Erin Cahill's Viral Selfie With Hallmark's Leading Ladies Has A Sweet Story Behind It

The sweet story behind a selfie of Hallmark icons proves that the people involved in the movies are just as lovely as the movies themselves. The selfie included stars such as Erin Cahill, Nikki DeLoach, Lacey Chabert, and Brooke D'Orsay, along with a couple of other smiling faces. A few weeks after the iconic snap was shared on Instagram by CahillDeLoach, and Chabert, Cahill spoke about it in an interview with Just Jared

The "A Taste of Love" actor said, "I have sang it out from the rooftops in every interview that Hallmark is a family." Cahill and the others in the photo met for a girls night out, but Cahill had been having a hard time. That day in particular hadn't been easy, and her friends helped lift the burden.

True fans of Hallmark star Cahill know that she works with a variety of charities and helped found her own. Cahill is also selfless in her personal life, telling Just Jared she was a caretaker for a member of her family. The day of the meetup with her Hallmark-world friends, Cahill was "dealing with some family health issues" and it had been difficult. She told her friends she was having "a rough day" but tried to move past it. However, DeLoach — whose life has been touched by tragedies — didn't ignore that.

DeLoach encouraged Cahill to open up about what was bothering her

"Nikki [DeLoach] went, 'No, no. We're here to be here for each other,'" Erin Cahill said in her Just Jared interview. "I just started crying, and then Brooke [D'Orsay] started crying and then Lacey [Chabert] started crying. Nikki, I think already was crying before she even asked me the question. So it was like, it was this like, such a connected, beautiful ... we're such a family. We are such a family." Cahill also said their group and others at Hallmark support and uplift each other.

When Cahill posted the selfie from that night on Instagram, she celebrated her female friendships and captioned it, "These women. I love them SO. They are the living embodiment of kindness, authenticity, & passion." She also hashtagged it "#wcw," which stands for "Woman Crush Wednesday" and is used to share love for an important woman (or women) in your life.

Fans of Hallmark loved the picture. The comments on Cahill's post included overwhelmingly positive feedback. One person wrote, "You guys are amazing." Another shared three heart emojis, and another said, "What a wonderful picture with the greatest women [heart emoji]."

'Love' is why Cahill enjoys working with Hallmark

The feel-good vibes of Hallmark seem prevalent in the friendships of Hallmark stars, because the other Hallmark icons featured in the selfie shared kind words for each other on social media too. The caption of Nikki DeLoach's post expressed immense gratitude for her friends: "Can never get enough of these women. So grateful for them. We work together and play together and it's just the absolute best. [heart emoji]." Erin Cahill commented, "You are the BEST of the best, you goddess! I love you SO MUCH!! [two heart emojis]." Lacey Chabert commented, "Love you all!"

In addition to expressing her love for her Hallmark friends and collaborators, Cahill has also shared what she loves about Hallmark projects in general. Prior to the release of Cahill's flick "Hearts in the Game," she was interviewed by Fangirlish and described what speaks to her about the network's projects: "What draws me to these stories, what I'm so grateful for is the heart. It's love." She mentioned the "Where love lives" slogan and continued, "Now especially with Hallmark being so inclusive and diverse and all my friends are being represented, it's just the best place on the planet to be telling stories right now I think. I love the heart."