Victoria Beckham's Most Candid Confessions About David's Alleged Affairs

Although they've been together for as long as most of us can remember, David and Victoria Beckham's marriage appeared like it was on the rocks for a brief moment in time. Back in 2004, Rebecca Loos, David's former personal assistant, claimed that she had an affair with him in a tell-all interview with Sky News. According to Loos' account, at a group dinner, "The chemistry between David and I was so strong that everyone was aware and people weren't happy, obviously, because I was being very unprofessional and he's a married man." 

However, that supposedly didn't stop them from spending the night together. Loos developed strong feelings for David, so she was giddy when he asked to see her before a soccer game. But her happiness quickly vanished because he wanted nothing more than a purely physical relationship. In the following years, a handful of women also claimed that they had had one-night stands with David. However, the Beckhams vehemently denied all the allegations. 

Victoria addressed David's alleged affairs for the first time in a 2007 interview with W magazine, admitting, "I'm not going to lie. It was a really tough time. It was hard for our entire families. But I realized a lot of people have a price." The former Spice Girl notably also added, "We've come out of everything we've been through stronger and happier. It's even better now than when we were first married." The Beckhams even stopped reading the newspapers to protect themselves.

It was the unhappiest phase of Victoria Beckham's life

In the 2023 Netflix docuseries "Beckham," David and Victoria Beckham got impressively candid about the affair rumors that almost tore them apart. The fashion designer started by dubbing the time following the Rebecca Loos scandal as one of the lowest points of her life. "It felt like the world was against us," Victoria confessed. "We were against each other, if I'm being completely honest. You know, up until Madrid sometimes it felt like us against everybody else, but we were together, we were connected, we had each other," (via BBC). 

The former pop star also recalled that as soon as news of David's alleged affair with Loos broke, the media attention on them increased tenfold, and paparazzi started chasing them everywhere they went. Given all this, it's unsurprising that Victoria started harboring a deep resentment for her husband. When David thought back to those heartbreaking times, on the other hand, he could barely even fathom how they managed to stick it out amidst all the negativity. 

The former Real Madrid player reiterated that he had never cheated on Victoria and decried the allegations as lies that caused his family to suffer terribly. David also acknowledged that his heart broke watching his wife bear the brunt of people's harsh criticisms and speculations. But all-in-all, he couldn't be prouder of them for surviving, as he succinctly concluded, "We're fighters and at that time we needed to fight for each other, we needed to fight for our family, and what we had was worth fighting for," as E! News reported. 

Rebecca Loos didn't expect Victoria Beckham to forgive her

David Beckham's alleged mistress, Rebecca Loos, wasn't happy with his Netflix doc. Speaking with the Daily Mail, she clapped back at all the pain David expressed feeling in "Beckham," arguing, "He is portraying himself as the victim and he's making me look like a liar, like I've made up these stories." Loos continued, "He is indirectly suggesting that I'm the one who has made Victoria suffer." From her perspective, the star footballer lied to his wife, cheated on her, and shifted the blame for all the trauma he caused onto the other woman. 

It's worth noting that Loos previously addressed the damage she did to David and Victoria Beckham's marriage. When a Sky News interviewer asked how she felt about the fashion designer, Loos answered, "I don't expect any sympathy from her whatsoever," (via The Mirror). Loos then stated the obvious: She totally messed up by sleeping with a married man. The alleged mistress also shared that she never intended to tear their family apart by going public with her claims and hoped the It couple would work it out for the sake of their kids. 

Loos' empathy for Victoria isn't that surprising considering she also claimed that her soccer player husband had cheated with someone else long before she came along. In another interview with the Daily Mail, Loos revealed that one time, the "Wannabe" singer was blowing up David's phone, and when she went to hand it to him, she realized he was already in bed with another woman.