Donald Trump's Former Lawyers Have Made Their Feelings About Alina Habba Crystal Clear

One thing the majority of people on Donald Trump's team — both past and present — have in common is that they're pretty outspoken, no matter if their opinion is good or bad. Unfortunately for Alina Habba, who took on the undeniably tough task of defending Trump against an ever-increasing list of legal issues since joining his legal team in 2021, she found that out the hard way.  While Habba has seen some support from Trump and his followers, including getting plenty of praise from her close friend, former "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Siggy Flicker, Habba has also faced the wrath of members of Trump's former inner circle. 

Trump's former lawyers Ty Cobb and Tim Parlatore have made no secret of the fact that they aren't Habba's biggest fans, as they've told the world they were left very unimpressed by the way she's defended the reality star turned former president. After Donald Trump was ordered to pay $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll in the defamation case she brought against him, Ty Cobb didn't hold back when asked what he thought about Alina Habba. "I think she's handled it in the mafia way," Cobb said during a blunt CNN interview in February 2024.

Donald Trump's ex-lawyers blasted Alina Habba's work in the courtroom

In the CNN interview, former Donald Trump attorney Ty Cobb continued to blast Alina Habba's handling of E. Jean Carroll's defamation case against the former president. "She's articulated his political narrative of victimization and unfairness in the judicial system, and made some outlandish claims ... and she lost," he said. Cobb then appeared to get even more personal with Trump's current lawyer, adding of Habba, "She's a loser."

Another of Trump's ex-lawyers, Tim Parlatore, didn't have any kinder words for Habba when he was asked about the case. "Certainly, from my perspective, I would regret having her represent him," Parlatore confessed when asked what he thought of the lawyer, also speaking to CNN shortly after the ruling. He then went on to claim that he thought Habba's work was so poor that Trump basically entered the trial without representation. "[Trump] was essentially undefended and I think that it could've turned out differently," he said.

E. Jean Carroll's lawyers also slammed Alina Habba

Donald Trump's ex-lawyers weren't the only ones who called out Alina Habba over her handling of the case. Lawyers on the opposite side of the E. Jean Carroll trial also spoke out about Habba's work, and they weren't impressed either. Shawn Crowley, who served on Carroll's legal team, called out Habba on "The Rachel Maddow Show" in January 2024. In the interview, she claimed she felt Habba behaved more like a lawyer outside the courtroom than in it and stated that Trump seemed to be getting annoyed with Habba during the trial. "I think [Habba] felt like she had to say things to the judge and to us and sort of put on a performance," Crowley shared, noting, "I think that she had a hard job."

It seems like Habba plans to continue to represent Trump despite the negative attention she's received as part of his legal team. After a judge ordered Trump to pay penalties of almost $355 million in his New York fraud case in February 2024, Habba vowed to fight the ruling during an appearance on "Hannity" that month. "They will not get away with it. We will come at them, we will come hard, and we will literally fight until the truth comes out," she said. Despite the judge ruling otherwise, Habba then went on to claim: "There was nothing wrong. President Trump has done nothing wrong."