Mike Tyson Thinks There's One Thing About Barron Trump Even More Significant Than His Height

Barron Trump is said to be an impressive 6 feet, 7 inches tall — a detail that Donald Trump has frequently mentioned during interviews and public speaking engagements. Due to his stature, Donald encouraged his son to pursue basketball. However, Barron didn't let his height determine his sport of choice, and opted to play soccer instead. 

Now that Barron's 18 years old, a pediatric anesthesiologist told Women Lifestyle that he's probably done growing. While Barron's towering physique stature might be one of the most obvious traits, according to Mike Tyson, Donald's son has a more noteworthy attribute. Tyson and Donald have a relationship that stretches back to the 1980s, and Tyson's had the opportunity to hang out with the former president, Melania Trump, and Barron. After a May 2023 visit, the retired pro boxer revealed that Barron had made quite an impression while they chatted. "He's so smart," Tyson enthused to "PBD Podcast." "This guy is on top of his game intellectually."

Tyson isn't the only person in the Donald's circle to comment on Barron's intelligence. "[H]e's just a great kid," former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham explained to the Daily Mail. "[V]ery kind and humble and empathetic and smart." Since he was a young child, Barron has demonstrated a proclivity for languages. He became fluent in Slovenian by practicing with his maternal grandmother and aunt.  And languages aren't the only area in which Barron reportedly excels, either.

Barron has an aptitude for computers, Donald Trump asserts

According to Donald Trump, Barron Trump has a knack for working with technology. "He's a genius with computers," Donald explained to a crowd in Las Vegas in 2020. Barron was 13, almost 14 at the time, and his father asserted that Barron had enough expertise to construct complex websites. "I could have given [the U.S. government's] healthcare site, he would have done it for nothing and it would have been better than what they have," Donald proclaimed. Two years later, Donald highlighted a rather startling aspect of Barron's skills. He bragged to an audience in 2022 that Barron could circumvent security protocols on Donald's computer and unlock it. 

As far as education goes, Barron has attended multiple private schools over the years. He's on track to graduate in 2024 from Florida's Oxbridge Academy. After that, it's unclear what his post-secondary education will encompass, or what school he will select. However, Donald did mention that his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, was under consideration.  

Like his mom, Melania Trump, Barron has stayed out of the spotlight both during and after his father's presidency, and he could continue this practice as a college student. "By focusing on his education and personal interests," Eden Gillott, crisis management expert of Gillott Communications, informed Women Lifestyle, "he can navigate the heightened attention in a way that aligns with his preference for privacy."

Barron is a sports enthusiast

In addition to being comfortable with computers, Barron Trump is said to enjoy sports. "He's a great athlete," Melania Trump informed ABC News in 2016. Given the fact that Donald Trump owns numerous golf courses,  Barron has had opportunities to get out on the green with his parents since he was a young child. 

While Donald supported his son's athletic pursuits, he didn't want Barron to try football. Despite his reservations, however, he vowed that he wouldn't prohibit football if Barron had expressed desire to try it. "[I]t's a dangerous sport," Donald explained to CBS News, adding that he didn't believe the protective gear was sufficient to lower the risks of playing football.

Luckily for his father, Barron prefers soccer. In 2017, Barron played in a youth league affiliated with D.C. United. Trump also encouraged his son by inviting D.C. United players to the White House at Easter and Christmas. Barron was able to meet some of his heroes and chat with them. Besides looking the part by wearing the uniform of one of his favorite teams, he also got to play an impromptu game and show off his skills. In addition, Barron impressed the pros with his understanding of the sport. "He was very knowledgeable about soccer," D.C. United's Patrick Mullins commented to The Washington Post in 2017. "[T]o be knowledgeable and have a conversation with us, it makes me feel good about kids growing up playing the game."