Why The Birth Of Rose Hanbury's Daughter Iris Had All Eyes On Prince William

With KateGate showing no signs of abating, all eyes are on Rose Hanbury amid the PR nightmare. Hanbury, whose official royal title is Marchioness of Cholmondeley, has been plagued by rumors of an affair with William, Prince of Wales for years. While the alleged drama first reached mainstream media in 2019, online gossip suggests that their speculated involvement may have begun earlier than initially believed.

Notably, Hanbury is a mother of three — twins Alexander Hugh George Cholmondeley and Oliver Timothy George Cholmondeley, born in 2009, and a daughter named Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley, who was born in 2016. Surprisingly, the birth of Hanbury's daughter had all eyes on William, as some thought the child looked suspiciously reminiscent of the royal.

Although the rumors are unsubstantiated, social media users have gone wild over the conspiracy theory. According to the supposed timeline, Hanbury and William were secretly involved throughout 2014 and 2015, reportedly raising eyebrows in royal circles when Hanbury gave birth to a very blonde Iris a year later. Interestingly, the rumors have not been contained to just Hanbury's daughter, as some online voices seem to think all of the marchioness' children are not her husband's.

The conspiracy theory is just one of many going rampant online

As Catherine, Princess of Wales still hasn't made her public comeback, some wild theories about her absence have been circulating online. Amidst rumors of a cheating scandal and even a potential divorce between Kate Middleton and William, Prince of Wales some social media users are suggesting that William may have fathered all three of Rose Hanbury's children.

According to online guesswork, the royal family reportedly found out about William's alleged illegitimate child, Hanbury's daughter, towards the end of 2023, coinciding with Kate's planned withdrawal from the public eye. One X (formerly Twitter) user penned, "Runs in the family," referring to the rumor that King Charles III and Queen Camilla have a secret child together. Another person pointed out how much Princess Charlotte of Wales and Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley look alike, remarking, "They both have dirty blond hair and big teeth like [William]. Coincidence?"

The platform users extended their rampant speculation to Hanbury's twins, as the two boys were standing next to Prince George of Wales during his grandfather's coronation in 2023. An X user shared their perspective on the matter, noting, "I get that Rose's family serves the monarchy, but still, it's just odd. [I] still think Prince William has secret children." Despite Hanbury's reported denial of any such allegations, William still can't escape affair rumors amid the Kate drama.

Hanbury's entire family has been dragged into in the damaging affair narrative

In response to the widespread online flutter of an alleged affair between Rose Hanbury and William, Prince of Wales, Hanbury decided to address the damaging narrative through her attorneys. "The rumors are completely false," read the statement in March 2024, via Business Insider. Still, the internet remains abuzz with gossip.

In addition to the cheating rumors, there have been unfounded claims about Hanbury's marriage to David Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley. A Marca report published in 2023 suggested that the couple was divorcing because of the reported affair and William allegedly being the father of the couple's daughter, Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley. However, the narrative lacked substantial evidence or credible sources to support the claim, thus remaining mere tittle-tattle.

Still, the ongoing drama has reportedly deeply affected the still-missing Kate, according to a source close to the princess who spoke to In Touch Weekly. "You can't blame her for being at her wit's end with the rumors about Rose and William completely haunting her," the insider shared. "It's hurtful, especially because she's still recovering from major surgery."