PR Expert Tells Us Kate Middleton's Official Statement Is Protecting Her Family

We now know what really happened to Kate Middleton after weeks of silence, speculation, and wild rumors. Catherine, Princess of Wales released a video on the Wales' Instagram account explaining she is undergoing treatment for an unspecified form of cancer discovered during post-surgical tests after her abdominal operation. For the sake of their three children, Kate added, she and William, Prince of Wales broke the news to the kids gradually and "in a way that is appropriate for them, and to reassure them that I am going to be okay."

To better understand the princess's message, Women Lifestyle spoke exclusively with communications executive Amy Prenner, CEO of The Prenner Group, a PR firm in Southern California. Prenner praised both the message and its delivery. "Kate's PR team put out this official statement with careful consideration for both the personal and public implications of the news," she said. "The statement appears to have been crafted with sensitivity and a focus on maintaining a sense of privacy while acknowledging the gravity of the situation."

Prenner also noted the timing of the news, which occurred more than two months after the announcement of Kate's original surgery. She and William were clearly prioritizing their children's well-being over the curiosity of a public with no personal stake in the matter. "[They chose] an appropriate time to release the statement to minimize disruption and ensure that Middleton and her family have had time to process the news privately," Prenner said.

Kate Middleton remains a relatable royal

Though Kate Middleton's body language in her video showed signs of stress — and understandably so — she took great care to maintain her reputation as a royal who's in touch with the average citizen. The princess openly admitted it had been a "huge shock" to discover she was suddenly among the millions of people diagnosed with cancer every year, and expressed a kinship to others in her situation. "For everyone facing this disease, in whatever form, please do not lose faith or hope," she concluded. "You are not alone."

Analyzing the announcement, PR expert Amy Prenner told Women Lifestyle exclusively that Kate "demonstrates empathy and relatability by acknowledging the shock and emotional impact of the diagnosis. Her candidness about her initial reaction and the steps she and Prince William have taken to manage the situation humanizes her experience and fosters a sense of empathy among her loyal watchers." This approach, she added, is an excellent way for a prominent figure to release news of this sort. Kate also made sure to praise the support of her husband, which should help convince the public William and Kate's marriage is rock solid.

Kate and the palace will not be divulging any more details about the nature or stage of her cancer, which Prenner agreed is appropriate. However, she cautioned a degree of transparency is still necessary: "[I]t's important for Middleton and her PR team to remain adaptable and responsive to any developments or inquiries that may arise in the future."