Ivanka Stands Out From Trump Family With Strong Response To Kate Middleton's Cancer News

Now the mystery is solved about Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis, messages of love and support for Catherine, the Princess of Wales, are pouring in far and wide. President Joe Biden offered a message on X (formerly Twitter): "Jill and I join millions around the world in praying for your full recovery, Princess Kate." First Lady Dr. Jill Biden echoed his sentiments, writing, "You are brave and we love you. – Jill."  The good wishes weren't limited to one side of the American political fence. Ivanka Trump, former first daughter and presidential adviser, also took to X to express a touching sentiment: "I am deeply saddened to hear about Princess Kate's diagnosis," Trump wrote. "Amidst the trials she faces, her strength and grace continue to shine brightly."

Trump then took the opportunity to get in a dig at the wildest theories that sprang up about Kate's absence from the public eye. Following the princess's abdominal surgery, she remained under the radar, with no updates or sightings until she stepped out with William, Prince of Wales, just days before the announcement. Jokes about her whereabouts quickly spread, as did rumors of plastic surgery, marital troubles, and dire secrets being hidden by the palace. "It's disheartening to see the speculation that has surrounded her, particularly during a time when support and kindness are most needed," Trump said. 

Will other Trumps send good cheer to the princess?

Surprisingly, Ivanka is the only member of the Trump family who has acknowledged Kate Middleton's health news as of this writing. Former first lady Melania Trump hasn't posted on social media since International Women's Day on March 8. Tiffany Trump posts even less frequently, and she has been similarly silent. Brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are quite active on social media, but their messages are mainly cheers for their dad and snarking toward President Biden.

 Ivanka's father, Donald Trump, was an unlikely source of support to Kate during the flurry over her March 10 family photo and the revelation it had been edited. In an interview with GB News, the former POTUS shrugged off the controversy, saying, "It shouldn't be a big deal...Everybody doctors [photos]." Trump added the media was "really going after her" for no apparent reason. Yet Trump has so far been totally silent about the princess's brave announcement.

Since retreating to private life, Ivanka Trump has been rebranding herself as the most compassionate one of her clan. She often posts images of her charity work and her spiritual practices, and shares quotes about peace and brotherhood. Her message to the recuperating princess seems to be solidifying that image of positivity. She ended with good wishes for Kate's "swift and full recovery," plus a warning against media intrusion: "Let us all show our support by respecting her privacy and focusing on sending positive thoughts her way."