Trump Lawyer Alina Habba's 40th Birthday Celebration Is Totally Over The Top

Lawyer Alina Habba's famous client Donald Trump might be continuing to face legal problems, but Habba didn't let that stop her from celebrating her 40th birthday in style. Habba's friend Siggy Flicker, who you might know from Seasons 7 and 8 of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," where she had a big time feud with Margaret Josephs, shared plenty of photos from Habba's birthday celebrations at the luxurious Eden Rock in St. Barths. (If you're playing six degrees of separation with Habba and the royal family, that's the resort owned by the parents of Pippa Middleton's husband.)

On many of the posts from Habba's 40th birthday Caribbean celebration, Flicker wrote: "There are no words in the English vocabulary to describe our trip to St Barths and y'all don't understand HEBREW so just try to imagine the most unbelievable place on earth where love is the air 24/7 & everything is driven by incredible MUSIC & FOOD!!!" It looks like Habba and Flicker were there with their respective husbands along with three other couples, and from the pictures, it certainly looks like it was a good time.

Alina Habba and her friends looked like they had a fabulous time

Alina Habba's 40th birthday bash seemed to be all about fun in the sun with plenty of glamorous outfits, including matching beach hats for the women that said "Habba Nice Day" on them, via Instagram. Siggy Flicker also shared the view of a beautiful blue infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean as she said, "I don't want to leave." We don't blame her! It looks like they left the resort at least once during their trip — they were pictured at La Petite Plage across the island where the top shelf specialty cocktails go for upwards of $65.

It sounds like the getaway was also partly in honor of Donald Trump. Flicker wrote in the Instagram caption: "There is so much darkness right now in the world that has affected every single person no matter where you live that breaking away to celebrate a true patriot, a fighter of this country, a fighter for the constitution and a fighter for the greatest president in history of America..DJT was much needed & an AMAZING experience that will never be forgotten."

Habba has yet to post about the big St. Barths birthday bash on social media, though she has been busy. She was on Fox News on March 25 discussing the bond reduction in Trump's civil fraud case in New York.