quality TV by not following our home building renovations [laughing face emoji]. we're ready to make the transition from mtv whenever you guys are lol!" Just like their relationship, the DeBoer's show has succeeded, and its second season premiered in March 2024.

Incorporating 'fun' is a major part of working together for Chelsea and Cole

"Down Home Fab" stars Chelsea DeBoer and Cole DeBoer enjoy working side-by-side. Cole said in their TV Insider interview, "We work so well together. We run ideas by each other. I think when it comes to work, we have fun together and run with it." Chelsea also believed that "[making] it fun" is why they collaborate well professionally. The "Teen Mom 2" star mentioned how they get to spend a lot of time together, more so than other couples. She continued, "Any time we can run to lunch and make a little date during the work day, we do. We're lucky we get so much alone time, even though we have so many kids."

In an "Entertainment Tonight" interview for "Down Home Fab" Season 2, the stars also suggested that part of why they work well together is because opposites attract. "So I do the designs," Chelsea said. "I get down and dirty," Cole said. Chelsea then quipped, "He's the calm, I'm the chaos."

Despite some HGTV fans criticizing the DeBoer's work on "Down Home Fab," it's evident that Chelsea and Cole love what they do — almost as much as each other.