Who Is Heidi Agan? Meet Kate Middleton's Look-Alike

For many folks who have been following the #where'skate saga, Prince William and Kate Middleton's farm shop outing has put divorce rumors firmly to rest. Still, some royal fans believe that this is just the latest in a long list of seemingly fake photo-ops for the Princess of Wales. These new photos may not seem haphazardly photoshopped like others, nor does Kate look unrecognizable. But some folks still don't think it's Kate in the photo. Instead, rumor has it that this may be her lookalike, Heidi Agan. According to Agan, however, it isn't.

Agan has been impersonating Kate for a whopping 12 years. It goes without saying that she does, in fact, look very similar to the princess. Still, despite accusations that she was the one walking around Windsor Farm Shop alongside William, Agan is assuring the public that regardless of whether or not it's Kate, it definitely isn't her. According to Agan, when the photo was taken, she was busy working at her "other job," per Mirror

Surely some fans will still doubt that this is really Kate's first public appearance since Christmas. As far as Agan is concerned, though, she says, "I 100 percent believe that is Kate Middleton and William in that video," per Distractify. She is a Kate lookalike expert, after all. 

Heidi Agan believes that the rumors have gone too far

Heidi Agan was often told that she looked a lot like Kate Middleton while the Princess of Wales' fame was at an all-time high, around the time of her wedding to Prince William. Agan was a waitress in 2011 when she realized that she could become a Kate impersonator professionally. "Within a month I got my first job for Gatwick Airport to promote their customer service ahead of the London 2012 Olympics," Agan told Distractify. She added, "I was getting so much work I decided to quit my waitressing job. It was a tough decision and I wasn't sure how long it would last, but it's paid off and I now earn between £500 and £3,000 per job, with around three jobs a week."

It seems that there would be no better time for Agan to cash in on her unique talent than right now, as the rumors about Kate's health crisis continue to draw suspicion, but Agan hasn't been filling in during the Princess' absence. "There has obviously been some speculation about whether it was Kate and William in that footage and stills. In fact, my own social media has gone crazy as people think it is me, but I know it is not," she explained. "So she is alive, and we can be sure about it. It has all gone too far now."