Barron Trump Iced Out By Family On Social Media Over Milestone Birthday

In the age of social media, it's become customary to give birthday shoutouts to friends and family, particularly on significant milestone birthdays like turning 18. However, Barron Trump's 18th birthday, which he celebrated on March 20, went unnoticed by his famous family on social media, despite their usual penchant for sharing various updates and celebrations.

Becoming a legal adult is a noteworthy event, especially since turning 18 means Barron is now old enough to vote for his dad. With the Trump family under constant public watch, it's no surprise that icing out Barron's milestone birthday on social media didn't fly under the radar. Interestingly, the Trumps have praised Barron on his birthdays in the past, making the situation even stranger. As the internet went wild over Barron and his big day, he even got iced out by Melania Trump, his own mother, on social media.

One could argue that the Trump clan is a busy family, especially with Donald Trump's 2024 presidential run and his rapidly mounting legal woes, but some of the family members posted on their platforms on the day of Barron's birthday, seemingly choosing to completely ignore it.

There were no words of praise from either of Barron's parents

Donald Trump Jr., who is known for his active presence on social media, failed to mention Barron Trump, his youngest sibling, on his 18th birthday, despite posting throughout the day. Trump Jr. decided to take to Instagram to share that he was on a family skiing trip with Eric Trump, the third Trump brother, without commenting on Barron's milestone birthday. He also shared various unrelated Instagram Stories, including criticism aimed at President Joe Biden as well as promotions for a hunting lifestyle page.

Eric himself didn't post anything on his Instagram on Barron's birthday. Ivanka Trump paid homage to the start of spring on the 19th on her page but said nothing about the start of her youngest sibling's adult life the following day. Younger sister and former pop musician Tiffany Trump, meanwhile, hasn't posted on IG since January.

Both of Barron's parents, Donald and Melania Trump, also completely iced out their son's milestone birthday in the virtual space. Trump posted several updates on his controversial platform, Truth Social, but none were about his youngest son's 18th birthday. Melania, on the other hand, refrained from posting anything on her social media accounts. Notably, she has not acknowledged her son's birthday online since 2021, when Barron turned 15. While the family likely celebrated Barron's birthday in real life, their complete disregard of his big moment on social media was an unusual way to go about it.