Everything We Know About Patrick Mahomes And Travis Kelce's Steakhouse Restaurant

NFL players who score together open a restaurant together! Is that how the saying goes? Well, either way, it's exactly what Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are doing. Both players with the Kansas City Chiefs, Mahomes as a quarterback and Kelce as the NFL tight end, the two men are known for their on- and off-the-pitch bromance. During matches, Mahomes and Kelce are shining stars, stealing the spotlight nearly every time and setting a record or two along the way too. Off the field, they're often spotted together with or without their better halves, Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift, who are also BFFs!

While the pair live their best lives, they've decided to tackle another industry together — the restaurant business. Mahomes and Kelce are set to open a steakhouse restaurant in Kansas City, where they both live, called 1587 Prime. If you're a football enthusiast, you likely noticed how the title cleverly incorporates their jersey numbers, 15 for Mahomes and 87 for Kelce (you might've also known the latter if you're a Swiftie, though). 

While the significance of the word "prime" remains ambiguous, it might be a hint at the two athletes' prime era, which they're evidently in. The "modern American steakhouse," as the restaurant's Instagram page describes it, is slated to open its doors to the eager public sometime in early 2025. Until then, here's everything we know about Mahomes and Kelce's exciting new business endeavor.

Kelce and Mahomes were inspired by their partner company

While Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce's new restaurant doesn't have an official website at the time of writing, it has already generated substantial online buzz. The entrepreneurial footballers joined forces with Noble 33, a hospitality group managing various acclaimed restaurants, including Toca Madera in Las Vegas and Casa Madera in West Hollywood, for their new venture. "Travis and I have become frequent visitors of Noble 33 restaurants in other cities," Mahomes confirmed in a statement, "So it only made sense to bring something special to our own community in Kansas City" (via The Kansas City Star).

Tosh Berman, restauranter and co-founder of Noble 33, publicly commended the pro athletes' participation in the project, confirming, "Conceptually, Patrick [and] Travis' involvement and input has been instrumental." He also shared that while Noble 33 was overseeing "the development of the design, experience, menu, and operation," Mahomes and Kelce already knew which pivotal elements they wanted to incorporate into the design of 1587 Prime, inspired by other Noble 33 venues.

Notably, the upscale restaurant is set to be located within the Loews Hotel in downtown Kansas City, spanning two floors totaling a whopping 10,000 square feet. In addition to its attractive location, 1587 Prime is already garnering major attention for some of its rumored innovative features.

1587 Prime aims to have the state's biggest wine collection

According to Tosh Berman, the anticipated 1587 Prime is set to have a meaty central point — quite literally. The co-founder of Noble 33 divulged that Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes' restaurant-to-be will showcase specialty cuts from its meat program, set out for guests to feast their eyes on before they literally feast on them. Not stopping there, 1587 Prime also aims to boast one of the largest wine collections in Missouri, a title currently held by St. James Winery. The establishment will offer a menu specially curated for 1587 Prime, alongside Noble 33 specialty dishes. 

Despite the restaurant already being described as upscale, Mahomes assured future diners not to fret about steep prices. "[In] all honesty, though, we thought about [the financial aspect], and we don't want to make it too upscale, too high-priced that not everybody can go," the NFL star clarified during a press conference, per Fox 4 Kansas City. Interestingly, Berman hinted at potential expansion if 1587 Prime garners popularity, proving it's already a culinary touchdown.

At the press conference, Mahomes shared his love for the high-profile project, enthusing, "Me and Travis have been working on that for a while. We're always together. We're always at these restaurants, and we have a love for bringing people together." It's quite clear how Mahomes feels about Kelce and their joint business endeavor, leaving us eager to experience 1587 Prime in person.