Inside The Bond Between Hallmark Heartthrobs Tyler Hynes And Jonathan Bennett

Tyler Hynes is one of the Hallmark channel's biggest heartthrobs, but the actor also boasts some of the most wholesome behind-the-scenes connections. While Hynes has a familial tie with Andrew Walker, his other co-star, Paul Campbell, has talked about the incredible experience they had filming "Three Wise Men and a Baby" together

Likewise, Hynes also has an adorable bromance with Jonathan Bennett, who's most known on the channel for starring in Hallmark's first LGBTQ+ Christmas romcom. The two shared photos together on Instagram in February 2024, commemorating Bennett's Broadway debut in "Spamalot." Bennett's post shows Hynes giving him a charming kiss on the cheek, while the "My Christmas Family Tree" actor shared a video showcasing his experience from the show's audience. 

"Few things beat seeing your friend's dreams come true," Hynes captioned it, melting the hearts of fans everywhere. For his part, Bennett responded with a hopeful comment about his theatre career, writing, "This is only the beginning..." We're hoping the same can be said about the adorable bromance between these two heartthrobs.

Hynes and Bennett have fostered their Hallmark connection

As one of Hallmark's openly queer stars, Jonathan Bennett has been appreciative of the network's strives towards LGBTQ+ inclusivity, but that's not the only thing that "The Holiday Sitter" star loves about the channel. "Half of the actors on the network are my best friends," he told Metrosource, specifically mentioning former co-stars like Lacey Chabert. "I grew up in the industry with all these amazingly talented actors, and we are family." Given all the love and support they've shown one another, we're confident that Tyler Hynes is another Hallmark colleague who's become close to Bennett in his years with the network.

Though they haven't collaborated on a movie together, the two actors have had time to bond while frequenting the same events and conventions. For example, in June 2023, Hynes and Bennett visited the Hallmark headquarters alongside fellow network stars like Chabert, Paul Walker, and Nikki DeLoach. The actors toured the Kansas City facility and socialized with Hallmark employees. Bennett even hosted a series of games, with Hynes performing a signature dance with his former co-stars Andrew Walker and Paul Campbell. 

Besides this, both actors have frequented Hallmark-related conventions over the years, being photographed together at Christmas Con 2023. Bennett shared his photos with Hynes and Benjamin Aryes on Instagram, referencing the latter actor's charity organization in his caption. "Bromance University was in session," he wrote. "Love these boys, and so proud to call them my bros."

This isn't the first time Hynes has shouted out his buddy

Tyler Hynes' Instagram post celebrating Jonathan Bennett's Broadway debut wasn't the first time that the Toronto native celebrated his pal online. On October 3, 2023, the Hallmark heartthrob penned a heartwarming post in honor of his friend. The date in question references "Mean Girls," in which Bennett starred as Aaron Samuels, making it even more of an adorable tribute.

"This is a rare and beautiful man," Hynes wrote under the photo of him and his friend. "The breadth of his talents we've only seen the beginning of, and he already does it all. Luckily there's a day where we can tell him how much we appreciate him. Today. Oct's to you and what's ahead my good man." In response to this heartfelt message, Bennett had some kind words of his own. "You are the true legend, and inspire us every day," he commented on Hynes' post. "The world doesn't even know what we are capable of together brother."

Fans in the comments were eating up the dynamic between the two Hallmark stars, expressing their appreciation for both actors. "Love this combo so much!" one user wrote. Another chimed in, "This. Is. The. Best. October 3rd." However, we think Janel Parrish may have said it best with her simple comment: "Cuties 😍😍😍"