Suri Cruise's Accessory In New Photo Proves She's A Viral Trendsetter

As arguably one of the world's most famous nepo-babies, Suri Cruise is often photographed out and about in New York City. Oftentimes she's with her mom Katie Holmes, and the mother-daughter duo have carbon copy smiles. In a summer 2023 outing, Suri nailed the cool-girl athleisure trend

In March 2024, a new photo of Suri was uploaded to Backgrid. The caption read, "Suri Cruise, the epitome of city chic, graces the streets of NYC with her fashionable presence." It continued to describe her shearling jacket and the overall comfortable vibes of her look. In addition to "fashionable," they should have mentioned sustainable, thanks to her reusable water bottle!

Suri proved she's a viral trendsetter by carrying an Owala FreeSip water bottle with her. While Stanley Cups have been all the rage in the reusable-water-bottle world, the Owala water bottles have quickly gained traction and have their own dedicated fanbase. A subreddit devoted to the brand has about 10,000 members.

The bottle Suri is carrying was honored by Time in 2023

Owala was founded in 2020 and offers a few different bottles in various styles. Some have handles and exterior straws. However, the bottle that Suri Cruise is holding seems to be the FreeSip style bottle in the color "Can You See Me?" which is a hot pink base with a tan, red, and pink lid. With the FreeSip, users can drink from an interior straw or a bigger opening depending on if they want a small or big sip. The bottle has a lid that can snap shut and cover both.

Suri carrying an Owala bottle shows she has her finger on the pulse of what's new and trendy. The Owala FreeSip bottles landed onto the Best Inventions of 2023 list from Time, and when that happened, the Owala hashtag had racked up 272 million TikTok views. When compared to its main rival Stanley on USA Today Reviewed, Owala reigned victorious as the overall winner.

If you aren't sure about following in Suri's footsteps and purchasing an Owala, Women Lifestyle has compiled the 13 best water bottles for you or anyone on your list.