What We Know About Jaden Smith's Girlfriend, Sab Zada

When singer and actor Jaden Smith went social media official with Sab Zada in February 2024, many of his fans wanted to know more about the mystery woman. Smith shared four photos of him and Zada on Twitter, each of which showed the couple appearing quite cozy. While their relationship may be new to some, the pair seems to have been together since at least September 2020. That month, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith was seen hand-in-hand with Zada at a movie theater in Los Angeles alongside several friends. While they haven't given any formal interviews about their romance, they've been spotted several times, including during a February 2022 date to Disneyland's Sweetheart's Nite.

Outside of Smith, the young model has built a massive social media following. When they first began hanging out, the influencer held over 554,000 Instagram followers. That number has ballooned to about 900,000 as of March 2024. With Zada being signed to Select Model Global, her page is filled with both professional photoshoots and selfies, many of which show her sporting either blond or pink hair. However, Zada is much more than a pretty face; she uses her platform to showcase her creativity and lend her voice to several societal issues.

Sab Zada is an artist

Sab Zada is a talented sketch artist and painter. Zada has posted several images of her artwork, which has attracted positive reviews. On September 2023, Zada posted a painting filled with blue, purple, and pink hues. She captioned it, "My interpretation of the sunrise in Tokyo," which gained over 2,500 likes. In November 2023, she also gave her supporters a glimpse of her unfinished sketches and admitted that sharing her creations made her feel vulnerable. That did not sway over 7,200 of her followers from flocking to the image.

Zada's artistry also extends to music. In June 2023, she released her five-track EP, "Hafren." The project took her two years to complete, and in September 2023, Zada unveiled the first visual from the EP. "You & I" has earned over 50,000 views on YouTube and is her second music video on the site. Zada also shot a music video for her stand-alone single, "1005," which she debuted in July 2023.

Zada frequently speaks on social issues

Sab Zada is very vocal on X, formerly Twitter, and often uses the app to comment on social matters. Shortly after the shocking March 2024 "Quiet on the Set" documentary debuted, which focused on the abuse endured by former Nickelodeon stars, Zada tweeted a message of support. "Praying for the survivors healing and for the horrible predators to get what they deserve," Zada wrote in part.

She has also spoken out about the overturning of Roe v. Wade, slamming the U.S. government for this decision. In one lengthy May 2022 Instagram post, Zada wrote, "The AUDACITY to assume you have any right to force women into giving birth when you know nothing of their circumstances. Absolute hypocrites and pieces of scum, control your gun owners before you control a woman's body." Zada once again shared a similar message in July 2022, this time on Twitter, where she questioned why the government seemed to have little regard for the well-being of children while seemingly forcing women to have them. 

Her passion for world matters is something she and Jaden Smith have in common, as he uses his water company to give back to the community. He, too, spoke out about Roe v. Wade being overturned in a now-deleted Instagram post, captioning the June 2022 image, "We As The Youth We Must Stand Up And Let Our Voices Be Heard When The World Around Us Starts To Crumble," (via The Teal Mango).