Kate Middleton Reportedly Spends Major Amounts Of Money To Maintain Her Looks

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to look like Catherine, Princess of Wales? As one of the most watched women in the world, a fact that has undeniably been confirmed with the concern surrounding Middleton's continued absence from the public eye, due to her cancer diagnosis in early 2024,  the beloved royal reportedly spends major amounts of money to maintain her looks. With the media dissecting her every public appearance, including her beauty and fashion choices, Middleton has a reputation to uphold, a task that comes with a massive price tag. 

According to a Vogue Australia analysis from 2012, Middleton spent around $160,000 over 12 months to sustain her flawless appearance. This hefty budget includes a whole spectrum of hair and skincare treatments, alongside regular manicures and pedicures. Like most individuals, the Princess of Wales has her favorite skincare and makeup essentials she regularly buys, which are all factored into the aforementioned amount. Additionally, her wardrobe purchases and other sundry expenses, such as biweekly fake tanning sessions, contribute to the estimated six-figure total.

The biggest portion is reserved for her stunning wardrobe

As one would expect from a royal such as Catherine, Princess of Wales, she doesn't manage her looks at home, instead relying on professionals. According to Vogue Australia, Kate Middleton reportedly spent around $3,100 in 2012 to get her hair colored every six weeks, along with $2,500 for regular cuts at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa. She also invested an extra $13,500 for keratin treatments and regular blowouts (three per week, FYI). The outlet's estimates suggest that the princess spends roughly $2,200 per year on cosmetics, including skincare and makeup products. Notably, she's also said to indulge in the luxurious Bee Venom facials every two weeks, done at the London-based Heaven, which sets her back around $6,500 annually.

Regarding her wardrobe, Middleton reportedly invested about $110,000 in new pieces in 2012 alone. Notably, the princess is known for embracing vintage fashion and occasionally re-wearing pieces, which may explain why her clothing budget isn't higher. Although they included Middleton's annual gym membership in their report, it's highly unlikely that she frequents a public facility, no matter how luxurious. According to the Daily Mail, the beloved royal prefers activities such as CrossFit, yoga, cycling, and running, and there's no indication that she regularly uses a personal trainer. Notably, this report is from 2012, meaning that her beauty and lifestyle habits have probably evolved in the interim, potentially altering Middleton's budget.

The royal's favorite beauty products are surprisingly common

Despite having a generous budget for maintaining her appearance, Catherine, Princess of Wales, reportedly favors several accessible beauty products. According to a source cited by Us Weekly, Kate Middleton is a big fan of rosehip oil for the face, with her favorite being from Trilogy (a 1.5-ounce bottle of the organic liquid will set you back just under $45 on the brand's official website). When she's looking for an extra moisturizing boost, the princess reportedly reaches for the Beauty Sleep Elixir by Beuti Skincare, priced at around $70, which contains 14 different plant-based oils, marine algae, omega-3 fatty acids, and lots more skin goodies.

For anti-aging purposes, the beloved royal is said to rely on Biotulin's Supreme Skin Gel, described as natural Botox and retailing at around $60. Another reported skincare favorite of Middleton's is the Oxygen Face Cream by Karin Herzog, available for approximately $55, alongside the Vita-a-Kombi 1, another anti-aging treatment, priced at around $85.

Regarding makeup, she's a Bobbi Brown enthusiast. The princess loves several items from the brand, including their Shimmer Brick Compact Highlighter, Longwear Gel Eyeliner, and Blush Compact, all priced under $50. She was also once spotted with Clarins' Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, priced at $30, proving her preference for easy-to-get makeup. While replicating her three weekly blowouts might be more challenging for most, incorporating the contents of Middleton's beauty bag can add a royal touch to your routine without breaking the bank.