The Hallmark Movie You Didn't Know Alexa PenaVega's Son Made A Guest Appearance In

Alexa PenaVega and her husband, Carlos PenaVega, have appeared in a number of Hallmark movies together, including "Love in the Limelight," "Enchanted Christmas," and "Never Too Late to Celebrate." The couple are parents to three children and, in November 2023, Alexa revealed that she was pregnant with their fourth child. 

Both Alexa and Carlos have been acting since childhood. While Alexa's well-known for her role in the "Spy Kids" movies, she started acting when she was around 5 on the TV series "Evening Shade."  In contrast, Carlos was a teen when he started acting with a guest role on "ER." Five years later, he became a series regular on "Big Time Rush." As actors and parents, the PenaVegas have worked to give their children opportunities in front of the camera. Ocean PenaVega, who was born in December 2017,  got his first onscreen credit in the 2018 Hallmark film, "Love At Sea," appearing alongside his parents.  "We were so proud of him!" the couple informed Royal Caribbean at the time. "We can't wait for everyone to see his debut."

Having their child in a movie was more than just a proud parent moment. Alexa has made it clear that having her kids with her while she's working is vital for balancing her personal and professional life and being a strong family unit. "We've really found a special way to make it work for our family," she explained to Fox News. "Our kids are growing up seeing how it works for us."

Kingston, the PenaVegas' younger son, was in Hallmark's Never Too Late to Celebrate

Ocean PenaVega, oldest child of Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, may have been the first of his siblings to appear in a Hallmark movie, but he wasn't the only one. Kingston PenaVega, his younger brother, joined his parents as part of the cast of "Never Too Late to Celebrate" in 2023. Kingston, who was born in 2019, plays a dental patient in one of the movie's scenes. 

Even before his movie debut, Kingston could be seen mugging for the camera on his mom's Instagram posts. In one video clip from June 2023, he touches his nose and rises his eyebrows while a pair of sunglasses slowly descends over his eyes. In another video from April 2023, Kingston, Ocean, and their younger sister, Rio PenaVega, show off their best karate moves for their dad. 

The kids also have ample on-camera experience as part of their family's YouTube series, "Lex & Los." "I was tired of other people telling our story," Carlos explained to the Salvation Army's "The War Cry" of starting the channel. "I wanted to have more control of the content that I was putting out." The couple's children play a prominent role, whether they're hanging around in their backyard during the quarantine days of the COVID-19 pandemic,  or eating Thanksgiving together on their family's boat in 2021. Alexa and Carlos' dedication to their children also led to their decision to leave Los Angeles for a family-focused life in Hawaii. 

Kingston was part of Hallmark's Picture Perfect Mysteries in utero

Technically, Kingston PenaVega, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega's second child, had on-set experience even before he was born. Alexa was pregnant with her younger son while she was acting in the Hallmark TV series, "Picture Perfect Mysteries." Both Alexa and Carlos starred in all three episodes of the limited-run series.  The show has a special place in Carlos' heart, since he and his wife acted together and worked behind-the-scenes to bring it to fruition. 

However, for "Picture Perfect Mysteries" director Ron Oliver, Alexa's pregnancy presented some creative challenges, since her character wasn't expecting a baby. Luckily, he was sanguine about the situation. "We had to use shopping bags and purses and big coats to hide that fact," Oliver reminisced on Instagram when Alexa announced her fourth pregnancy in 2023. "It was actually a lot of fun."

While Alexa and Carlos are giving their children a taste of the acting life, they also support any career they might choose. In the event that their kids decide film and TV work is compelling, Alexa is confident of their prospects. "I feel like they have a strong enough foundation where they can hold their own," she told Fox News. Looking back on her time as a child actor in "Spy Kids," Alexa has lots of fond memories of the experience.  Her children, however, are not as captivated by her performance in the movie and prefer to watch other films instead.