Princess Anne And Timothy Laurence's Body Language Proves They Are Still Very Much In Love

Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence's love story is something you'd expect to see on TV. When they met in 1986, Laurence was Queen Elizabeth II's equerry and Anne was married to Captain Mark Phillips. Eventually, the pair fell in love and began writing letters to each other. In 1989, their letters were stolen and acquired by The Sun, which handed them over to the police instead of publishing them. However, the tabloid did fill the public in about the letters' existence and reported that the correspondence between Anne and Laurence was "too hot to handle" (via Us Weekly). Before the letters emerged, rumors were already swirling that both Anne and Phillips were having affairs, and they had some merit — in 1991 Phillips was confirmed to be the father of a child he had with Heather Tonkin in 1985, a year before Anne first met Laurence. After news about the letters broke, the two announced their divorce, which was made final in 1992. 

Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence couldn't get married in England because the church did not allow divorcées to remarry while their ex-spouse was still alive, so they opted to tie the knot during a small ceremony in Scotland instead, where the rules were different. After more than three decades together, Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence's marriage is still going strong, and while the two are notorious for never showing affection in public, body language experts say their love for each other is still clear as day.

Sir Timothy Laurence is happy to let Princess Anne take the lead

In video footage taken on Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence's wedding day, we see the newlyweds emerging from the Scottish Presbyterian church, Crathie Kirk, on December 12, 1992. Following the couple were Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips, the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II, and the rest of the royal family. Although Laurence was used to working under the royal fold as the queen's equerry, this video shows a pivotal moment for him as he enters into royal family life — and his body language shows.

"Sir Timothy is attentive and respectful of Princess Anne. He watches her, anticipates her moves, and adjusts his movements accordingly," Blanca Cobb, M.S. Psy., body language expert, and media personality told Women Lifestyle about the couple's body language as they left the church.

His hesitant demeanor and decision to take on a more submissive role, allowing Anne to take the lead, could have stemmed from his anxiety about embracing his daunting new life as a royal figure, as well as his desire to show respect for his new wife's children.

The pair value each other's independence

Even though Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence have been married for over 30 years, they've each managed to maintain their independence. Laurence, for instance, doesn't share Anne's love for horses but has continued to support her hobby over the years.

Body language expert and celebrity love advisor, Nicole Moore, picked up on this independence in more than one photograph of the couple, more specifically one of the princess and Laurence walking to an event together. The two left plenty of space between them as they walked while making conversation. Moore told Women Lifestyle that the notable space between Anne and Laurence could be an indication that they weren't in sync at this time, especially because both their feet were turned forward while they walked. "Sir Timothy isn't locking eyes with Princess Anne. Since Princess Anne and Sir Timothy have a habit of looking firmly in each other's eyes when they're talking, even when walking, it's possible that the couple is experiencing some emotional distance here," Moore noted.

While Anne and Timothy may have been going through something behind the scenes in this image, Moore also noted that the distance between them could've been an indication of something else entirety. "We see that, while the two care about each other and pay strong attention to each other, they also maintain an air of independence," Moore explained.

Sir Timothy Laurence respects Princess Anne's relationship with her ex-husband

Not much is known about how Sir Timothy Laurence feels about Princess Anne's relationship with her ex-husband, Captain Mark Phillips. He did, however, joke that Anne has a thing for military men in "Anne: The Princess Royal at 70." "It's quite amusing that she married first an army officer and then a naval officer. So there must be something about the military that attracts her," Laurence quipped.

Throughout the years, Laurence and Phillips have been spotted at Anne's side on many occasions. During one such encounter at the Festival of British Eventing in 2007, Anne could be seen laughing with Phillips, and it didn't take an expert to see that Laurence looked just a tad uncomfortable. "He's not quite comfortable as is evidenced by him fidgeting with [his sunglasses] in his hands," fraud-busting body language expert and author of "How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft," Traci Brown, CSP, told Women Lifestyle. "This is a subtle way to let off stress."

The couple still adore each other after years of marriage

Even after more than three decades of marriage, it's clear that Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence still adore each other as much as they did on the day they said their vows. This affection was evident in a snap that was taken of the couple while they were making their way to the 2014 Easter Service at Windsor Castle. 

Body language expert and celebrity love advisor, Nicole Moore, told Women Lifestyle that their "cheerful relationship" was on full display here, with Anne giving a genuine smile as she looked at her husband from underneath her umbrella. "It's clear from this picture that Princess Anne still adores her husband, and he adores her as well. The couple is locking eyes as they walk forward, indicating that their priority is each other," Moore articulated. 

The body language expert also noted that Laurence was looking at Anne with amusement in the image — she's known to be quite the jokester — and her husband mentioned this during an interview for "Anne: The Princess Royal at 70." "Similarities with her father are much talked about, what is less spoken about is the similarities with her mother, the queen ... the common theme is humor, fun," Laurence expressed (via YouTube). Moore added that this sense of fun and humor is evident in the photograph, saying, "It's clear from their body language that this couple finds intimacy through communication and they adore each other's minds."

The couple has an intellectual connection

There might be a valid reason why Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence are rarely seen sharing physical intimacy. Speaking to Women Lifestyle, body language expert and celebrity love advisor, Nicole Moore, explained that Anne and Laurence appear to share more than a physical connection. "The couple appears to share an intellectual intimacy more so than physical intimacy. It's possible that the intellectual realm is where the two connect the most," Moore said.

This connection was evident when the two attended the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Anne and Laurence could be seen sitting close together while having a conversation. This kind of intimacy is rare for these two, and Moore noted that their desire to be close during the event was clear. "Sir Timothy is leaning in slightly and looking directly in Princess Anne's eyes as she talks, indicating that he respects her deeply and really values what she has to say," Moore told Women Lifestyle. Moore also added that Laurence's expression indicated that he didn't necessarily agree with whatever his wife was saying, but the fact that he was still leaning in toward her showcased a deep respect. "The couple appears to be intellectual equals where respect for the other's ideas is paramount," Moore added.

Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence are comfortable with each other in public

Princess Anne has been caught breaking some royal rules over the years, but one she sticks to is refraining from public displays of affection when she and Sir Timothy Laurence are out and about. This can sometimes make the couple's relationship appear cold and strained, but body language experts say that this is definitely not the case behind the scenes. While we might not know much about Princess Anne's personal life, her body language in public speaks volumes. Speaking to Women Lifestyle, body language expert and celebrity love advisor Nicole Moore said that Anne and Laurence "have a quiet comfort with each other" even though they might not pack on the PDA in public.

In a picture taken of the couple at the Platinum Pageant in 2022, Anne and Laurence's easygoing relationship was on full display, and small changes in their body language gave away just how much they liked being there together. "Princess Anne's posture is incredibly relaxed for a public engagement as she's leaning back into the chair with her shoulders slightly slumped. Her left shoulder is leaning in toward Sir Timothy, indicating a desire to be close," Moore told us.

While Moore noted that there wasn't necessarily intimacy between the couple in this image, their body language spoke of "old familiar comfort" that allowed them to just be themselves in each other's company — even while they were attending a public engagement.

Sir Timothy Laurence is supportive of Princess Anne

In a photograph taken at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, Sir Timothy Laurence could be seen standing tall behind Princess Anne. Many reports discussing Laurence's visible support of his wife surfaced during this difficult time, with the Daily Mail calling him "Princess Anne's rock." Making an appearance in the documentary, "Anne: The Princess Royal at 70," Peter Phillips, Anne's son, spoke of how Laurence supported his mother in the aftermath of the queen's death. 

After analyzing the picture taken at the funeral, body language expert and celebrity love advisor, Nicole Moore, said that Laurence's body language supports Phillips' statement in the documentary. "Sir Timothy's body language in this picture demonstrates his steadfast support of Princess Anne. His jaw is tight and locked, his back is straight and firm, his entire body language is saying that he's a strong support for Princess Anne," Moore told Women Lifestyle.

Anne, on the other hand, appears to put on a brave face when she's going through a hard time. Moore noted that Anne's chin is lifted in the image, which indicates that she was trying to look strong, but her body language also betrayed an urge to protect herself. Moore said this urge was evident from the way she turned her right shoulder to the front. "She's likely happy to have the support of Sir Timothy, but she's also independent enough not to feel that she needs it," Moore explained.