Times Malia And Sasha Obama Went Makeup-Free And Still Looked Flawless

Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama's daughters are absolutely stunning — there's no denying that. Malia Obama and Sasha Obama transformed from young girls into beautiful women right before our eyes during their dad's two terms in the White House from 2009 until 2017, though the two have opted to live quieter, more private lives in the wake of their family's departure from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But on the rare occasions where we have seen Malia or Sasha out and about since 2017, they've proven they're not exactly afraid to show off their natural beauty. In fact, when Malia made her red carpet debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2024, she showed us that she's clearly a big fan of the natural look. The former first daughter wore minimal makeup while posing in front of a step and repeat, and it turns out that keeping the cosmetics to a minimum sometimes is something both she and her sister have in common.

Malia Obama isn't afraid to step out with makeup

Clearly, Malia Obama isn't afraid to rock a bare face. And with skin as flawless as hers, we don't blame her! In January 2022, paparazzi snapped shots of the former first daughter out with a friend in Los Angeles as she kept things super casual. Malia didn't appear to be wearing even a stitch of makeup as she chatted it up with a male friend, proving she definitely doesn't need makeup to look totally gorgeous. Malia wore her hair long in braids with a couple of strands down to frame her face for her casual trip out. She also proved that she can wear even the most casual of outfits and still look super stylish. Malia donned sporty sneakers, cream pants, and a gray hoodie, totally the queen of casual.

Malia then proved once again that she can pull off a relaxed, understated look when the Daily Mail shared another set of candid photos featuring Malia sans makeup while out in Los Angeles. The October 2023 snaps showed Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's eldest daughter styled with some stunning red hair as she seemingly walked around the city solo.

Malia Obama has been spotted out in L.A. multiple times

Clearly stepping out with a more au naturel look is a pretty common occurrence for Malia Obama, as she's been spotted in Los Angeles looking cute and casual quite a few times. Also in October 2023, The Hollywood Fix caught up with the former first daughter while she chatted with a female friend in what appeared to be a parking lot. Before Malia made the switch to red locks, she had her signature brown hair in braids, wearing it super long so it stretched all the way down her back. Malia didn't seem too bothered about the paparazzi presence either, as she openly spoke to her pal while smoking a cigarette.

Clearly, Malia is totally comfortable in her own skin (and rightly so). Her dad, Barack Obama, admitted while chatting with ballerina Misty Copeland in an interview for Time (via Hello!) that Malia had been discussing the pressures many women, and particularly African American women, feel to look a certain way since she was a teenager. "Malia'll talk about black girls' hair and will have much opinions of that," Obama shared in the since deleted 2016 interview. "And she's pretty opinionated about the fact that it costs a lot, it takes a long time, that sometimes girls can be just as tough on each other about how they're supposed to look," he shared.

Sasha and Malia Obama have ditched the makeup together

Malia Obama isn't the only member of the Obama family who's fine leaving the house without getting made up first, though. Clearly, flawless skin and innate beauty runs in the Obama family (Michelle Obama's makeup-free photos prove that), because Sasha Obama seems just as confident and gorgeous stepping out without cosmetics as her sister. Though Daily Mail's snaps from Sasha's 2023 University of Southern California graduation prove she is a fan of some flawless makeup for the right occasion, clearly, she also knows how to look great without it.

Both sisters proved that in spades when they stepped out together in 2017 during a family vacation to Indonesia. When the Obama clan was photographed on the island of Bali, the two went a little more incognito. They both wore baseball caps and Sasha shielded her eyes from the sun in aviator sunglasses, but even that wasn't enough to hide her obvious natural good looks.

Sasha Obama is just as gorgeous as her sister without makeup

Casual outings aren't the only occasions Sasha Obama and Malia Obama have stepped out together without makeup, though. These two have proven that they're just as comfortable getting social with friends without being made up. The twosome made that very clear when they attended a Fourth of July party together in 2022, where both totally wowed while bare-faced. In a snap from the Los Angeles event shared on Instagram by comedian Kevin Tate, Sasha and Malia both appeared to be makeup free as they smiled while standing in between him and Sasha's boyfriend, Clifton Powell Jr. The Obama girls looked absolutely stunning as they posed in stylish string bikinis. Malia opted for a super colorful bandeau top and plenty of necklaces, while Sasha paired her triangle two-piece with long denim shorts. 

Around a year after that, Malia made it clear once again that she's totally a natural beauty. Daily Mail shared photos of her heading to a spa bare-faced in September 2023, when she was photographed puffing on a cigarette in her car. These makeup-free photos prove these two are all grown up and absolutely gorgeous.