Camilla & Princess Eugenie Insist King Charles Is 'Doing Well' Despite Swirling Rumors

Since the news broke that King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer in February, there have been countless rumors swirling, which Buckingham Palace has worked hard to fend off. The king learned of his illness after going in for surgery to correct an enlarged prostate toward the end of January 2024. The palace has confirmed that Charles is not battling prostate cancer, though they have not specified any further details regarding his condition. However, an insider made a grim claim in March 2024, which may be cause for panic and could lead to Royal protocols being implemented

The source spoke exclusively with In Touch Weekly, telling the outlet that Charles has pancreatic cancer. Making matters worse, that individual with alleged direct knowledge of the situation said the King only has two years to live. "Many courtiers believe Charles' cancer is worse than they're making it out to be. Even before the diagnosis, there were concerns about his health," they explained. Despite this, his wife Queen Camilla and his niece Princess Eugenie are reassuring the concerned media that the King is doing great. The royals spoke about the king's health while making public appearances.

Both Camilla and Eugenie gave similar statements about Charles' condition

ITV News caught up with Princess Eugenie as she promoted the elephant protection organization Elephant Family. The daughter of Prince Andrew gave an update about King Charles during the brief chat, which was shared on Twitter by ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship. "He's doing well. He'd also be very proud today because the Elephant Family is very close to his heart, too," Eugenie said. While this should have been promising news, Queen Camilla gave a near identical response about her husband, which could suggest the family is trying to run with a certain angle to ease public anxiety about Charles' health issues.

During a two-day trip to Northern Ireland, which Charles was originally scheduled to attend, Camilla visited The Arcadia Deli. While there, a shop assistant wished the Royal family the best and even gave her a card. The Queen thanked the woman, identified as Brenda Robb, and replied, "He's doing very well. He was very disappointed he couldn't come" (via Hello Magazine).

Days prior, on March 19, 2024, Charles hosted multiple veterans to commemorate the Korean War at Buckingham Palace and appeared in good spirits. Seeing him up and mingling with guests did offer some relief, as it arrived mere days after a Russian media outlet falsely claimed that Charles had passed away. Thankfully, at least that whisper was proven false.