The Drama Between Emma Stone And Lindsay Lohan, Explained

Lindsay Lohan has had a handful of publicized conflicts over the years, ranging from her highly sensationalized feud with Paris Hilton to her tumultuous relationship with Hilary Duff. While she played a big role in these disagreements, her drama with fellow actor Emma Stone is a bit more complicated. Despite not having any apparent issues with one another, the two Hollywood figures have been consistently compared to one another in the media.

The parallels between Stone and Lohan start with the actors' appearances, as both stars have signature red hairstyles and big, almond-shaped eyes. Though, despite being most known for her envious auburn locks, Stone is a natural-born blonde. The "La La Land" star's impersonation of Lohan on a 2010 episode of "Saturday Night Live" played off the comparisons of the two actors, as the Arizona native performed an impersonation of the "Mean Girls" star as a visiting guest on "The View." With her half-up hairstyle and dark eye makeup, Stone's look for the sketch really highlighted the physical similarities between the two women.

However, the media's attention to Stone and Lohan goes beyond their looks, as the two women's careers have also been heavily contrasted. Notably, Stone entered the Hollywood stage at the same time that Lohan was sabotaging her own success.

The mirrored careers of Lindsay Lohan and Emma Stone

"Emma Stone is everything Lindsay Lohan had the potential to be," someone noted on X, formerly known as Twitter, in 2024. This idea of Emma Stone as something of a pop culture and career replacement for Lindsay Lohan isn't unique. While this idea has been posted to other social media sites over the years, such as Reddit, it's also been suggested by publications like The Daily Beast.

The thought goes beyond their similar appearance, as Stone broke out into the Hollywood scene in the late 2000s as Lohan's career was stalling in spite of her immense fame due to drug use and legal problems. It's also notable that one of Stone's early career successes was "Easy A," a teen comedy compared to John Hughes films of the '80s, the iconic Alicia Silverstone classic "Clueless," and, of course," "Mean Girls." Stone may have entered the teen movie space that Lohan dominated with films like "Freaky Friday" and "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," but she also had no trouble transitioning out of that sphere.

The Arizona native has gained critical acclaim for her work in drama films like "Birdman," "La La Land," and "Battle of the Sexes," but has stayed true to her comedy roots with her work on the series "The Curse" as well as films like "The Favourite" and "Poor Things." In contrast, Lohan's career was largely stagnant throughout the 2010s, largely due to her tarnished show biz reputation. However, things changed for the child star in the 2020s with Lohan teaming up with a streaming giant to reboot her rom-com career.

What the stars have said about one another

Though the drama between Lindsay Lohan and Emma Stone has largely existed in the media's comparison of the two actors, they have had the occasional run-in with one another. Besides Lohan iconically (and maybe shadily) tweeting, "Wtf is Emma Stone?" back in 2012 (via Heat), "The Parent Trap" star also extended an olive branch to her fellow actor by asking her to appear in a "Mean Girls" sequel.

"Can we film a movie called 'Mean girls 2' together?" Lohan wrote in a now-deleted birthday post from 2017. "I think we would be friends" (per BuzzFeed). The suggestion never came to fruition, perhaps because there already is a made-for-TV "Mean Girls 2" starring Meaghan Martin, but it appeared to be Lohan's attempt at making nice with her faux rival.

Meanwhile, Stone has said very little about her media counterpart, only admitting to The Herald Sun that Lohan is the true redhead of the two of them (per The Daily Beast). Hair color aside, the two women have gone on to have uniquely successful careers despite the media's attempts to pit them against one another.