How Harry & Meghan Reportedly Learned Of Kate's Diagnosis Gives Their Cold Response New Meaning

Following Kate Middleton's shocking announcement on March 22, 2024, that she's been diagnosed with cancer, it seems like the whole world has been sending her well-wishes. The avalanche of love and supportive messages even included a somewhat unexpected message from her estranged brother-in-law Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Harry and Meghan issued a public statement after the news broke, which some royal watchers actually found to be pretty ironic. "We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace," the short message, which was issued on behalf of the couple via their spokesperson, read.

However, the couple's statement didn't appear to be quite as touching or personal as the one issued by Kate's father-in-law, King Charles, who has also been diagnosed with cancer, and now we may know why. That's because, according to The Times, Prince Harry and Meghan weren't actually told about Kate's diagnosis before she confirmed the news in her touching social media video and didn't know anything about her serious health issues.

Harry and Meghan supposedly found out about Kate Middleton's cancer along with the world

Not only were Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, reportedly not told by Catherine, Princess of Wales, and William, Prince of Wales, directly about Kate's cancer diagnosis, but no one else associated with the royal family gave them a heads-up either. The Times claimed that the two apparently found out about Kate's tragic health issues with the rest of the world after she posted her incredibly personal video across her and Prince William's social media accounts. However, when asked if the claims they were shunned by the royal family were true, a representative for Kensington Palace, which represents the Prince and Princess of Wales, responded, "We do not comment on private conversations."

Despite reports claiming Harry and Meghan weren't made privy to Kate's cancer diagnosis before the public, it's thought the two did reach out to Kate in addition to their public message. Page Six reported that the now former working royals had also sent a private message to Harry's sister-in-law, though exactly what they said and if they received a response amid the royals' tough family feud hasn't been made public.

Kate Middleton may have kept Harry and Meghan out of the loop due to a lack of trust

Reports suggesting that William and Kate purposely kept Harry and Meghan in the dark about Kate's cancer diagnosis before the rest of the world have had royal fans asking why that may have been the case. One royal expert thinks he knows why. Richard Fitzwilliams spoke to The Sun about the apparent move, claiming it could have come down to a lack of trust in addition to the nasty feud that's ripped through the royal family in recent years. "It's obvious. There's a deep rift between the brothers, that we know. We also know that they haven't, apparently, spoken in many months. The reason of course is that for some four years, [Harry and Meghan] caused endless problems for the royal family and so they can't be trusted," Fitzwilliams claimed. "Prince William hasn't trusted Harry and Meghan with good reason," he added.

A royal source shared a similar story with People, also claiming that Harry and Meghan hadn't even been informed regarding how Kate's abdominal surgery had gone before it was discovered that cancer had been present. "[Harry and Meghan] are aware of everything that goes on back in England, but are being left out of any details regarding Kate. There is clearly no trust," the source shared.