PR Expert Tells Us Barron Trump's Path To Overcoming Public Scrutiny In Adulthood

Wasn't it just yesterday Barron Trump was a shy 9-year-old moving into the White House? As of March 20, 2024, that little tween is now 18 years old, and looking very different from his days on Pennsylvania Avenue. Most notably, he's outdone his dad in one significant way: Donald Trump often mentions Barron's height (reportedly 6'7") in his speeches and interviews. But while he enjoyed a relatively quiet life as a minor child, he may not be so lucky if his father wins a second administration. As former NBC senior executive Mike Sington noted on a now-deleted post on X (formerly Twitter), "Barron Trump turns 18 today. He's fair game now." Sington later told Newsweek, "I [meant], as an adult, he's 'fair game' for criticism from the press."

Staying under the radar will be harder for Barron to do as he gains more independence. The high school senior is said to be looking at colleges, and it's quite possible he may soon be living away from his parents, regardless of whether they move back to D.C. or stay in Florida. How can Barron best handle the added attention he'll be getting? For answers, Women Lifestyle spoke exclusively to Eden Gillott, president of Gillott Communications and a specialist in crisis and reputation management. Her advice, in a nutshell: Stay the course. "[T]he best course of action in facing inevitable criticism is to embrace the life he chooses to lead, unfettered by the fear of public scrutiny," she said. 

Barron could take a page from his mother's book

New clips of Barron Trump always cause a stir because he's so rarely seen in public. That's likely to change now that he's of age, and media coverage and speculation could potentially reach Kate Middleton photo-editing proportions. Crisis PR expert Eden Gillott told Women Lifestyle, "Critique of Barron will come, unbidden and often ungrounded, simply because his father is Donald Trump, and the intensity will only be magnified during the election cycle." She added Barron may have to "uphold the overall family image" by downplaying some aspects of his personality and opinions for the time being. 

Gillott also noted, "This milestone birthday may allow Barron the ability to control his narrative and reinforce his personal brand of quiet distinction." Barron may well follow the lead of his mother, Melania Trump, who is well known for cherishing a private life and keeping her distance from her husband's drama. On the other hand, he may go in exactly the opposite direction, entering politics or journalism like John F. Kennedy's children, Caroline and the late John Jr. Or Barron might join his older brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, as one of their dad's cheerleaders and a vocal advocate for the MAGA values and mission.

Whatever Barron decides to do as he enters adulthood, Gillott advises he ignore the trolls and critics who will inevitably emerge. "Their intentions aren't coming from a good place, and they aren't trying to help better the person they're attacking."