8 Behind-The-Scenes Details Of Love Is Blind Season 6

If Season 6 of "Love Is Blind" has taught us anything at all, it's that so much of the drama that occurs behind the scenes is just as, if not more, explosive as what's shown on screen. The premise of this Netflix hit reality show is to find love without relying on looks and eventually walk down the aisle, but the Season 6 cast found themselves in hot water instead. Partway through the season, the internet was set ablaze with shocking rumors and potential spoilers about the cast's off-screen relationships. While the previous season of "Love Is Blind" ended with scandals and lawsuits, this season started and ended with hilarious memes and explosive TikToks detailing intricate love triangles and a web of messy lies.

The majority of the cast may not have found their happily ever after in Season 6, but they have behind-the-scenes stories that will make your jaw drop.

Trevor had a girlfriend back home

At the start of Season 6, "Love Is Blind" fans were hoping for an adorable love story like Season 4's Tiffany and Brett. When Trevor Sova, a bodybuilder from California, appeared on screen, he was immediately a fan favorite. With his golden edit, Trevor was looked at as the Prince Charming of the show's male cast. He presented himself as a big teddy bear with a soft spot for animals and classic romantic flicks like "The Notebook." Fans eagerly waited for him to find love and felt heartbroken when he was ultimately rejected by Chelsea Blackwell. Despite appearing lonely and heartbroken when leaving the pods, Trevor had someone else waiting for him at home. After his exit episode aired, Trevor was exposed for having a girlfriend the entire time he was on the show. Leaked text messages showed Trevor communicating with her before and after leaving the experiment. 

In the texts – which were read aloud during the reunion – Trevor professed his love for her and said he hoped to marry her. In one text, he joked that he planned on not getting married on the show. Viewers were shocked, feeling Trevor was playing a game the entire time he was on the show. As the drama continued to unfold behind the scenes, Trevor eventually had to answer for his drama at the reunion. Let's just say he was at a loss for words and didn't offer up much in the way of an explanation.

Jeramey was not happy with production's treatment of Trevor

At the Season 6 reunion of "Love Is Blind," Trevor Sova was put in the hot seat about his lies. Though it was a highly anticipated moment for some viewers, Trevor certainly didn't enjoy it, and apparently, neither did Jeramey Lutinski. During the segment, a visibly uncomfortable Trevor struggled to explain why he signed on to a show to find love despite having a girlfriend he, according to his own words, wanted to marry back home.

Trevor ended up apologizing to Chelsea Blackwell, whom he found a connection with during filming. He also claimed that the relationship he had back home was "toxic" and denied allegations that he joined the show to further his career. After stumbling through an explanation, Trevor asked Nick Lachey if he could leave. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, his castmates seemed sympathetic towards him, but he didn't return to the stage after being dismissed.

In an Instagram Story, Jeramey posted a clip of the reunion and shared his thoughts about the tense exchange. "When he came on stage he was clearly shook," Jeramey wrote (via Entertainment Tonight). "Also, before the texts were shown he said he was not mentally able to handle it at the moment. Instead of letting him go then, he had to sit through it. Except that whole part is missing." After revealing the behind-the-scenes moment, Jeramey had an important message for fans. "Mental health is a real thing people," he wrote.

Fans discovered Sarah Ann was dating Jeramey

The love triangle between Jeramey Lutinski, Sarah Ann Bick, and Laura Dadisman was the biggest storyline of "Love Is Blind" Season 6. As fans watched the drama unfold on screen, they were also putting the pieces together online. On the show, when Jeramey and Sarah Ann rode off into the sunset on jet skis, fans were at home analyzing Sarah Ann's social media activity and noticed something shocking. The videos Sarah Ann was posting on social media looked like they were filmed at Jeramey's house. 

As the final episodes of the season aired, the two controversial contestants teased the status of their relationship. During the reunion, co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey grilled the two on their alleged hookup and asked them about the current status of their relationship. Jeramey and Sarah Ann denied that they hooked up while he was engaged to Laura. They did, however, admit that they began dating after filming. When asked about her social media activity, Sarah Ann admitted that she was shocked fans were able to uncover their secret romance through such subtle details.

Mathew had an interesting explanation for his behavior

When Matthew Duliba first appeared on screen, it was clear that he would be the first villain of "Love Is Blind" Season 6. While dating in the pods, Matthew's behavior ranged from bizarre to mean. One moment, which later went viral, included him outright leaving in the middle of the date while Sarah Ann was speaking. While his behavior during the experiment wasn't suitable for finding a soulmate, it did make for engaging television.

On Instagram, Netflix posted a compilation of his snarky moments and poked fun at him. While everyone in the comments got a good laugh, Matthew wasn't laughing. He took to the comments and had an interesting explanation for his behavior. "Key element of my story that was never disclosed is that I live an alcohol free lifestyle and did the experiment sober," he commented (Via Entertainment Tonight). "It was a key factor in why I had so much difficulty connecting with women in the beginning. There was also many misrepresentations and falsehoods created in my opinion to smear my character." 

Matthew went on to call out the producers for editing scenes at his expense. "Misrepresentation of the truth, never walked out when a [woman] was talking," he said of that viral moment. Sarah Ann seemed to confirm Matthew's side of the story during an Instagram Q&A. When asked if Matthew really left the date mid-convo, Sarah Ann replied, "Nope, he did not. I'll let Matt speak on that but we are good."

Jimmy was rumored to have had a girlfriend during filming, which he denied

On Season 6 of "Love Is Blind," Jimmy Presnell was a half of the most talked about couple of the season. Jimmy was engaged to Megan Fox's supposed lookalike, Chelsea Blackwell. While the clip of Chelsea relaying comments that she looks like "MGK's wife or his fiancée" went viral on TikTok, another story involving Jimmy was also brewing on the app.

As the season kicked off, a TikToker user took to the app allegeding she was dating a male contestant on the show who told her he had to leave for a business trip. To her surprise, that business trip was him filming "Love Is Blind." While the user didn't namedrop, she did drop a few clues that pointed to Jimmy as the man behind the betrayal. She claimed that her unnamed boyfriend was speaking to a contestant who had a child. On the show, Jimmy was in a love triangle that involved Jess Vestal, who had a 10-year-old daughter at the time.

After the story went viral, Jimmy hopped on TikTok to address the rumor. He stitched the original video and said, "I don't know this woman. I've never met this woman. It's not true. I gotta give it to her. It's an incredible marketing ploy. She is getting so many clicks and she's making so much money off my name." Jimmy even asked his followers to report the video.

The mom of one of Jeramey's exes alleged that he was engaged during casting

In Season 6 of "Love Is Blind," Jeramey Lutinski's engagement to Laura Dadisman went up in flames after he was caught sneaking around with Sarah Ann Bick. Unfortunately for Jeramey, Laura wasn't the only one uncovering his secrets. Shortly after the season premiered, Jeramey was exposed for allegedly being engaged when he applied for the Netflix series. It all started when a woman named Jenni Gelven Daniel posted a photo of Jeramey posing with a woman and child in a Facebook fan group for "Love Is Blind." "Someone was engaged and living with someone when applying for this," she wrote (via Business Insider). When fans questioned how she got the photo, she replied, "In my phone. That's my daughter and grandson." 

TikTokers jumped on the story, and it wasn't long before the ex-fiancé in question, Brittani McLiverty, spoke out. In a comment on Laura's post, Brittani revealed just how recent their engagement was. "Did he ever tell you about his ex-fiancé from right before you? Surely not," she wrote. "Or the house WE sold a week or two before he filmed for this show?"

Jeramey responded to the claims with his own video. "I did not apply for this while I was living with anyone else," he said. "I had already been out on my own for a number of weeks at that point" (via Entertainment Weekly). He went on to claim that the women he pursued on the show knew about his past engagement, but it was edited out of the show.

Clay didn't think he got a fair edit

Clay Gravesande and Amber "AD" Desiree Smith were one "Love Is Blind" couple on Season 6 that viewers were initially rooting for. The young couple had undeniable chemistry, but it was clear that Clay was apprehensive about getting married. As they worked out his issues surrounding commitment, things seemed to look promising. Clay and AD were only one of two couples of the season to make it to the altar. However, while standing opposite his bride, Clay told AD that he simply wasn't ready to get married. "I just don't think it's responsible for me to say 'I do' at this point when I still need work," he said. "I still need to get to the point where I'm 100% in." 

AD left the altar in tears, and viewers were enraged that he strung her along just to break her heart. They flooded his Instagram comments and questioned why someone fearful of marriage would join a show centered around marriage. Some accused him of truly not loving AD and only joining the show for fame. Clay responded to fans on Instagram and blamed the editing for not telling the full story. "I was edited," Clay wrote (via Elite Daily). "You think she followed me the whole way without me loving her? And [y'all] keep bringing up the concept of the show. The concept is to see if love is blind. You make your decision at the end."

Amber allegedly had a boyfriend during filming

On TikTok, internet sleuths discovered another Season 6 "Love Is Blind" contestant who allegedly had a partner while joining the show. Contestant Amber Grant was shown developing feelings for Mathew Duliba. After discovering that Matthew had developed a connection with AD and was feeding her the same lines he fed her, Amber left the show feeling hurt and betrayed. However, internet sleuths soon discovered that Amber may have been keeping secrets of her own. One TikToker who closely followed the behind-the-scenes drama of the show revealed that she received an anonymous email uncovering Amber's supposed secret. 

The email alleged that Amber had a secret boyfriend the entire time while filming the show and even archived Instagram photos with him right before the season aired. The email also seemed to reveal the real reason Amber left the show mid-season, despite multiple other men being interested in her. "She left before the proposals, not because of Matt, but because she had an agreement with her boyfriend that she would leave at that time," the anonymous source revealed. Neither she nor Matthew were at the reunion so this was unfortunately not discussed and, as of this writing, Amber has not responded to the claims.