Psychologist Tells Us Melania Trump Faces Loneliness After Barron Turns 18

In the thick of Donald Trump's 2024 campaign, many fans suspect that his and Melania Trump's marriage might be on the rocks. In reality, though, there may be something in Melania's future that will cause her more problems than any potential marital issues or a possible return to the White House. Melania and Donald's only child together, Barron Trump, is officially an adult on March 20, which marks his 18th birthday. And, according to a psychologist, while Barron is surely looking forward to this major milestone, it may not be so exciting for Melania. 

It's easy to wonder about the dynamics within the Trump family, but as Melania's only child, it's clear that Barron is an important part of the first lady's life. And, that just might mean that being an empty nester will have a particularly major effect on her. NYC Neuropsychologist and Director of Comprehend the Mind, Dr. Sanam Hafeez, exclusively explained to Women Lifestyle that most mothers struggle when their kids grow up and leave home. For Melania, though, it is likely to present some unique challenges.

Melania prefers to spend her time with Barron rather than the public

As the son of a president, Barron Trump's childhood was certainly still unique. "Barron is an only child and has been in the public eye from day one," Dr. Sanam Hafeez exclusively told Women Lifestyle. She explained, "Melania is understandably protective of him, especially given the political storm that has followed their family in the last several years." 

A source told People, "Melania's main job is taking care of Barron," adding, "Barron is shy and reserved, and she has been a good mother to him all of these years." According to the source, Melania frequently opts for being with Barron, rather than engaging in political events, saying "Melania dislikes a petting zoo." The source added, "She goes when she has to but if it's not essential she prefers to stay out of the public eye. When an event is packed full of campaigning types and crowds of people even at Mar-a-Lago, she tries to opt out." And, this may explain why the former first lady hasn't been joining Donald Trump on the campaign trail much this time around. 

According to Dr. Hafeez, the way Donald fits into this dynamic may make things more difficult for Melania. "To make matters more complex, it doesn't appear that Trump does much of the parenting, and even if he does, he is publicly too busy to be a present father, leaving Melania to fret on her own," she explained. 

Melania's history with Barron may mean struggles for her future

No matter what, parents are likely to struggle when their children head out on their own. Yet, Melania Trump has not had it easy as she attempted to maintain Barron Trump's privacy all of his life, and that might make this transition even more difficult. Dr. Sanam Hafeez explained exclusively to Women Lifestyle, "In the healthiest of parent-child relationships, turning 18, growing into a young man, and leaving home, is a huge deal for most mothers. Mothers and sons enjoy a more affectionate, less strained relationship than mothers and daughters, especially in the teen years." She went on to add, "Melania may have even leaned on Barron in tumultuous times or busied herself with his life. Barron leaving home is more than just a son going away. It is a son becoming possibly subject to ridicule or harm, as well as her loneliness and lack of emotional support that she may have derived from Barron."

A source close to the family suggested to People, "I think it's possible that she will follow him wherever he goes to school." While that kind of move is something Melania may have in mind, she could be the only one. Barron might want his independence, and Donald Trump surely doesn't want to add any further fuel to the rumors that his marriage is in trouble or that Melania would prefer to avoid a return to the White House.