Inside Paris Hilton And Mauricio Umansky's Family Feud

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Bravo fans are quite familiar with the on-again-off-again feuds between sisters Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, and Kathy Hilton. However, a new unlikely conflict has arisen between Paris Hilton and Mauricio Umansky. Typically, the socialite seemingly stays out of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" type of drama that has played out among her relatives for cameras throughout the years. However, Paris has made the rare move of taking her issues with her uncle public.

Allegedly, their rift stems from Umansky's voicing his decision to part ways with the real estate company owned by Paris's father, Rick Hilton. Umansky — Kyle's estranged husband — exited Hilton & Hyland after feeling slighted by his brother-in-law. In a preview for Netflix's "Buying Beverly Hills," Umansky admitted that he wasn't pleased that Rick refused to make him a partner at Hilton & Hyland. This would lead to Umansky launching his own enterprise, The Agency, alongside Blair Chang and Billy Rose in 2011. While it has been years since their business dealings soured, it is apparent that Umanksy may still have some feelings about how things played out. Meanwhile, Paris believes the "Dancing With the Stars" dancer could be playing it up for the cameras.

Paris Hilton felt Mauricio Umansky was using her father's name to promote his show

After the "Buying Beverly Hills" clip surfaced online, Paris Hilton quickly caught wind of Mauricio Umansky's comments about her father, Rick Hilton. After the Bravo fan account @QueensofBravo shared the clip, Paris slid into the comment section, writing, "My father is a consummate gentleman and has always taken the higher road. He would never speak negatively about his family — especially in the press." The "Come Alive" singer took things a step further, calling out Umansky for allegedly using the family tension to attract viewers to "Buying Beverly Hills," adding, "Frankly, we are all sick of him using the Hilton name every chance he gets to plug his lame show. It is enough already."

After seeing Paris's critique, Umansky opened up again about his severing ties with Hilton & Hyland. In a March 18, 2024, interview with Entertainment Tonight, the reality TV dad explained, "I felt like I deserved something. I asked for something, he didn't want to do it, and then I chose to go off on my own," before reiterating that there was no hard feelings once he left the firm. Additionally, during the chat, Umansky made it clear he was not upset with Paris. "There is certainly no bad blood on my side."

Umansky has no ill will toward his niece

Mauricio Umansky expressed some regret about Paris Hilton feeling offended by his remarks. He told ET correspondent Brice Sander, "It's sad that she got so upset about that, but at the end of the day, it's two businessmen making two business decisions." 

This is not the first time the author has addressed the fallout with Rick Hilton. In his April 2023 book, "The Dealmaker," Umansky detailed how his exit from Hilton & Hyland led to Rick and his wife, Kathy Hilton, cutting off communication with him and Kyle Richards. The couple were no longer invited to holiday celebrations at the Hilton estate. "The only reason I can come up with, because they always hosted clients and friends, is that they didn't want me to poach anyone. I never would have stolen a client from Rick, though maybe he didn't believe my motives were pure. He and Kathy held tremendous anger toward us," Umansky wrote (via The Hollywood Reporter). 

During Richards' Amazon Live Shop and Tell on March 19, 2024, she revealed that her daughters reached out to Paris after she slammed Umansky. Thankfully, the cousins were able to reach a resolution. However, that doesn't mean things between uncle and niece will be peaceful anytime soon.