Jennifer Lawrence's Hilariously Relatable Dior Show Wardrobe Malfunction

Jennifer Lawrence has always been lauded as one of the most relatable celebs. For instance, her fashion faux pas at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival was all too relatable when she switched out her heels for flip-flops. At Dior's Carousel of Dreams at Saks event that same year, she had another relatable fashion mishap. Dior and Saks Fifth Avenue collaborated for a special Saks window display during the 2023 holiday season, and Lawrence attended the opening event due to her ambassadorship with Dior.

Lawrence was dressed to the nines. She sported Dior pieces and wore a white button-up, black skirt, black jacket, and black boots. One major accessory in the outfit was a Dior belt — but the belt didn't last long. When Lawrence started speaking into the microphone to address the crowd, she flinched at its loudness. With perfect comedic timing, her belt popped off as she leaned back a little, hands covering her mouth.

WWD shared the hilarious moment on Instagram. After the belt malfunction, Lawrence laughed and into her hands said, "I'm so sorry that was so loud and my belt popped off."

Lawrence wore the wrong shoes at Sundance in 2010

What one could call #BeltGate at Dior's Carousel of Dreams at Saks event wasn't the first fashion mishap Jennifer Lawrence has dealt with. One from early in her career happened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. The annual festival is iconic and takes place in January in Park City, Utah, so proper winter gear is a must. Lawrence told People in 2024 that anyone new to the event is recognizable. "Because they're the ones that aren't wearing proper snow boots," Lawrence said. She admitted, "That was me," when speaking with the outlet.

In 2010, Lawrence attended the festival for the first time for her film "Winter's Bone." She reminisced, saying, "I was in, like, Louboutin boots sliding all over the place." Despite that, she still has good memories from the 2010 festival, such as getting interviewed by someone who enjoyed "Winter's Bone" and thought she gave a great performance.

The "No Hard Feelings" actor spoke highly of the festival and also said, "Of course, I want to give a shout-out to the ladies of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,'" once again proving she's a Bravo superfan.

Some people falsely thought Lawrence ripped a Dior dress in 2013

Another Dior-related wardrobe malfunction for Jennifer Lawrence happened at the 2013 SAG Awards. Lawrence was nominated for Best Female Actor in a Leading Role for her role in "Silver Linings Playbook." She won the award, and when she navigated through the crowd to get onstage and accept the honor, she lifted her dress, showing some upper thigh. Many people assumed she had ripped the dress, as her legs showed between sections of the skirt. In a video uploaded to YouTube, there were a few moments where the separation between the top and bottom layers of the dress could be seen.

An insider told The Hollywood Reporter there was no rip after all. Due to how the dress was sewn, all Lawrence did was make a chiffon, see-through layer of the dress visible by lifting the top layer. As she gave her speech and afterward, the dress was back to how it should be and looked picture-perfect.

Over a decade later, Lawrence still stuns in Dior. In 2023, she sizzled in summer's hottest trend with a sheer red carpet look. She'll continue being a fashionista, even if there are more wardrobe malfunctions in her future.