Inside Love Is Blind's Sarah Ann And Jeramey's Relationship

Over multiple seasons, Netflix's "Love Is Blind" has kept fans enthralled. With romance, big reveals, betrayal, and plenty of awkward moments, there are so many reasons viewers keep coming back to this dating show. Season 6 was no exception, as a fresh batch of singles tried to find love in an unconventional way — by going on fully blind dates to find their partners without any physical judgment.

One of the most talked about couples this season was Sarah Ann Bick and Jeramey Lutinski. Even if you aren't a big fan of the series, you've likely heard people discussing this controversial pair, who many saw as the villains of the season. But how did they go from getting to know each other like any other couple in the series to the heavily criticized duo they are today?

We've broken down their relationship timeline from the start to where they are today so you can catch up on all the tantalizing drama that happened both on and offscreen.

They had a strong connection in the pods

"Love Is Blind" is based on the interesting premise that allows hopeful singles to meet, date, and potentially fall in love and get engaged all before seeing the other person. This process happens over just a couple of weeks in "the pods" – a series of individual rooms built in rows of two. The pods are an intriguing part of the "Love Is Blind" set as potential couples sit in adjacent rooms and get to know each other through a wall. This setup allows couples to build a connection and fall in love before ever knowing what their potential partner looks like.

That's how Sarah Ann Bick and Jeramey Lutinski met on Season 6 of the series. The pair got to know each other and became quite attached while in the pods. Although Jeramey also had a connection with another cast member, Laura Dadisman, he and Sarah Ann went on several dates and made an impression on each other. Looking back on the unconventional way she met Jeramey, Sarah Ann told People, "It's important to remember that in this experiment you are looking at people from an outside lens of something that you've never experienced before. The emotions are real, but you're just navigating it the best way you know how."

Jeramey initially proposed to another woman

Dating on any reality TV show comes with its own set of complications and drama. "Love Is Blind" couples are no exception to this. Over the seasons, we've seen stars of the show struggle with connecting to their partner, overcoming differences, and navigating love triangles. With everyone dating in the pods, it's easy for some cast members to form connections with more than one person. We saw this in Season 2 when Shayne and Natalie's relationship struggled due to Shayne's connections with Shaina. Jeramey and Sarah Ann had a similar love triangle, as Jeramey was dating both Sarah Ann and Laura in the pods.

On the show, Jeramey opened up to the camera about his connections with the two women. "Laura's my number one right now," he said, going on to say that he could imagine a life with her. He said about Sarah Ann, "She brings a different type of energy. ... It's like an edginess to it. She's kind of the wild card right now."

Although it's clear that Jeramey and Sarah Ann cared about each other, Jeramey ultimately ended things with Sarah Ann and proposed to Laura. Explaining how he came to this difficult decision, Jeramey said, "While Sarah was amazing in all of her own ways — I have nothing bad to say about her — Laura is like my forever person."

Sarah Ann sent a controversial DM

After getting engaged in the pods and going on a romantic vacation, the "Love Is Blind" couples return to their home city and try to settle into the real world together. This can be a tough adjustment as the freshly engaged couples learn more about each other, meet each other's family and friends, and face more real-life obstacles on their way to the altar.

This period held an extra challenge for Jeramey and Laura's relationship. Laura and Jeramey had already had small spats over little things like Jeramey's Hawaiian shirts (which Laura hated) and the infamous bean dip controversy. But they hit a big rift when Sarah Ann reached out to Jeramey on Instagram. In the DM, Sarah Ann wrote, "I genuinely hope you're happy. If there's ever a chance your mind is shifting in your choice, I would love the opportunity to meet you, though."

While having a conversation with her family, Laura brings up the DM and how uncomfortable it made her that Sarah Ann was trying to get Jeramey's attention back. It also made her upset that Jeramey "loved" the message, but Jeramey defended himself by saying he only double-tapped the message, which produces a heart emoji, to acknowledge receipt.

Jeramey was caught going to meet Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann's message to Jeramey may have been interpreted as innocent, but things became much messier when Jeramey met up with her in person. In the show, Laura confronts Jeramey about being out until 5 a.m., even though the bar he was at, Lost and Found, closed at 2 a.m. Jeramey admits that he ran into Sarah Ann at the bar and claims they sat in the parking lot talking after the bar closed.

When Laura is skeptical, Jeramey mentions that he shared his location with her so she'd know where he was. Later in the conversation, after Jeramey maintained that he and Sarah Ann never left the parking lot, Laura revealed that she had checked his location and saw him leave the parking lot. "You weren't at the parking lot of Lost and Found. Don't share your f***ing location if you don't want me to check it at 5 a.m.," Laura said. "You weren't even in South End. You were north of Uptown, which is where Sarah Ann lives." Jeramey still argued that nothing had happened between him and Sarah Ann, but after catching him in a lie, Laura did not believe him.

They rode off on jet skis together after Jeramey's engagement ended

After Laura confronted Jeramey about meeting up with Sarah Ann, the pair met again at a lake party attended by other cast members, including Sarah Ann. Laura took the opportunity to have it out with Jeramey, telling him that while she's been authentic the whole time, she views him as a con artist. Jeramey maintained that he came on the show with the best intentions. "Your engagement just ended. ... You're not man enough for me. You never f***ing have been," Laura told him.

At the same party, Laura had a conversation with Sarah Ann in which she warned her about Jeramey. In a later interview with People regarding Laura's advice, Sarah Ann said, "I definitely heard her out ... with the experiment, it's such a high pressure situation and everybody's dating everybody, and so her experience with Jeramey was completely different than mine. But I did take [that] into consideration."

Regardless of Laura's warnings, Sarah Ann was open to giving Jeramey a chance. After they both spoke to Laura, Jeramey and Sarah Ann separated from the rest of the group to talk things out. It was very clear the pair were still interested in each other, and with Jeramey's engagement officially over, they were free to explore those feelings. Viewers were shocked as Jeramey and Sarah Ann rode off on jet skis together, right in front of Jeramey's former fiance.

Fans were quick to spot this clue about their relationship

In a since-deleted TikTok video posted by Sarah Ann, the "Love Is Blind" star pokes fun at the hateful comments and backlash she'd been receiving from viewers. However, fans were more focused on what was behind her than what she was actually saying. Fans pieced together that the background looked strikingly similar to Jeramey's apartment. Parts of his apartment were shown in Season 6 when he had Laura over, so viewers were able to compare.

One TikTok user pointed out the identical background items in Sarah Ann's video, saying, "In Sarah Ann's video you can see [the] same picture on the wall, and the same dresser. ... The question is: Why is she posting this when the show is still airing, and we haven't even gotten to the reunion yet?" This likely didn't seem like a huge deal to Sarah Ann, but for big fans of the show, it was a big spoiler about her and Jeramey's relationship status.

Viewers were suspicious of Jeramey after rumors about his past engagement

After coming out of a love triangle with Laura, Jeramey and Sarah Ann were one of the most controversial couples on Season 6 of "Love Is Blind." And things only got worse as more rumors began to surface on social media. Jeramey came under fire when a social media post claiming he was already engaged when he went on "Love Is Blind" caught fans' attention.

Jenni Gelven Daniel, the mother of Jeramey's ex-fiancée, Brittani Mcliverty, shared that Jeramey and Brittani were engaged when he applied for the show, causing many fans to question his intentions going on "Love Is Blind."

However, Jeramey took to Instagram to clear his name. In a since-deleted video, as shared by Entertainment Weekly, he admitted that he had been engaged to Brittani but that their relationship ended before he went on the dating show. Although this was something "Love Is Blind" viewers never saw on camera, he said he discussed his past engagement with his "Love Is Blind" dates and in interviews. Those clips simply didn't make the final cut. He went on to say that he actually never applied for the show. Instead, he was approached via Instagram DM to join the cast after his engagement had ended. "I was out living on my own, and I didn't seek this out," Jeramey said. "I had already been out on my own for a number of weeks at that point."

They were still together during the Season 6 reunion

"Love Is Blind" reunions are known for big reveals and confrontations, like the satisfying moment when Deepti confronted Shake on the Season 2 reunion. And Season 6's reunion was also full of drama and jaw-dropping reveals. After much speculation about their relationship status, Sarah Ann and Jeramey came to the reunion as a couple. The pair was ready to defend their relationship as they were confronted by Laura and other cast members, as well as questioned by the hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, for the way they'd conducted themselves.

Jeramey was put in the hot seat as Vanessa Lachey questioned why he would share his location with Laura and then lie about it. Jeramey answered, "I didn't intentionally lie about that," a story which neither Laura nor other cast members seemed to believe. As Laura confronted Jeramey, calling him a "clown," Sarah Ann got defensive of her partner, saying, "You should relax calling someone a clown when you sat and told him s**t about me in the pods the entire time saying that I'm a pick-me girl — you're the pick-me girl."

Despite receiving criticism from viewers and castmates alike, Jeramey and Sarah Ann stood by their relationship. They said they'd been together since filming ended and had even moved in together.

They may have had some rocky points in their relationship

During the reunion, Jeramey and Sarah Ann's fellow cast member, Chelsea Blackwell, said that the two had broken up multiple times since filming ended. She said she'd seen Jeramey on a couple of ocassions and alleged that every time she saw him, he and Sarah Ann were broken up. However, Sarah Ann claims this is not the case.

While speaking to Access Hollywood, Sarah Ann told her side of the story: "Jeramey and I have never been quote-unquote 'on and off.' I wouldn't say that. I think the way that [Chelsea] phrased that is false."

Although Sarah Ann denies that she and Jeramey ever officially broke up, she admits they've had their ups and downs navigating their relationship. After getting to know each other so quickly in the pods, there were a lot of adjustments, bringing their relationship into the real world and learning to live together. "We've never fully broken our relationship off," Sarah Ann said. "We've taken days when we're like, 'Hey, let's just give each other some space,' and I think there was some confusion with what Chelsea said."

Sarah Ann felt bullied by the other women

Watching the reunion, it's clear that most of the women on the show sided with Laura and didn't like how Sarah Ann or Jeramey conducted themselves on the show. During the reunion, she revealed that she'd been removed from the group chat with the other women and that she no longer speaks to any of them. "I felt very bullied by some of the other female cast members," Sarah Ann said during an interview with Access Hollywood. "I still feel that way," she added.

Regardless of the tension at the reunion and how the other women may feel about her, Sarah Ann said she doesn't have hard feelings toward the other cast members because she's more focused on her relationship. "At the end of the day ... I got what I came for, so it's really hard to be mad."

She had a similar perspective when speaking to People. She explained that she handled everything the best way she knew how, even if others didn't agree with it. "It's evident that most of the women on the show and I, we don't see eye to eye and whatever. But I will say that I have no problem with anyone, and I really respect every single person for stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new," Sarah Ann said.

Despite backlash Sarah Ann stands by her actions

Sarah Ann may have experienced extreme backlash from fans and fellow cast members, but she is happy with the way things ended up and doesn't regret her actions.

As far as how she came across on the show, Sarah Ann told People that she thought the editing was fair but that she was not a villain. "I don't feel jaded and I don't feel that [the reunion and overall show edit] was unfair. I was very aware of what I was signing up for, I read through everything to make sure I knew it could go either way. I can tell you that I am not a villain in real life."

Speaking of the Instagram message, which many felt was inappropriate to send to Jeramey when he was engaged, Sarah Ann said it didn't feel like the door was fully closed for either of them, and they likely would have found their way back to each other with or without her message. "If you think that you have met the love of your life or someone you can marry or you have a really strong connection and you don't fight for that, then you don't have what you thought you did. As simple as that," she said.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann seem to still be together

To avoid spoilers, "Love Is Blind" couples are told not to share their relationships on social media until the series airs. Since Season 6 wrapped and the reunion aired, couples are now free to share their relationship with their followers, and Jeramey and Sarah Ann seem to be going strong.

Regardless of how controversial their relationship is, they appear to be a happy couple, at least according to their socials. Jeramey recently shared an Instagram post with several photos of himself and Sarah Ann from the past year that he couldn't share until now. He captioned the post, "A year in review," and included some of the highlights of their time together so far.

They are still living together, and during an interview with Access Hollywood, Sarah Ann said that they've discussed marriage but that they've put a pause on it for the time being. "We want to do it on our own terms. ... Ultimately, it's just going to be that much more special when we decide to go that route."