7 Signs Ivanka Trump Is Done With Politics For Good

Politics has a history of nepotism, and it's certainly alive and well in the United States. Families like the Kennedys and the Bushes have established legacies of political involvement, and for a few years in the 2010s, it seemed like the Trumps might have one, too. When Donald Trump was elected president, he asked his daughter Ivanka Trump to join his administration. Ivanka served as a senior advisor to the president for Donald's entire tenure, working on policies regarding women, particularly women in the workforce, and children.

Whether Ivanka planned to take her political involvement beyond her father's administration was unknown at the time, but any ideas of the sort were quashed in 2021 when the Trump presidency officially ended and Ivanka left politics forever with it. Now, the former advisor is out of Washington, D.C., and heavily involved in other ventures, with no indication that she'll ever reenter the political arena. Here are seven signs that Ivanka Trump is done with politics for good.

Ivanka made a public announcement about her future involvement with her dad's campaign

In 2022, after Donald Trump formally announced that he was running for president again, the public naturally wondered whether Ivanka Trump would be involved in his bid given her work on his 2020 campaign and the position she held in the White House during his administration. Ivanka set the record straight very early on, telling Fox News, "I love my father very much. This time around, I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family," adding, "I do not plan to be involved in politics."

It's common for public figures to make statements regarding their futures and later recant them, but the former first daughter seems to be firm in her decision. Although Ivanka has no intention of returning to politics, she likewise has no regrets about the time she spent as an advisor to the president. "I am grateful to have had the honor of serving the American people and will always be proud of many of our administration's accomplishments," she said. Regardless, a political expert told us Ivanka's social media could still impact Donald's campaign (and not how you'd expect).

She's been traveling around the world while her dad's been on the campaign trail

With the 2024 campaign season well underway, former president and current presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been traveling the country rallying his supporters and also attempting to find new ones along the way. Days before the Iowa caucuses, which serve as the official kickstart to primary season, Donald visited multiple cities in the state. And in mid-March, he was in Ohio. Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump, who has had plenty of controversial moments much like her father, has been traveling around the country too, just not to the same locations. 

In January, the former first daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner, were in California attending an event with Kim Kardashian. Later that month, Ivanka made an appearance in her former home state of New York. The working mom has left the country, too. She and Kushner traveled to India to celebrate the pre-wedding events for Anant Ambani, the son of billionaire Mukesh Ambani. "Sending warm wishes to Anant and Radhika for endless happiness and love as they embark on this wonderful adventure together," Ivanka wrote on Instagram at the time.

Ivanka has been actively working in private business

Business has been a cornerstone of the Trump family for years. Long before Donald Trump entered the political arena, he was famous for his business dealings, particularly in New York real estate. Once his children were old enough, they joined Donald in his efforts, continuing the family's legacy. Ivanka Trump spent over a decade working for her father's company, but she eventually stepped down from her position to serve him in the White House instead. The former first daughter has also had business ventures outside her immediate family, including owning an eponymous fashion brand. 

However, during Ivanka's time in politics, she closed it. Now, with a few years of separation between her and her time in Washington, D.C., the heiress is free to get involved in several other private business ventures, completely independent of her father and brothers. "She is doing some private sector investments," a source informed Page Six concerning Ivanka's current employment status. "[She is] focused on things she believes in and cares about." Business and politics famously don't mix, and if she's found success in her new avenues, it's more reason to believe that Ivanka won't be returning to politics.

Jared Kushner won't be joining Donald Trump at the White House again

Ivanka Trump's husband, Jared Kushner, also played a key role in Donald Trump's administration. He served as a senior advisor to the president for Donald's entire presidency, even notably assisting him with negotiating the Abraham Accords. However, he similarly does not intend to join Donald in the White House again if he's indeed re-elected in 2024. "I've been very clear that my desire at this phase of my life is to focus on my firm. I've really enjoyed the opportunity as a family to be out of the spotlight," Kushner said in a live-streamed interview with Axios (via NBC News).

Like his wife, he has been actively working in the private sector since exiting the political sphere. The businessman founded the investment firm Affinity Partners, and as he stated to Axios, the company is Kushner's primary focus going forward. Affinity has made headlines since its inception thanks to investing in luxury real estate in Europe and the Middle East and securing billions in funding from Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Critics have often wondered how Ivanka and Kushner really make their money, but it seems like they're doing just fine. 

Ivanka skipped her father's campaign announcement event

Ivanka Trump stood out from the rest of her family with her strong response to Kate Middleton's cancer news but when it came to her father's 2024 campaign announcement, she was noticeably silent. On November 15, 2022, Donald Trump confirmed that he would be running for president for a third time. The controversial politician made the announcement in Florida, but Ivanka was nowhere to be seen. Despite her involvement in Donald's previous campaigns and his presidential administration, the former first daughter did not attend and her exact whereabouts during the event are unknown. 

That same day, Ivanka shared her aforementioned statements regarding her intentions to stay out of politics. The father-daughter duo were together the previous weekend. On November 11, 2022, Tiffany Trump, Donald's youngest daughter and Ivanka's sister, got married at Mar-a-Lago, and both were involved in the wedding. "I wish Tiffany and Michael an abundance of happiness and joy as they begin their lives together as husband and wife! May their love be a source of light in this world!" Ivanka enthused on Instagram. Just days later, Ivanka, her husband, and their children took a family trip to Egypt.

She hasn't attended any Trump campaign rallies

One major hallmark of Donald Trump's presidential campaign is his MAGA rallies. No matter what else is happening in his life, Donald holds his rallies, and they're reportedly attended by thousands of supporters. However, the controversial politician's daughter, Ivanka Trump, hasn't been among them lately. Since her father announced his 2024 candidacy, she has made plenty of public appearances, like at the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and Kim Kardashian's birthday party in 2023, but Ivanka has yet to attend one of his campaign rallies.

There doesn't seem to be any bad blood between Donald and Ivanka, though. As he clarified on Truth Social, in December 2022, "Contrary to Fake News reporting, I never asked Jared or Ivanka to be part of the 2024 Campaign for President, and, in fact, specifically asked them not to do it — too mean and nasty with the Fake & Corrupt News and having to deal with some absolutely horrendous SleazeBags in the world of politics, and beyond."

Ivanka moved from Washington, D.C. to Miami

During the White House years, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner lived in the nation's capital. But once Donald Trump's presidency ended, the family moved from Washington, D.C. to Miami, initially renting a multi-million dollar condominium. Just a couple of years later, they relocated again from their luxe condo to a $24 million mansion after completing construction on the property. The Kushners' initial move from Washington, D.C. signified the closing chapter of their time in politics, and the completion of their new home cemented it.

According to those close to her, Ivanka is much more content living in Miami and focusing on her family and business ventures. "She is very happy, living her best life," a source confirmed with People in March 2024. They noted, "She left politics totally in the rearview mirror and so this time around, even if her dad is the leading Republican candidate, she basically doesn't care. She told him when he said he was going to run again that she didn't want to be involved." Evidently, regardless of what happens in the future, Ivanka's decision is final.