What To Know About Patrick Mahomes' Mom, Randi

One of the NFL's most recognizable mamas is Randi Mahomes, the mother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. She used to be married to Pat Mahomes, a professional athlete in his own right who played baseball and pitched for a variety of MLB teams. Randi and Pat's other son is Jackson Mahomes, and Randi's daughter from a later relationship is Mia Randall. Randi gets along with Patrick's wife Brittany Mahomes, and their two children are her grandchildren.

Even though Randi and Pat divorced in 2006, they still get along. The biography on Randi's website QB Producer cites Pat's career in professional baseball as why they split. However, "True to Randi's optimistic spirit, the two are friendly to this day." Randi talked about single parenthood on the "Got It From My Momma" podcast and explained how life now is an adjustment. She was used to holidays (like Christmas) just being her and her kids. "To now, we have a football game that day," Randi said. "Or when we do open gifts, there might be other people there, whether filming or doing something. [...] I want to be selfish and have them to myself."

Randi also remarked how Patrick had to mature fast in a single mom household. She worked a lot while Patrick and Jackson were growing up, because she said, "I wanted them to have everything they weren't gonna have anymore." She also wanted them to have more than she did growing up.

Randi credits young motherhood as 'the best thing for me'

Randi Mahomes is from Troup, Texas, and has been vocal about her home state. In an Instagram video from March 2024, Randi shared footage from being at the Houston Rodeo. Set to the Beyoncé song "Texas Hold 'Em," Randi's caption read, "Had an absolute blast at the Houston Rodeo! This East Texas mama felt right at home among the cowboy hats and country tunes... living my best Disco Cowgirl life!"

Randi had Patrick Mahomes quite young. She was only 20 when she was pregnant with him. "Patrick is my first child," Randi said in a February 2024 interview with People, "and I grew up with him basically. I had him at a young age, and I don't go out saying that's the best thing to do, but it was the best thing for me just because it made me grow up."

Randi was unsure of her future path until she had Patrick. She said it made her become "a whole new person." She continued, "I had someone that needed me. And so, for forever, he was my little best friend. We were together 24/7, and I learned with him." Randi loves motherhood and said her children have a good relationship, despite Mia Randall being quite younger than the others: she's 11 years younger than Jackson Mahomes and 16 years younger than Patrick.

Randi often shares glimpses of her life and family on social media

Randi Mahomes' biography also says that she is strong in her faith, and that her day job is an event planner at the Hollytree Country Club. Randi sells products on her website in the Chiefs' colors as well, such as purses, totes, and sunglasses cases. She's pretty active on social media. In one example, Randi shared a promotional video on Instagram to advertise some new products from her site.

In addition to talking about her business, Randi shares her family on social media a lot. She's also been supportive of Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany Mahomes. Randi seemingly defended Brittany with a mysterious post on her Instagram Story after her daughter-in-law was accused of being rude. And following Brittany's spicy Sports Illustrated photoshoot, Randi told People, "I've seen all the pictures. I've seen all of that. I'm just in awe of her."

Randi is a strong advocate for the Variety KC charity — an organization in Kansas City that helps with inclusivity and accessibility for kids with disabilities. Randi has held fundraisers for the group and raised money for things such as accessible athletic and playground equipment. In a news clip shared on their website, Randi brought two athletes from the charity to the 2023 NFL Draft.