What Taylor Swift Demands On Tour

When you're Taylor Swift, selling out stadiums night after night on the Easter Egg-packed "Eras Tour" (and bringing in an eye-watering $13 million per performance in the process), you can certainly make a few demands when it comes to what you need backstage to make you feel comfortable. And, it sounds like Swift is making the most of her star power.

Ahead of Swift's wildly successful "Eras" shows heading down under in February 2024, one Australian journalist shared her backstage requests, known as a rider, with the world. And you may be a little surprised at some of the things she asked for. Showbiz reporter Dean McCarthy told 7News that one of the "Love Story" hitmaker's biggest asks when she's on the road is for an iced Americano from Starbucks to be brought to her every day around 11 a.m. McCarthy also claimed Swift asks for at least one chauffeured silver SUV to drive her around and sometimes even has a decoy car in her entourage to divert attention. As for what she asks for in her dressing room before a show? McCarthy shared that Swift apparently likes to have Red Bull and some macaroni and cheese on hand.

Taylor Swift's rider has changed some since the beginning of her career

Dean McCarthy claimed on 7News that Taylor Swift's show rider is a little more extravagant now than earlier in her career. "[Swift] used to be really humble and chill—she used to just have edamame [beans] and some water and some snacks," he said. "Now, she's gone to another level."

However, we know that's maybe not strictly true. That's because Swift has had a few requests on her rider for a while now. The Smoking Gun posted what it claimed was Swift's rider from back in 2008, which likely would have been used during her "Fearless Tour." The list had quite a collection of different items on it, including at least two things she still asks for today: mac and cheese and Red Bull. Swift also asked for cottage cheese, shredded lettuce, red licorice Twizzlers, and two kinds of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. When it comes to her drink requests before a show, Swift's list included Smart Water, Corona beer, and Diet Coke. She also reportedly slurped on chocolate milk and grape juice.

Flowers and cushions have also been amongst Taylor Swift's dressing room demands

As for what else Taylor Swift has been reported to have asked for in preparation for her shows? Flowers and cushions. Metro claimed that when the star was across the pond in London for Capital FM's Summertime Ball in 2013, she had the biggest dressing room at the venue for her entourage of 16 people (via Digital Spy). The outlet reported that Swift, or at least her team, had requested white lilies, seemingly to make the dressing room feel a little more like home, as well as cushions emblazoned with the Union Jack flag. Though we're guessing she may forgo those now following her split from Brit Joe Alwyn in 2023.

But Swift herself has admitted that she's actually pretty easy to please when it comes to her backstage requests. When asked by Kiss UK in 2015 what she likes to have behind the scenes at her shows, Swift gave a pretty easy answer. "Fried chicken? That's good to have. I'd pick that. I have water and Diet Coke," she said (via Express). And that makes total sense, seeing as chicken tenders are the one food she wishes she could eat every single day. If that's what it takes for Swift to put on such a sensational show, we're sure everyone is more than eager to give her anything she wants.