Brittany Mahomes' Most Wildly Expensive Outfits

If there's one thing we know about Brittany Mahomes (aside from the fact she's totally stunning without makeup, of course) it's that she knows how to put a glam outfit together. Whether she's headed out on a girls' night with her bestie Taylor Swift or supporting her man, Patrick Mahomes, at a Kansas City Chiefs game, her ensembles are always on point. And they usually include a designer label or two.

Brittany has rocked pretty much every big designer there is, which isn't too surprising for someone who admitted on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" in January 2024 that she revamped her wardrobe after falling in love with the outfits worn by the high-flying New York lawyers on "Suits." That designer love is something she's passing down to her kids, too. In a February 2023 Instagram story, Brittany revealed she'd bought her daughter, Sterling, a Chanel bag for her second birthday. It seemingly came with a hefty price tag, as it retails for $4,800. That means Brittany and her little girl will be able to match when it comes to expensive designer gear, as, in addition to a few inappropriate outfits, she has some very expensive ones in her wardrobe too.

Brittany Mahomes wore a $6,000 outfit to a basketball game

In March 2024, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes were courtside in Texas when the Dallas Mavericks took on the Denver Nuggets. Though the two appeared to be dressed pretty casually for the sporting event, the price tag of Brittany's attire in particular tells a very different story. She attended the game adorned in Prada head to toe. The ensemble included a $1,850 tank top, a $2,450 oversized denim jacket, and a pair of jeans, which perfectly matched her jacket, priced at $1,750. All together? That outfit came to $6,050. To put that into perspective, that's around $1,100 more than the average American made per month in the last quarter of 2023, according to USA Today.

But it wasn't just Brittany who was decked out in designer to watch some slam dunks. Patrick also chose a luxury label for his basketball game outfit, wearing a blue Louis Vuitton T-shirt priced at $1,120.

She customized a $898 coat

We know Brittany Mahomes is no stranger to showing her support for her football playing husband on her clothing. She proved that in no uncertain terms in January 2024 when she customized an already expensive coat to make it more wife-of-a-Kansas-City-Chiefs-star appropriate.

Brittany's black-and-white leather-look trench coat, which she wore to support the Kansas City Chiefs in their AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, was designed by Ronny Kobo and priced at $898. It's not clear if Mahomes ordered the customization when she purchased the coat, had it done by someone else after, or if she did it herself, but it was emblazoned with a red one and a red five (Patrick's number) on the lapels. Brittany also had their last name added down the side. With those extra details, we'd be surprised if that specific coat wasn't worth a lot more today than what she paid for it.

Accessories seriously jacked up the price of Brittany Mahomes' chic date night look

Brittany Mahomes proudly showed off a super chic denim and leather outfit for a date night with Patrick Mahomes on Instagram in March 2024 — complete with some costly accessories. Brittany wore what appeared to be Yves Saint Laurent's Opyum Booties in Glazed Leather, which retail direct from the fashion house for $1,890. But that wasn't the only budget breaking accessory she wore. Brittany's social media photos proudly displayed her Around Me PM bag from Louis Vuitton's Spring-Summer 2024 collection. The price of the bag? $4,450. But the clothing itself also wasn't cheap. She was rocking a denim bodysuit from Mugler, priced at around $1,664. Her friend Kristin Juszczyk was clearly a fan of the whole look, as she commented on Brittany's upload, "Smoke show" with three fire emojis.

In another case of a couple who wears designer brands together, stays together, Patrick's look was on the slightly pricier side too. Although, compared to his wife's ensemble, he actually kept things a little more budget-friendly. The footballer wore white and gray Dior B31 Runner Sneakers, which retail for $890.

Her outfit for her daughter's birthday was worth six figures

If you thought Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes' date night styles were expensive, wait until you hear how much the garb Brittany wore for a family birthday party costs. When the Mahomes family celebrated their daughter Sterling's third birthday in February 2024, Brittany certainly went all-out with her outfit. All-out to the tune of $126,000.

Brittany was decked out in expensive Louis Vuitton. She wore light jeans emblazoned with the designer brand's logo, priced at a hefty $2,900, as well as $1,280 trainers from the fashion house. She accessorized her Louis Vuitton pieces with a $6,100 designer bag from Chanel. But, really, it was her extremely expensive jewelry that jacked up the price of this look. It's thought the star was rocking around $100,000 on her wrists and neck, including a $52,000 Juste un Clou bracelet and multiple Cartier Love bracelets, including one priced at $27,300 and another at $29,200. But she wasn't done there. The expensive accessories continued with an Alhambra bracelet priced at $3,300, which she wore in addition to a Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra bracelet worth $6,100.

Brittany proudly showed off all the fun the Mahomes family had (and gave fans a peak at her fashion and jewelry) on Instagram. She shared several photos from the event on her Instagram story and grid, captioning one upload, "My everything" alongside a white heart.

Brittany Mahomes' Versace looks weren't cheap

Brittany Mahomes, in keeping with her lavish lifestyle, is no stranger to an expensive designer look on the red carpet. She proved that when she walked the red carpet at the ESPY Awards in 2023 looking every inch the star in a gown that likely cost a pretty penny.

Just like on her wedding day, Brittany called on Versace to get dressed up for the annual sports awards, where her husband took home the gong for Best NFL Player and Best Athlete, Men's Sports. Brittany looked oh-so-elegant in the almost floor-length black cutout dress, which came from the iconic fashion house's 2023 Cruise Collection. A very similar look from Versace's collaboration with Dua Lipa gives us an idea as to how much Brittany may have paid for the dress, as the Medusa Cutout gown, which is almost identical but with crossover straps, is priced at $8,063. Brittany accessorized with what appeared to be her pricey Cartier Love bracelets, plus that $52,000 Juste un Clou bracelet and a gold necklace we're guessing wasn't cheap either. One thing's for sure though. No matter what Brittany's wearing or where she's wearing it, she always looks gorgeous.