Inside David Bromstad's Friendship With Fellow HGTV Star Genevieve Gorder

HGTV would simply not be the same without David Bromstad and his plethora of successful shows. Bromstad started on the channel after he won Season 1 of "Design Star" in 2006and soon won over fans as the host on "Color Splash" from 2007 to 2013. He's gone on to lead one of HGTV's most popular shows, "My Lottery Dream Home," where Bromstad helps lottery winners find their dream homes. With his charm and bubbly personality, it seems like Bromstad could make friends with a brick wall, and his winning personality has led to a close friendship with fellow HGTV host Genevieve Gorder.

Gorder gained recognition on HGTV for starring on shows like "Dear Genevieve" and "Trading Spaces." She's also produced a number of series, including her self-titled design show "Genevieve's Renovation" in 2014. As some of the channel's biggest stars, Bromstad and Gorder have bonded over their shared love of interior design and their unique journeys that led them to their careers today.

David Bromstad loves to gossip with his pal Genevieve Gorder

"My Lottery Dream Home" host David Bromstad might have had his fair share of controversial moments since his rise to fame on HGTV, but he is also beloved by fans and other HGTV hosts alike, especially his close friend Genevieve Gorder. Bromstad detailed what he loves most about Gorder in a 2015 interview with Out.

When asked which HGTV host Bromstad would want to share a hotel room with, he answered: "Genevieve Gorder, because she's one of my best friends. ... me and Gen, we're both Leos. You know what we'd sit and do? We'd sit and curl each other's hair and talk."

The stars also take every opportunity to party together, including Gorder's birthday celebrations in 2013, which Bromstad commemorated in a Facebook caption. "Wishing my dear friend Genevieve Gorder a very happy and fierce birthday!!! Everyone give her some birthday love!"

David Bromstad and Genevieve Gorder had unique paths to HGTV

Designers David Bromstad and Genevieve Gorder may have grown close over the fact that they both hail from Minnesota, but they have even more in common; both HGTV hosts took an unusual route to becoming interior designers. For Gorder, interior design and renovation weren't something she was originally passionate about pursuing.

When asked by Room Fu if she would have wanted to compete on "Design Star" at a young age, Gorder responded: "Probably not, because I wasn't really interested so much in interiors, honestly." She opened up about what she was like before the fame, saying: "The world of interior design felt a little conservative and stagnant to me at that age ... I didn't really know that it would become a relevant part of my life. As a graphic designer, I didn't know this would parlay into interior design down the road. It was a happy accident."

As for Bromstad, before becoming an HGTV star he started working as an illustrator for Disney and slowly transitioned into working at the sculpture department for the brand. He started designing model homes, and realized that interior design was what he wanted to pursue. "So everything I've done through my life just seemed to fit perfectly," Bromstad told Women Lifestyle. "And it got me out to TV and then learning interior design on TV, like interior design is ... I'm obsessed with it. It's the passion I never knew I was going to have."