Doctor Tells Us Barron Trump's Odds Of Growing Even Taller After 18

As former President Donald Trump's New York fraud case woes keep piling up, the growing mountains of legal, financial, and professional problems on Trump's plate are starting to eclipse the naturally tall, allegedly 6 feet 3 inches tall ex-POTUS. Even his youngest son, Barron Trump, has grown like a weed, surpassing his mother and father in height by several inches. The youngest Trump boasted a stature of a whopping 6 feet 7 inches on his 18th birthday, making him the tallest in the family. 

Considering the height difference between Donald and Barron is a rumored source of their tension, the ex-POTUS might be pleased to know that the odds of Barron surpassing him in height by even more inches is unlikely. Women Lifestyle spoke with a pediatric anesthesiologist who told us that while it's possible Barron could continue to grow past his 18th birthday, chances are he's reached his full height. Silver linings, right, Donald?

"Barron Trump has likely reached his full adult height at 18, assuming he has completed puberty," our medical source told us. "Both of his parents are tall, so it is not unexpected that he, too, is tall. Nonetheless, at 6 feet 7 inches, he is well above the 95th percentile for height on both the WHO and CDC growth chart."

Donald Trump's long history of being preoccupied with his son's (and everyone else's) height

Former President Donald Trump has never been one to mince words about his feelings toward others, and that includes his opinions on their stature. The ex-POTUS has frequently used infantilizing language like "little," "lil," "liddle," and "tiny" to describe his opponents. According to journalist Michael Wolff's book "Siege: Trump Under Fire," the former president's preoccupation with height goes far beyond quippy one-liners.

"[Donald Trump] is jealous of everyone's height," Wolff explained on an episode of MSNBC's "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" in June 2019. "He never lets himself be in a photograph with someone taller than he is. Height is one of his techniques. He uses his height. Remember, Donald Trump is a very large man." Perhaps that's why Trump has awkwardly mentioned Barron's height so many times — to get ahead of it when he's inevitably photographed with his youngest son.

At a 2021 GOP convention dinner in North Carolina, Trump said his son, Barron Trump, was 6 feet 7 inches tall when he was 15 years old. Our sources tell us boys typically grow the fastest from ages 12 to 15, at a rate of around three inches per year. "Most boys continue gaining height at a gradual pace until around 18," the source said. For Donald's sake, let's hope Barron has reached his peak height already — having a son nearly a foot taller than him might be too much for the ex-POTUS to handle.