What Eric Eremita From Love It Or List It Is Doing Today

For fans of home renovation shows, "Love It or List It" is up there with the best of the best. The series offers homeowners the chance to work closely with hosts Hilary Farr and David Visentin to transform their humble abodes into shiny new homesteads and ultimately, decide if they want to keep it, or sell up and move to a new property. It's the best of both worlds, but Farr and Visentin don't work alone. Though they've worked with several contractors since the show started in 2008, Eric Eremita made more of a mark than others. Eremita appeared in the series as the go-to fixer-upper from 2014 to 2019. While it seemed like a sure bet that Eremita wasn't going anywhere, he disappeared — so what happened?

As it turned out, Eremita underwent a life-changing event in 2020 that totally transformed his outlook on life and made him reevaluate what was important to him. Fans may have been disappointed that Eremita wasn't on their screens anymore, but he didn't disappear entirely. Eremita has kept busy in the industry he loves the most and even has plans to return to TV.

If his social media is anything to go by, Eremita hasn't stopped pushing forward over the last few years, putting his unstoppable work ethic to good use while also doing what he does best: enjoying life to the maximum. 

Eric Eremita was seriously ill in 2020

There's no denying that 2020 was one of the most unprecedented years in modern history. It brought with it a global health crisis that no one saw coming, and while it may seem like a million years ago now, it was an important reminder of just how fragile life can be. Eric Eremita learned this lesson on a deeply personal level, after contracting COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. Despite having no health issues or preexisting conditions, Eremita became gravely ill. In a candid interview with People, the star admitted it all happened very quickly.

Both he and his wife became sick around the same time and began to isolate on different floors of their house, with their children settling into the basement to avoid becoming infected. "I started getting worse and worse," Eremita explained. "Then one day, my wife came to me and said, 'You don't look good. Can you breathe? You're turning blue.'" His wife promptly called an ambulance, and Eremita was placed on a ventilator for two weeks. 

Fortunately, Eremita pulled through it, but the experience made him "very, very humbled, and reminded me to appreciate life." Eremita went on to say that the illness put everything in perspective, and helped him to see what was important in his life, and what wasn't in the long run. "Don't sweat the small stuff, you know? It's not worth it." 

He created a brand new show called Homeboys but it wasn't picked up


Though Eric Eremita may have said goodbye to "Love It or List It," he's not done in the TV world by any stretch of the imagination. More than two years after his critical illness, Eremita delighted fans with a teaser of a new TV show that he created, called "Homeboys." The series, in which Eremita stars alongside Conrad Layton, shows longtime friends transforming homes into showstoppers. In a video snippet of the series shared on Eremita's Instagram profile, the pair can be seen meeting with homeowners and working their renovation magic. 

Eremita admitted in the caption that though there was a lot of buzz around it, it had yet to be picked up. "With all of the press that has come out regarding the a [sic] show that I created called "HOMEBOYS" aka "Home At Last," you would think that it's been airing for a while and it's a huge hit!!" 

He then proceeded to call out production companies, including his previous employer, HGTV. "Hey @hgtv & @wbe what are you scared of? That it could be a HUGE HIT?!" It seems Eremita poured a lot of passion and hard work into getting the TV show off the ground, but at the time of writing, it has yet to appear on our screens. Will it remain a pipe dream for the contractor?

He's working as a realtor with Robert DeFalco Realty

It's not unusual for people involved in one part of the home business sector to branch out into another. After recovering from his scary COVID-19 experience in 2020, Eric Eremita decided to use his vast knowledge of the industry to not only transform houses but sell them, too. Around that time, he joined Robert DeFalco Realty, a business that was first founded in 1987 and serves Eremita's native Staten Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Manhattan. According to owner Robert DeFalco, the partnership was a long time coming. "He and his family frequently visited my father's grocery store, located in Little Italy," DeFalco told SILive. "The association was a natural progression of our many years of friendship."

Eremita is one in a long list of DeFalco agents, proving that he's well-connected, knows his stuff, and is charming, to boot. In short, Eremita has all of the qualities a successful realtor needs — just ask the most successful agents on "Selling Sunset!"

The lovable New Yorker also seems to have a great relationship with the company he represents, sharing images to Instagram from a Christmas party in December 2023 alongside his boss and friend with the caption, "Christmas Party Fun ... with the Real Estate Crew!! Nice seeing old friends and making some new ones!!"

Eric Eremita supports several charities

Eric Eremita might not be carrying out gorgeous home transformations on "Love It or List It" anymore, but that doesn't mean he's stopped helping people whenever her can. Oftentimes, the former HGTV star can be found rubbing shoulders with other like-minded individuals at charity galas, doing his best to raise funds for different organizations. In 2023, he posted photos to his Instagram account enjoying the night at an Armcandy For A Cause benefit. The charity sells bracelets designed by Oriana LaMarca, with the proceeds getting donated to a new cause each year. 

Eremita has been involved with the organization for some time, with founder LaMarca telling City Lifestyle that as her friend, Eremita had helped her make connections with other charities, such as the ECHO Foundation. This isn't the only worthy endeavor that Eremita has backed in recent years, though. Not only has he been spotted at fundraisers for the aforementioned ECHO Foundation, but also at the 2021 Save Our City Fundraiser in New York City.

When it comes to lending his star power to aid those less fortunate, Eremita will be there with a huge smile on his face, ready and willing to make a difference. It's not unusual for celebrities to use their platform for the greater good, but it's less common for them to look half as enthusiastic as Eremita does while doing it. 

He spends a lot of time with his family

In 2014, Eric Eremita appeared in five episodes of "Brother vs. Brother" starring Jonathan and Drew Scott which featured a lot of sibling rivalry. But unlike his TV projects, Eremita's family situation seems to be the opposite of the dramatic and competitive reality shows in which he's appeared. One quick look at Eremita's Instagram feed shows just how proud he is to be a dad and husband, and how much time he spends with his children, Mia, Eric Jr., and Evan. When he isn't busy promoting his businesses or looking for the next step in his career, Eremita is a devoted family man, spending as much quality time with them as possible.

In March 2024, he posted a photo of himself on Instagram with his sons dressed in suits, alongside the caption "#HappySonsDay to my 2 CHAMPS! ... I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!! But you do know that everyday is Son's Day!! XO! DAD!" 

Prior to that, Eremita also posted photos of his clan enjoying the holidays together, as well as a post dedicated to his eldest, Mia, when she turned 21 in November 2023. The chief of construction boasted about his daughter's milestone birthday that coincided with her college graduation, along with several snaps of himself and his wife with beaming smiles as they posed with Mia and their sons. They say you can't have it all, but it looks like Eremita is defying expectations.

Eric Eremita owns his own clothing brand

Every famous person knows that the key to keeping the money rolling in is diversifying. In fact, there are tons of successful celebrity side hustles you probably never knew about ... like Eric Eremita's casual clothing brand, Thirteen. The apparel line launched at the tail end of 2020 and allowed Eremita to put his design prowess to different use. Talking to SILive at the time, Eremita explained, "The Thirteen brand promotes peace, unity, love, and fashion and is a lifestyle within itself, while it simultaneously gives back to the community."

It wasn't just a way to boost his bank balance, but a chance for Eremita to support charities close to his heart. Sales from the clothing line during months with a Friday 13 result in 13% of profits going to a worthy cause. While that's admirable, it begs the question, why is Eremita so obsessed with the number 13? According to SILive, the number holds significance in Eremita's personal life, as his wedding anniversary is February 13th, and it was also the day that his wife went into labor with their third child.

Though the brand's official Instagram hasn't been updated since the beginning of 2023, Eremita shared some snaps from a cover shoot in August of that year, implying that the line was still going strong. As for the price tag of his apparel, a custom denim jacket will set you back a cool $1,300. 

He goes to a lot of parties

If you haven't already guessed it, Eric Eremita has been keeping himself busy since he left "Love It or List It." He's not sat at home with a pint of ice cream watching "Property Brothers" bloopers like the rest of us. He's out grabbing life with both of his hands. Eremita likes to keep his schedule busy, so when he's not designing something spectacular, selling a house, or spending time with his family, he's usually partying on down, if his Instagram is anything to go by. Whether it's an intimate dinner or a fancy dress soirée, Eremita is down for a good time. To celebrate St. Patrick's Day in 2024, Eremita and his wife went to a bash wearing matching green shirts.

In January 2024, he posted a photo on Instagram of himself and his wife with a large group of friends enjoying an extravagant dinner in Napa Valley alongside the caption, "LOVE! WINE! & GREAT FRIENDS HAVING GREAT TIMES!!" 

In short, Eremita seems to have cracked the code to happiness. By all accounts, his social life isn't lacking in any area at all, whether it's a dinner with friends or a large event to celebrate the holidays.

Eric Eremita continues to share home tips online

One thing is for sure: Eric Eremita is a designer through and through. He might not be able to showcase his skills in front of an international audience via their TV sets right now, but he keeps giving tips to his social media followers on how to create the perfect home. Eremita consistently posts design tips and tricks regarding multiple different aspects of the home design process. In February 2024, he devoted a post to different types of sculleries, telling his followers about the benefits of having a dedicated room like this in the home. He's also been known to share snapshots of gorgeous kitchens, entryways, and more standout home designs. 

Eremita shares posts online for various purposes. Some are focused on visual content, while others include design tips. Additionally, he uses social media as a means to interact with his audience and attract potential real estate clients. After all, his experience is a great selling point for anyone looking to buy a property. Not only would Eremita be able to find them a home, but he'd also be able to hook them up with a good contractor if there's anything they want to change.

Eremita's willingness to continue to engage with his audience in this way makes it clear that he's beyond passionate about his work. If the comments sections are anything to go by, fans don't want it to stop anytime soon.