The Lavish Life Of Amy Robach

For many journalists, landing an anchor position on a show like "Good Morning America" is an unattainable dream; something to strive for, but that few ever achieve. Longtime news correspondent Amy Robach worked her way up through the ranks for years before getting a chance to host the popular breakfast series, ultimately remaining in the seat for over a decade before it all came crashing down in one of the biggest scandals ever to rock morning television. In 2022, fans were shocked to discover that Amy Robach and co-host T.J Holmes were in a romantic relationship, despite both being married to other people at the time. ABC promptly fired the pair and they disappeared from our screens. 

Although it meant a catastrophic loss of salary, Robach scored a bigger severance payout from "Good Morning America" than Holmes, which is how she can continue living in the lavish fashion she's become accustomed to over the years. After all, an anchor job on one of the biggest morning shows in the world isn't going to pay peanuts, and there's a certain lifestyle that comes with that. 

But what exactly does Robach's day-to-day look like pre- and post-TV stardom?  From going on romantic vacations to living in multi-million-dollar apartments, and even a turn on the runway, nothing is off limits to her.

Amy Robach gets courtside seats at Knicks games

If there's one thing we know about celebrity couples, it's that they love to sit courtside at basketball games. Courtside seats are the best in the house, and Amy Robach is no stranger to enjoying this luxury. In February 2024, Robach was pictured sitting alongside her partner, T.J. Holmes, watching the New York Knicks take on the Boston Celtics at home. The Knicks may have lost the game, but Robach looked like she was winning. Wearing a chic cream blazer and blue jeans, Robach cozied up to Holmes, who wore a leather jacket and a beaming smile. 

In 2022, The New York Post reported that courtside seats at Knicks games in Madison Square Garden could cost up to $3,000, thanks to a revamp of premium seating that included two additional rows. Most Americans wouldn't dream of spending that much cash on tickets unless it was a once-in-a-lifetime event, but Robach isn't exactly short on funds. Her date night caught the attention of the media, with multiple publications running stories on the couple's outing, from Us Weekly to People.

It's hardly surprising the pair garnered so much attention, as there have been countless photos of A-list couples sitting courtside over the years. Robach is in good company on this one, proving that you don't have to be one of the Kardashian sisters for people to take notice of you at a Knicks game. All you need is cold, hard cash!

She owns a lavish $4 million NYC apartment

If there's one thing we know about the rich and famous, it's that they love an expensive property. Amy Robach is no different. Before her divorce from Andrew Shue, Robach lived in a sprawling property in Manhattan with her ex-husband and their two daughters, Ava and Annalise. Robach shared plenty of snaps of the property to her former Instagram account over the years (per Hello), showing an impressive homestead featuring a large kitchen and pantry, as well as jet-black living room walls. 

When Robach left her relationship, she left the family home behind and moved on to a new chapter that included a stunning New York City apartment worth over $4 million, according to The Sun. It's thought that Robach moved into the Tribeca pad in late 2023, and it isn't just any old city dwelling. The apartment was previously two units but was adapted to become one giant space that stretches 1,900 square feet. It also includes a private patio and additional outdoor space, adding even more value and making it extremely desirable.

Besides the sheer scope of Robach's home, the apartment also features high-end appliances, custom woodwork, and the key to every fashion lover's heart, a walk-in closet. The Sun reports that Robach isn't the owner, but regardless, it's a slice of luxury real estate that most of us can only dream about.

Amy Robach has walked the runway as a model

During her stint as a prominent TV journalist, Amy Robach got to take part in numerous activities she likely wouldn't have had access to otherwise. Modeling is usually a pretty tough gig to get (just ask the original supermodels), but in 2019 she got a chance to walk the runway at the 15th Annual Red Dress Collection fashion show in New York City. The charity event supports the American Heart Association, to raise awareness and funds to support women suffering from cardiovascular issues. 

Robach was among other female celebrities to appear in red dresses at the event, including Bo Derek, Padma Lakshmi, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Dorit Kemsley, and Rosanna Arquette. While all of the icons walking the runway looked fabulous, Robach looked particularly flawless and stunning in a beautiful figure-hugging Alexia Maria red halterneck number with matching red heels. The low-cut neckline made her look like a bonafide supermodel who had been doing this for decades.

Robach's runway walk may not have sparked a career switch, but it's the kind of experience one doesn't forget. Getting all glammed up and lending your star power to help fund good causes is a great way to spend an evening — without spending a penny yourself! 

She goes on expensive vacations with her partner, T.J. Holmes

We all deserve a little fun in the sun every once in a while, and it's certainly not something Amy Robach is going to deny herself. For years, Robach has been giving fans a glimpse of her expensive trips, both at home and abroad. In 2019, she shared snaps of herself and her daughters enjoying a trip around Europe that included a perilous hike up Gran Paradiso, according to Hello

Robach's relationship with T.J. Holmes may have been one of the biggest scandals to rock "Good Morning America," but that hasn't stopped the former news anchor from sharing photos of her beau on social media. In 2024, she shared snaps on Instagram of a birthday trip to New Orleans she took with T.J. Holmes — and it's not their first trip abroad together. In December 2023, they were spotted enjoying the sunkissed shores of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. At the time, Robach shared snaps of the jaw-dropping vacation on her Instagram stories (via Hello). 

The pair were all smiles as they posed together holding drinks, looking like they were having the time of their lives. Robach may be in her 50s, but she looks happier and healthier than ever — perhaps due in part to her penchant for taking a break when she needs one!

Amy Robach rocks pricey jewelry

There are some things that go hand-in-hand with the world of celebrity. The world's elite loves to splash out on fancy cars, high-value property, and, of course, gorgeous jewelry. While Amy Robach has enough cash in the bank to buy her own precious gems, she doesn't have to. She often rocks her most prized piece of jewelry. While it might look like a simple ring on a chain to the casual observer, Robach's frequent accessory was actually a gift from her partner, T.J. Holmes. 

Holmes reportedly found the $650 "promise ring" while shopping in luxury stores, and presented it to his lover to celebrate her 50th birthday, according to Daily Mail. Robach has been seen proudly sporting the ring on a $350 chain from Tiffany, perhaps because wearing it on her ring finger would cause plenty of unwanted speculation about engagements. This sweet little gesture happened in early 2023, around the same time Robach and Holmes received their hefty compensation packages from ABC following their "Good Morning America" exits. 

Since they both got a decent payout, Holmes likely didn't think twice about spending a pretty penny on a birthday gift for his girlfriend, especially considering the media storm their relationship had unleashed and all the anxiety that came with it. 

Her podcast with T.J. Holmes netted her a big bonus

It's no secret that Amy Robach faced major consequences over her affair with T.J. Holmes. As we've previously mentioned, both Robach and Holmes lost their jobs because of their relationship, and while they may have gotten a payoff for their trouble, it still left them without lucrative high-salary jobs. Thankfully for Robach, when one door closes, another door opens, and she was able to reinvent herself as a podcast host. 

Alongside Holmes, Robach surprised fans with news of their joint podcast in late 2023, titled simply "Amy & T.J." The iHeart production launched December 5, with the couple cheekily posting a picture of themselves hugging on Instagram alongside the caption, "How's this for Instagram official? #silentnomore." 

Aside from the money the couple makes from the podcast, they reportedly got $50,000 a piece as a sign-on bonus from iHeart, according to The Sun. While it may not be as big a sum as some other celebrities netted for podcasts, that's a hefty amount for your typical American, who takes home an average of $59,384, as reported by Forbes

Amy Robach goes to fancy fundraisers

Public figures love to get involved with charities ... or even found them: see Elton John's AIDS Foundation or Kate Middleton's inspiring charity work. When celebrities support causes close to their hearts, it can be beneficial for everyone involved. As a breast cancer survivor, Amy Robach is a strong advocate for cancer research. Diagnosed at age 40, she was able to overcome her illness, but it wasn't an easy road. Robach had a double mastectomy and eight rounds of chemotherapy before getting the all-clear.

In late 2022, Robach appeared at a fancy luncheon for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, taking to the stage to speak. The foundation seems to hold Robach in high esteem, even naming an award after her – The Amy Robach Donor Recognition Award. It's not the only swanky charity event Robach has been on the guest list for either. In 2015, the reporter was honored with the Ambassador of Hope award at a gala hosted by the Advocates Board of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, according to the University of Nebraska News Center

While it's all for a good cause, tickets for these fundraising events aren't cheap, often going for a few thousand dollars per table. Considering Robach's position, though, it's a possibility that she got in free of charge. 

She attends Broadway shows often

Being able to afford tickets to a Broadway musical isn't in everyone's budget, especially these days. Depending on what seats you buy, tickets can cost upwards of $100. For Amy Robach, though, that's small change. Back in the summer of 2022, she posted a photo of herself to Instagram standing next to the "Dear Evan Hansen" sign at a theater, alongside the caption, "Too good not to see again! #wavingthroughawindow."

The star wore a sleeveless floral playsuit for the occasion with a cross-body brown purse and sandals. Seeing a show multiple times seems to be one of Robach's favorite things to do, as just two months after her "Dear Evan Hansen" trip, she shared another round of photos, this time dressed in formal wear as she rushed to catch the final Broadway run of "Phantom of the Opera." Robach wore a camel-colored coat and a blue dress, accessorised with gold hoops. 

"NYC cab to see one of the classic Broadway shows once again before it's finally curtains!" read the caption, implying that Robach has seen the musical previously. Theater trips like this are seemingly commonplace for Robach, and exorbinate ticket prices aren't even given a second thought — it's all about the experience! 

She still gets invited to big events

Many public figures who go through big scandals might be inclined to let fame take a backseat for a while, before later making a triumphant return. But even though she was fired from "Good Morning America," Amy Robach isn't about to shy away from the limelight. Robach's retreat didn't last long, and despite the controversy surrounding her relationship with T.J. Holmes, she still gets invited to big events that require her to pose on the red carpet. In December 2023, Robach was all smiles as she attended the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball with Holmes, wearing a short black off-the-shoulder mini dress with gold hoop earrings. 

The pair packed on the PDA for cameras, hugging each other and even exchanging a little kiss. For his part, Homes wore a sleek black suit, matching his girlfriend. According to Hello, this was the couple's first public appearance together since they broke the news of their shared podcast. 

And if you thought Robach was just getting invited to professional events following her "Good Morning America" exit, think again. In the same month as their iHeart outing, both Robach and Holmes were spotted attending the wedding of "Today" show producer Jen Long, proving that while she may not be on our screens anymore, her connections to those in the industry are still strong.

Amy Robach goes on fancy dates with T.J. Holmes

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' relationship might not last, but that doesn't mean they can't let the good times roll. While many fans don't think they're in it for the long haul, the couple looks like they're trying to make the most of every second together — and that includes going on dates that make the rest of us turn green with envy. 

In November 2023, one year after their relationship came to light, the Daily Mail obtained exclusive pics of Robach and Holmes enjoying a lunch date together in Manhattan. Throughout their relationship, they've also been spotted at sweet romantic lunches, basketball games, lavish vacations, and more. Forget a 2-for-1 deal at the movie theater, when it comes to spending time with her man, Robach doesn't seem to mind spending the money. 

Squeezing in time for a date might be a little tricky, but Robach seems to make sure that she's always making room for Holmes. Considering how tumultuous things were at the start, it's only natural she would want their future to be smooth sailing, no matter the cost!